Workday Highlight – Reporting & Analytics

“Delivering the right information at the right time and in the right format” is a general Reporting and Analytics mantra.  With the Workday application, users will be able to leverage a range of reporting capabilities to enable quicker and more informed decision making.  Workday calls this functionality “actionable insights” and the UR Financials Reporting Team has been working on a plan to translate the FRS and Cognos reporting methods into Workday’s “actionable insights”.

Since the onset of the project, the UR Financials Reporting Team has reviewed hundreds of Cognos reports, met with nearly twenty groups across the University and started to develop an initial reporting design for the Workday application.  With an exceptional amount of information already gathered, the team has immediate plans to incorporate more user feedback and data to evolve the design to match University needs.  Overall, with the primary goal of the UR Financials Reporting Team to improve the current reporting structure and enable Workday “actionable insights”, a great foundation has been established and we look forward to building upon it.