User Group Meetings

Located below are the UR Financials User Group meeting topics and presentations conducted.

UR Financials User-Group – March 2018 updated on 4/2/18

User Group 04/19/17 Color updated on 3/14/17
April 2017 User group slides

User Group 01/18/17 BW updated post meeting
User Group 01/18/17 Color updated post meeting
January’s User Group begins with announcement, then discusses (with demo) Cognos reporting using UR Financials data. Finally, the UR Financials (Workday) version 28 upgrade logistics are introduced.

User Group 11/14/16 BW
User Group 11/14/16 Color
The November User Group meeting starts with project announcements then provides updates on Budget and Cognos (Data Warehouse) Reporting projects. Jeff Sullivan from ORACS will present an overview of Sponsored Award Billing and Collection Efforts.

User Group 09/21/16 BW
User Group 09/21/16 Color
The September User Group meeting returns with project announcements, a review of the Workday upgrade conducted on 9/10, plus revisit the Reporting questions posed in May. An Accounts payable update will be provided along with a Data Warehouse and Budget update.

User Group Meeting 05/18/16 BW
User Group Meeting 05/18/16 Color
The May User Group will start with project announcements, followed by a Report Strategy discussion. Power point has been updated based on meeting feedback.

User Group Meeting 04/20/16 BW
User Group Meeting 04/20/16 Color
The April User Group will start with project announcements, followed by Account Payable Process Updates.  The meeting will wrap up with a reporting discussion with Rebecca Hart on Trending and Analysis.

User Group Meeting 03/16/16 BW
User Group Meeting 03/16/16 Color
The March User Group will start with project announcements, followed by feedback on  Instructor led training (survey) and the Workday upgrade from March 14th.  A review of the new Accounts Payable correction process will be discussed, then wrapping up with a report demonstration from Rebecca Hart on Managing Operating Programs.

User Group Meeting 02/17/16 BW
User Group Meeting 02/17/16 Color
We will start with Announcement and the Workday 26 Upgrade. Next we will have a process demonstration on How to Request a Cost Transfer – The Journal Entry Process. Finally there will be a discussion on Reconciliations for Non Grant FAOs.

User Group Meeting 01/20/16 BW updated 4:25PM 1/20/16
User Group Meeting 01/20/16 Color updated 4:25PM 1/20/16
Happy New Year!  January’s meeting will provide more report demonstrations with a focus on performance prompting.  This will be preceded by a summary of UR Financials announcements. Finally, questions received since our last get together are answered.

User Group Meeting 12/16/15 BW
User Group Meeting 12/16/15 Color
December’s meeting will start with an update on UR Financial activities, followed by demonstrations on four reports; View My Role Assignments, View My FAO by Cost Center URF0970, View FAO by Grant Attributes URF0313, Transaction Details Printable (NCL) URF0985 – Scheduled Report.

User Group Meeting 09/16/15 BW
User Group Meeting 09/16/15 Color
September’s meeting will focus on Workday 25 User Interface changes and Training/Support Approach.

User Group Meeting 08/19/15
August’s meeting will focus on Accounts Payable updates and reminders on invoicing, forms and RFPs, Reporting Workshop updates, Training updates, and upcoming events.

User Group Meeting 07/15/15
July’s meeting will focus on Enhanced Reporting Workshops, Business Process Changes, and Integrations.

User Group Meeting 06/17/15
We will start the meeting with announcements, followed by a discussion on Finance Forms and Year-End Close dates. Also highlighted will be a review of Workday enhancements to come.

User Group Meeting 05/20/15
We will kick off our first User Group meeting with an update on accomplishments post go live, then open up a discussion on Reporting Workshops and UR Financials Communications. Also highlighted will be a review of Workday enhancements to come.