UR Financials User Survey Results

We recently completed our first stakeholder survey regarding the financial system replacement project, UR Financials. We received 655 responses and the overall response indicates awareness and engagement in the project is off to a very good start. To ensure necessary levels of preparedness as we progress through the implementation, we will be soliciting your feedback at regular intervals.  This initial survey will serve as a baseline and allow us to identify areas that may require more focus in the coming months.

Below is the breakdown of respondents by University area and years of FRS experience.

By University Area:
Central Administration: 20%
River Campus: 25%
Medical Center: 55%

By Years of FRS Experience:
0-5 Years: 50%
6-10 Years: 16%
11-15 Years: 11%
16-20 Years: 7%
20-25 Years: 6%
Over 25 years: 10%

Some key observations from the survey results include:

  • An overwhelming majority (84%) are aware that our legacy financial system (FRS) is being replaced, though a smaller group is aware that risk mitigation is the primary emphasis in defining project scope (67%).
  • While early, already a majority of respondents have a sense of how their role will be impacted by this change (60%).  This is a high number at this early stage, and we will continue to broadly communicate additional details as role and process changes are being considered.
  • Nearly all respondents (92%) expressed a willingness to learn new skills in the pursuit of strengthening the University.

Over the coming months, we will be taking the following action steps to address your feedback:

  • Communicating increasing details about the changes to individual roles and university processes you can expect and how those will impact you and your work.
  • Broadening visibility and participation in various special interest groups to incorporate your feedback into the project activities.
  • Continue outreach efforts such as regular demonstrations and meeting with standing committees to assure broad transparency to project activities and decisions.

In return for survey participation, five individuals were randomly drawn for a prize.  Winners were contacted to receive their prizes which were U of R umbrellas.

We look forward to your continued engagement and support. Please let us know if we’ve left out anything you’d like to know by using the Contact Us link.