PGL: FAQs for new users


A:  If you have any questions while using the UR Financials system, review theses questions below.  This PowerPoint has answers to these common questions.

  1. How Do I Log On to UR Financials?
  2. I Press the Login Button, But Can’t Logon?
  3. I Can Logon, But Nothing Shows?  IE version 9 update needed for September 2016
  4. I Can Logon But Have the Wrong Access?
  5. I Can’t Access The Scanned Supplier Invoices?
  6. How Do I Create A Shortcut for UR Financials?
  7. How Will I Get My Monthly Ledger Reports?
  8. My FY15 Data Didn’t Convert Properly?
  9. How Do I Request A New FAO?
  10. Who Do I Submit A Journal Entry To?
  11. What Systems Are Converting to Workday Terms?
  12. If I Don’t Have Cognos, How Do I Get UR Financials Access?
  13. Where Can I Get Help With The Grants Design?
  14. How Can I Find A Workday Report Like My Cognos Report?
  15. How Are Pcards Handled in UR Financials?
  16. Did Any Systems Convert Their Data?
  17. Is There A Spend/Revenue Category Dictionary?
  18. How Will FY2016 Budgets Be Loaded?
  19. The New Bank Deposits Aren’t Available?
  20. When I Log In, I Get The “Processing” Circle?
  21. How Do I request CUMSAL or historical COGNOS Data?
  22. I’m a Non‐Company Level User and Can’t Access Supplier Invoices?
  23. I Can’t Access Blackboard to Take the Certification?
  24. When Will The Remaining Converted Data Be Loaded?
  25. What Happened to My Ledger 0 Account?
  26. How Long Do Reports Stay in My “W:” Drive?
  27. Using the Financial Data Converter (FDC), It Doesn’t Work
  28. Can You Explain the Different Reporting Roles?
  29. For Approvers Only: Can I Get An Email for Outstanding Approvals?