UR Financials (Workday) to Go Live On January 5, 2015 and Forms Schedule

The university is transitioning from its 30+ year old financial system to a new UR Financials system.  The UR Financials system is based on the Workday Financial suite and is expected to be available to all trained users on Monday, January 5, 2015.  The transition will require most financial forms to change from the old accounting language to the new accounting language.  Information on which forms are changing and the transition date for when each new form is available will be posted on the Finance Forms website.

Here is the schedule when the new forms should be used:

  • Starting with submissions on 12/29 : F4, F7, F8, F34, AP Request form, F5, F6, F9 forms
  • Starting with submissions on 12/31: F3 form
  • Starting with deposits posting January 1st: Banking Entry form
  • Starting with submissions on Journal Entry 1/1/15

Please visit the Purchasing, or Treasury  website for their updated forms.

Instructional forms videos are now available on our Forms page.  Please review the Introduction to Forms video to learn more about the new accounting language. It is suggested that for this transitional period (December and January), that both the old FRS and new UR Financials accounting terms be entered on the forms.

Remember: If you have any versions of these forms stored on your computer, delete those versions and replace them with the new versions.

Please contact us with questions you may have.