UR Financials Project General Information

UR Financials Overview
This presentation provides a general overview of the UR Financials project and timeline. It introduces the Financial Data Model (FDM), which is the replacement for the FRS chart of accounts, and worktags, which are the underlying building blocks. The appendix provides a crosswalk from FRS to Workday.

GL COA UR Financials Overview November_2013 PDF-B&W
GL COA UR Financials Overview November_2013 PDF-Color

Official Kick-Off Presentation
The UR Financials project was officially launched in November of 2012 to a gathering of University and Medical Center members. If you’d like to the view the presentation that was made, feel free to check it out here: UR Financials – Project Kick-Off November 14 2012

Project Timeline
The project timeline is being re-evaluated and will be posted once all impacts have been thoroughly analyzed.

UR Consolidated Entities
The University is a large complex organization with many diverse divisions that have very different requirements. The UR Financials implementation team is committed to keeping these specific requirements in mind. For your reference the following link is an org chart depicting our University as a whole: Organization diagram.

Portable Workday Presentations
The UR Financials team is proactive about reaching out to the University community. This page includes three versions of an introductory UR Financials presentation that has been shared with various audiences. Please take a few minutes to walk through one of these PowerPoint presentations to gain an understanding of the UR Financials project and its impact on the University community.

Workday Presentation 15 Minutes
Workday Presentation 30 Minutes
Workday Presentation 60 Minutes