Demo Days

Please find below previous Demo Days presentations regarding project communications and UR Financials system demonstrations.

Demo-Days_02-18-15 BW
The final Demo Days events offered focusing on the January Close Progress, Reporting Enhancements, Training Update, Workday 24 and Award Budgets.  We will also demonstrate saving report filters in Workday.

Demo Days_01-21-15 BW
This presentation focuses on the Post Go Live Support  and Frequently Asked User Questions during this phase.

Demo-Days_12-17-14 BW
This presentation focuses on the Post Go Live Support with a Project, Conversions and Training update.

Demo-Days_11-19-14 BW
This installation focuses on the 312 Form with a Project and Training update.

Demo-Days_10-22-14 BW
Demo-Days_10-22-14 Color
This installation focuses on Forms with a Project and Training Registration and Assessment update.

Demo-Days_Hands-On_09-17-14 BW
Demo-Days_Hands-On_09-17-14 Color
September’s installation will focus on Hands-On Session information, Data Conversions and the Monthly Ledger Report along with a Project and Training update.

Demo-Days_URF Survey_08-20-14 BW
Demo-Days_URF Survey_08-20-14 Color
August’s installation will focus on the UR Financial Survey Results, areas of opportunity and the action items identified to address them. Please review the presentation materials prior to the session and come prepared to provide feedback.  This is an interactive event.

Demo-Days_06-18-14 BW
Demo-Days_06-18-14 Color
June’s installation of Demo Days will have a Data Conversion Plan discussion as well as a Project and Training Update.

Demo-Days_Reporting_05-21-14 BW
Demo-Days_Reporting_05-21-14 Color

May’s installation of Demo Days will start with a UR Financials Project and Integration Update with an new Go Live date along with a Reporting Update and Demonstration. and 

Demo-Days_Project Update_04-16-14 BW
Demo-Days_Project Update_04-16-14 Color
A Project Review of key issues, project deliverables and extension rationale are the focus of this presentation. Training developed for Introduction to UR Financials eLearning and Introduction to Forms video will be demonstrated along with another set of form updates.

Demo-Days_Accounts_Payable_Processing Detail_03-19-14 BW
Demo-Days_Accounts_Payable_Processing Detail_03-19-14 Color
Accounts Payable Processing Details is the focus in this month’s Demo Days with a highlight on Request for Payment (F4) Form changes.  We also will provide updates on the UR Financials overall project and Training plan.

Demo-Days_FDM_Process_Changes_02-19-14 BW
Demo-Days_FDM_Process_Changes_02-19-14 Color
February’s Demo Days was determined by an audience vote.  This presentation will provide a project update, highlight key process changes within Accounts Payable, Banking and Settlement, General Ledger and Grant Management.  The Financial Data Model will be discussed along with its impact on reports and commonly used forms.

Demo-Days_Testing_Training_01-23-14 Color
Demo-Days_Testing_Training_01-23-14 BW
Testing and Training are the key topics for this Demo Days event, along with a project update. UR Financials Testing activities and additional Training details will be presented.

This presentation is to provide an update of the UR Financials Project, along with an overview of the Workday Training strategy.  The presentation will show the training approach and recommended curriculum identified to date.

This demonstration is to provide a view of the Workday Reporting Strategy, along with an overview of Workday Reporting capabilities.  The demo will show prototypes of Monthly Ledger, Monthly Transactions Report and the power of Worktags.

Demo Days_Journal Entry Processing_09-18-13
This demonstration is to provide a view of the Journal Entry Processing in the Workday application. We will be reviewing key process changes, journal entry workflow and integration workflow. The demo will contain several real U of R examples.

Demo Days_Supplier Invoice Processing_08-21-13
This demonstration is to provide a view of the AP Supplier Invoice Initiation and approval workflow capability in the Workday application. We will be going over two business processes and many real U of R examples.

Demo Days_Security_06-19-13
Security was the main focus of the June Demo Days. Role based security and user based security was discussed. A role security hierarchy was shown and inherited versus assigned security forms were explained.

Demo Days_Inquiry Functionality_05-14-13
The May Demo Days demonstrated how Workday utilizes inquiry functionality to quickly and easily pull specific data for reference. Worklets were discussed and demonstrated. Some notable features included drillable fields that are available to take a closer look at specific values of interest, search functionality, and some basic analytics that can be used to look up pertinent information easily.

Demo Days_WD Business Processes, Auditability, Efficiency_04-17-13
The April Demo Days explained how Workday uses business processes. More specifically, it demonstrated the approval process of an invoice entered in Workday. Auditability and increases in efficiency Workday provides us were highlighted throughout the presentation.

Demo Days_Journal Entry and Basic Reporting_03-20-13
The March Demo Days touched on many topics but some highlights were we discussed new terminology and presented a cross walk table between old and new vocabulary, explained related (inherited) worktags, ran a basic financial report, and lastly demoed the entry of a journal entry in Workday.

Demo Days_Chart of Accounts Explained_02-20-13
The February Demo Days’ focus was on the new chart of accounts or what we now refer to as the new financial data model (FDM). The intent was to explain how the FRS account number and sub code “code block” will be recoded through the use of Workday delivered Worktags.

Demo Days_Introduction to WD_01-16-13
This was the first introduction of Workday for most members of the University of Rochester community. It was intended to merely be a first glance at what Workday is and the strategy of its replacement of FRS. Basic navigation and terminology was reviewed at a high level.