Originating Offices for Accounting Transactions by Batch Name (Historical in COGNOS)

Batch NameBatch DescriptionContactExtension
AFMFile MaintenanceGeneral Accounting5-6438
AJEJournal EntryGeneral Accounting5-6438
APCA/P Check CycleA/P5-3483
APDA/P Voucher CycleA/P5-3483
APMA/P Manual EntriesGeneral Accounting5-6438
AROMisc Acad & ResAcademic Tech Services5-9102
ATS-001Academic Tech ServicesAcademic Tech Services5-2211
BCENo Good Checks-ESMESM Business Office4-1082
BCMNo Good Checks-SMDSMD Bursar5-4672
BCRNo Good Checks-RCRC Bursar5-2795
BGTBudget OfficeBudget Office5-2713
BJMBursar Journal Entry-SMDSMD Bursar5-4672
BJRBursar Journal Entry-RCRC Bursar5-2795
BQE Nelnet payments-ESMRC Bursar5-2795
BQM Nelnet payments-SMDSMD Bursar5-4672
BQR Nelnet payments-RCRC Bursar5-2795
BRRBursar ISIS Cash Entry-RCRC Bursar5-2795
BUBBudget BumpGeneral Accounting5-6438
BUDYE – Budget Carry ForwardGeneral Accounting5-7476
BUGBudgetGeneral Accounting5-6438
BURBursar Misc Cash-RCRC Bursar5-2795
BWRWire Transfer-RCRC Bursar5-2795
BXE(Historical ONLY) Lockbox Cash Entry-ESMRC Bursar5-2795
BXM(Historical ONLY) Lockbox Cash Entry-SMDSMD Bursar5-4672
BXR(Historical ONLY) Lockbox Cash Entry-RCRC Bursar5-2795
CAEISIS Misc Cash Entry-ESMESM Business Ofice4-1082
CARISIS Misc Cash Entry-RCRC Bursar5-2795
CORSuspense Account CorrectionORACS5-6454
CSHCash Entry CorrectionGeneral Accounting3-1868
CSO001Computer SalesComputer Sales5-8276
CSO002Computer SalesComputer Sales5-8276
CTLSMH Cash CorrectionFinancial Services785-5160
ECOEnterprise ComputingEnterprise Computing5-8915
ENDEndowmentFinance Department5-5585
ESMBursar Misc Cash-ESMESM Business Office4-1082
ETEEmployee Travel and ExpenseA/P5-0668
ETWEmployee Travel and ExpenseA/P5-0668
FACUniversity FacilitiesUniversity Facilities5-7837
FINFinancial ReportingFinancial Reporting5-7217
GAOBeg. Balance 098 Entry CodeGeneral Accounting5-6438
GBRGraduate Tuition WaiversRC Bursar5-2795
GFFGift Office CorrectionsGift Office5-6196
GFTGift Office DepositsGift Office5-6196
GLI001HSRHospital Stores5-6158
LINLinens 5-9464
PHMPharmacy 5-2683
HBEH Bill (Housing) JE-ESMESM Business Office4-1082
HBMH Bill (Housing) JE-SMDSMD Bursar5-4672
HPHRadiation SafetyRadiation Safety5-3783
ICRIndirect CostORACS5-6449
LOCLetter of CreditORACS5-6449
LLELLE ShopLLE5-1004
MBIMicro Array CoreSMD Finance6-3351
MCASMD Cash PaymentsSMD Bursar5-4672
MCCSMD Credit Card PaymentsSMD Bursar5-4672
MFGMedical Faculty GroupMedical Faculty Group756-4005
MGSGraphic ServicesGraphic Services3-3543
MIEISIS Misc JE-ESMESM Business Center4-1082
MIMISIS Misc JE-SMDSMD Bursar5-4762
MIRISIS Misc JE-RCRC Bursar5-2795
NCNFinance Dept Cash EntryGeneral Accounting5-7476
NCOUniversityIT-NCHelp Desk5-2000
ORAJournal EntryORACS5-6449
PAT-001Patient Receivables (Omega)Financial Services785-5160
PAT-002Patient Receivables (Flowcast)Financial Services785-5160
PCEPetty Cash Voucher-ESMESM Business Office4-1082
PCRPetty Cash Voucher-RCRC Bursar5-2795
PRLPayroll DistributionPayroll5-7027
PHMPharmacy (FRS Format)Pharmacy5-2683
PROPro-RatesBudget Office5-2713
PRWPayroll Credit SheetPayroll5-7027
PUIPhoto IllustrationM&D Finance5-3321
REEResidence HallESM Business Office4-1082
SBES Bill (services) JE-ESMESM Business Center4-1082
SBMS Bill (services) JE-SMDSMD Bursar5-4672
SBRS Bill (services) JE-RCRC Bursar5-2795
SERRC Meal PlanRC Bursar5-2795
SDEESM SQDR Enroll. DepositESM Business Office4-1082
SDRRC SQDR Enroll. DepositRC Bursar5-2795
SLAService Level AgreementIT Administrator5-8915
SMEStandard Monthly EntryBudget Office5-2713
SPOSpecial Pay OrderPayroll5-7027
STSStrong StaffingStrong Staffing5-5821
STWSuspense Account CorrectionGeneral Accounting5-6438
UFSUniversity FacilitiesUniversity Facilities3-5744
UHEESM Health FeeESM Business Office4-1082
UHMSMD Health FeeSMD Bursar5-4672
UHRRC Health FeeRC Bursar5-2795
UPSPostal ChargesMail Services3-5149
URNUR Integrated NanosystemsNanotech Center5-4352
UTLCentral UtilitiesCentral Utilities5-4147