Workday Highlight – The Integrated Glossary

The Glossary provided for this project is a helpful tool that defines terms that are used in the project with special consideration for the upcoming Workday system.  Team Leads, who are experts in these concepts, vetted each definition and will continue to offer their insight.  Scroll through the Glossary to discover terms that are unique to the Workday system – such as “worktag” or a new definition for “cost center”.  Both of these terms (and there are others!) represent concepts that are brand new to the University’s financial data environment.  If you’re unfamiliar with how FRS concepts translate to Workday, the Glossary can help you untangle the terms.

Large, multi-team projects like this one bring together people who are not familiar with the language of each other’s work.  For folks who do not have a technical background, the Glossary defines “financial data converter” and “bi-directional translation”.  For non-finance folks, “F&A rate” is conveniently defined. We aim for the Glossary to provide a common ground for the University community and future Workday users.

If you see a term that you’d like more clarification on or if you’d like to have terms added to our Glossary, please use the Contact Us tab to relay your requests.  The Glossary will grow and change throughout the project.  Your input is always welcome in the process.