UR Financials Conducts its Annual Security Audit

It’s time for our annual security verification process for all UR Financials users. Over the past year, employees may have transferred, or left the University without updating their security. This initiative is to validate security for accuracy and completeness within the system. This annual security audit is required for all current Workday users.

User accounts needing adjustment will require the completion of a Workday Security (Access) Form  to document changes needed.

All users should complete the steps below with a signed security verification form returned no later than February 29th.

To begin, complete the following steps:

  1. Run the View My Role Assignments report within the UR Financials system.
    view my role
  2. Once this report is run, select the Print button in the lower left corner of the screen to print this Role Audit report. This will automatically print as a PDF type form with approval lines for manager signature.Tip: This PDF report will also be saved to the Workday W: drive and can be retrieved there.
    role audit form
  3. Review the Organization Type, Organization and Roles Name assigned for appropriateness and accuracy.
  4. If security listed is correct, sign and date, then obtain manager approval. Follow instructions listed at bottom of the Role Audit report for submission. Skip to step 6.
  5. If a correction is needed, check the I need to add or remove access” check box on the Role Audit report then, complete a UR Financials Workday Access Form to document changes needed and gain all approvals necessary on that form.

Use this short list of Role definitions list below to determine if you have requested the correct role for access. Linked here is a complete list of roles and definitions.

role types

6.  Send form and/or report to:
UR Financials Security Attn: Traci Slingerland College Town
44 Celebration Drive
Box 278966 

Email a scanned copy to URFinancialsSecurityTeam@UR.Rochester.edu

Note: For Role Audit reports with no corrections send the Role Audit report only.  For Role Audit reports that need corrections send both the Role Audit report and UR Financials Security form.

Remember, all users should have signed UR Financials user security verification forms by Monday, February 29th.

If you have questions please email URFinancials@UR.Rochester.edu.