Awards and Grants

The Job Aids listed below can assist you in processing Awards and Grants.

Change to Layout Options for Awards
There has been a change to the layout options for the Award Line tab, within the View Award screen. This Award Line enhancement improves user interface performance for awards with many award lines (Grants).

Special Conditions on Awards Job Aid – created on 3/10/16
A new tab has been created on the View Award screen entitled Special Condition tab.  Use this Job Aid to learn what information it contains.

Award Attachment Category Function Job Aid- created on 09/14/15

Award Creation Job Aid – revised on 09/14/15
This functionality allows for tracking of the actual contractual start and end dates on the Award Calendar. This allows users to continue to add the periods outside of the real contractual dates required for budgeting and reporting (example: sponsor approved pre-award spending).