UR Financials Project Retrospective

As we prepare for the holidays, the past two months have been very productive within the project team.

  • We have been completing the Prototype phase of the project where we have taken the paper design and mocked up various scenarios to verify how the design works in Workday.  At the completion of the Prototype phase, the intent is to have the design final and ready for the formal test phase of the project.
  • The project has finalized an agreement with a local company to develop the training material for the project.  Formal training will occur in the May-July 2014 timeframe.
  • With the change from the FRS chart of accounts to the Workday Financial Data Model, many forms need to be revised to accommodate the change.  We have been busy identifying all the forms and making the appropriate changes.  It is anticipated that some forms will be made available via a web-based form for ease of use and conversion into Workday.
  • Workday release 21 appeared on our doorstep on November 11th.  This Workday release brought reporting enhancements to the team to facilitate better Budget to Actual report capabilities.

Looking back over 2013, we have conducted 10 Demo Days to introduce individuals to Workday, held over 30 Special Interest Groups (SIGs) to provide a deeper view into business process and policy changes, and countless presentations to individual groups across the university, medical center, and hospital.

We appreciate all the feedback that we have received and are grateful for your support as we all partake on this journey.   As the UR Financials project team, we coordinate and manage the project; however, the success of this project depends on everyone in the university providing assistance and support as we complete this conversion from FRS to Workday.

We hope you enjoy this festive time of year. Please remember to return to our website for a look ahead on the UR Financials project in 2014.

Happy Holidays!

The UR Financial Project Team