UR Financials User Survey #2 Results

We recently completed our second stakeholder survey for UR Financials. The survey was distributed electronically to 1900 users and we received 237 responses (a 12.5% response rate) over a period of two weeks.  The overall survey response is encouraging and shows continued awareness and engagement around the project. We registered equal or improved scores on all dimensions compared to our baseline survey that was completed in April 2013.      

Additionally, we received 65 responses to our open-ended question. We appreciate the time you took to share your thoughts with us and provide detailed feedback. We will be addressing the concerns surfaced through your responses in upcoming events, presentations and communications.

Below is a breakdown of respondents by University area and by function:

11-13-2013 1-25-35 PM

Survey Highlights:

  • An overwhelming majority (91%) are aware that our legacy financial system (FRS) is being replaced, though a smaller group is aware that risk mitigation is the primary emphasis in defining project scope (74%).
  • Nearly all respondents (94%) expressed a willingness to learn new skills in the pursuit of strengthening the University.
  • A sizeable group of users indicated that they had a clear understanding of how their roles will be impacted (64%).
  • Respondents exhibited a high level of confidence that they will be adequately prepared for changes to their jobs (73%).

Over the coming weeks we will be taking the following action steps to address the findings:

  • Increasing frequency and level of detail of communications to deliver targeted messages around what users can expect and how their day-to-day job responsibilities will change.
  • Continuing to leverage Special Interest Groups and launching our Project Champion network to ramp up engagement and build confidence levels.
  • Continuing outreach efforts such as regular demonstrations and meetings with standing committees to ensure broad transparency around project activities and decisions.