UR Financials User Interface Changes

Today, UR Financials (Workday) has an updated user interface as announced in previous User Group meetings and Newsletters.

Listed below are Workday interface highlights seen today:

  • Workday page names are now displayed below the search bar, i.e. Home, Favorites, etc.
  • Worklets are still available as round icons. The Announcements worklet icon has been removed. Each worklet will be represented as a different image

wd24interface change 081115

  • New navigation using a built in back arrow wd24 back button v2 returns users to the previous screen without losing criteria/data/information. This has replaced the “Change” icon found on report criteria pages. Select the arrow to navigate back to the previous page.
  • Announcements display atop the Home page and within select worklets. These are color coded based on message content and timing
    • Action Messages (Period closed, and open for post close adjustments, or report running) – Green
    • Awareness Messages (Period Approaching Close) – Yellow
    • Urgent Message / High Importance – Red

wd25 fin rep announce

  • Financial Reports worklet now contains a new list of common UR Financials resource links.  Use this to quickly access support reference documentation such as; report Quick Reference Guides and the Easy Report Matrix.

wd25 fin rep task

Other updates include items such as checkboxes, radio buttons, tabs, buttons, prompts (i.e. report prompts), dropdowns, date & time entry fields, and text fields/areas.

URF style changes 081115 v2

Users will experience these styling updates on all report criteria pages.  Refer to the updated UR Financials (Workday) User Interface change Quick Reference Card for guidance on these changes.

If you have questions on the new layout, Contact Us, or
UnivIT: (585) 275-2000 or email: UnivITHelp@ur.rochester.edu
URMC: (585) 275-3200 or email: HelpDesk_ISD@urmc. rochester.edu