UR Financials Successfully Upgraded – Minimal Changes to User Interface

The UR Financials system upgrade completed successfully this past weekend with very few impacts to the user interface. Read further for more details.

  1. UPDATED Terminology change – Budget is now Plan: The system implemented a terminology change; “Plan” now refers to “Budget” in some areas within the system.  This impacts the following reports where Budget Structure (label) has been changed to Plan Structure (label) within the report filter criteria:
    1. Award Budgetary Balance Summary (NCL) URF0840 report
    2. Award Budgetary Balance Summary Printable (NCL) URF0987,
    3. Award Budgetary Balance Summary Printable URF0986
    4. Award Budgetary Balance Summary URF0331
      All QRCs will have been updated to reflect this change.
      An  alias that links these terms has been implemented. Therefore, when searching for “Budget”, appropriate “Plan” and “Budget” results will return.  Remember:  Using the established report unique identifier, such as URF0987 and/or full report name, will continue to provide best results when searching for reports.
      **This change does not affect the Create Budget Amendment task used by Company Level users with the Accountant role.
  2. Loading Screen: Users now see a Workday home page loading screen immediately after entering user log in credentials. This briefly appears prior to viewing the UR Financials Home page.splash
  3. Rich Text Editor Toolbar: Comment, or reply fields within the UR Financials system now allows rich text editing. Select the Format Text button to view the formatting window with a toolbar.
    format text
    format toolbar
  4. Guided Tour for Errors: If errors are encountered while using UR Financials, the system shows a streamlined error indicator. This location of the indicator has not changed, but no longer lists errors. Users will see only an error indicator showing Errors: quantifier. Users may also notice a tooltip appears when hovering over the quantifier.
    error indicator

    1. When selected, the indicator will collapse, small error indicator as not to impede viewing of information on screen.
    2. Select the indicator to be transported to the error location with a provided description. If multiple errors are present, the description window can cycle through all errors found, automatically relocating itself adjacent to each error.
      example of error indicator
  5. Accessibility Update: The user interface now offers more compatibility with assistive technologies.
    • Input Prompts – Input Prompts, such as single value selection, multiple value selection, and dropdown selection, now have enhanced keyboard navigation and screen reader support.
    • Checkboxes and Radio ButtonsCheckboxes and radio buttons are more accessible through enhanced keyboard navigation and screen reader support.
    • Page Navigation (Headers and Regions) – The system contains updated headers and regions on all pages to work with screen readers in order to assist users with navigation throughout Workday.
    • Multi-view Containers – The multi-view container, as seen in the system’s Inbox, has enhanced keyboard navigation and screen reader support.
    • Error Guided Tours – Error Guided Tours have enhanced keyboard navigation and screen reader support.
  6. UR Financials Announcements: Minor enhancements have been made to announcements within UR Financials.
    • The announcement image (i.e. green circle) has been brought back at first viewing and after selecting the announcement card.
    • The selected announcement shows a new layout that is no longer stacked, but rotates side by side.
    • External links, Custom Report links and Video links may now be included in any announcement.

NOTE: Microsoft’s Retirement of IE9/10 and UR Financials:  Internet Explorer version 9/10 will not be supported by Workday as noted at the bottom of the UR Financials Login page. For web browser upgrades and support, contact:
Help Desk: UnivIT: (585) 275-2000 or email: UnivITHelp@ur.rochester.edu
URMC: (585) 275-3200 or email: HelpDesk_ISD@urmc.rochester.edu

For questions on these changes, please email the UR Financials team.