User Alert: UR Financials Reports Utilizing Ledger Account – Currently Nonoperational

The Ledger Account object is not working presently in certain UR Financials scenarios listed below. 

Scenarios include:

  • Filtering Reports – “No Items” will show when searching for Ledger Accounts in the Ledger Account (Exclude prompt). See a partial list of impacted reports below.
  • Running Reports – User receives the error “The entered information does not meet the restrictions defined for this field (Ledger Account for CRF)” when running a report that filters on ledger account behind the scenes.

ledger account error msg 062915

Affected reports with prompt include, but may not be limited to:

  1. FAO Budgetary Balance Summary – Monthly Ledger URF0945
  2. FAO Budgetary Balance Summary – Monthly Ledger (NCL) URF0902
  3. FAO Budgetary Balance Summary – Monthly Ledger Printable URF0940
  4. FAO Budgetary Balance Summary – Monthly Ledger Printable (NCL) URF0941
  5. FAO Summary of Funds URF0964
  6. FAO Summary of Funds (NCL) URF0965
  7. FAO Summary of Funds (NCL) URF0965B

Affected reports with behind-the-scenes filtering but not prompt:

  1. Award Line Summary of Funds (NCL) URF0983
  2. All Project LTD reports

A Workday case has been opened to resolve this issue.  They have estimated this to be resolved by July 4th.  Once this defect is resolved, it will be announced on the UR Financials site and emailed to users.

Please note: The Spend Category (Exclude) filter is operational and is listed on the monthly ledger reports.  This can be used to remove allocations from your report results.

To view your monthly ledgers, with allocations removed, follow these simple steps:

  1. Locate your monthly ledger report in UR Financials
  2. Select your required prompts, as normal
  3. In the Spend Category (Exclude) prompt, select all the spend category allocations to remove from the report results
    1. Click the prompt icon for Spend Category (Exclude)
    2. Type allocationsin the prompt search window
    3. To quickly select all allocations listed, scroll to the bottom of the list, then hold the SHIFT key and left-click on the last value
      exclude allocations
  4. Run report

A follow-up message will be posted when this issue is resolved.  In the interim, if you have any questions on this issue, please contact us.