Integrations SIG

All Integrations SIG meetings will be archived in this portion of the site. If you have specific questions, concerns, or topics of conversation please be sure to contact a member of the Integrations Team.

IT SIG Integrations 11-20-13
This presentation provided an update on the testing approach, support and methods being used for the Workday implementation.  Also discussed was the coordination efforts needed to move from legacy to newer Workday processes.  Finally, the designs and processes necessary for moving data to and from Workday and the respective applications were reviewed.

IT SIG_Integrations Overview_9-18-13
This presentation introduces the integrations team and provides an overview of the UR Financials project in relation to integrations. The types of integrations, as well as who is responsible for them, are briefly reviewed. The presentation also includes the timeline for integrations, pertinent communications, and the testing strategy.