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Hajim School of Engineering & Applied Sciences

The Hajim School of Engineering & Applied Sciences Annual Fund is essential to carrying out the School’s mission to educate students as leaders in service to society. Such an endeavor requires significant resources beyond that of student tuition if we are to properly prepare our students to face the engineering challenges that undoubtedly lie ahead.

Your gift to the Hajim School Annual Fund can:

  • Provide financial aid to more than 85% of its undergraduates, allowing talented young people from around the world to choose the Hajim School.
  • Recruit and support faculty who think outside disciplines, innovate in the classroom and conduct research that broadens our understanding of the world.
  • Create unique programs that address great questions in new, complex ways.
  • Allow for hands-on opportunities for students, including collaborating with faculty members on research projects beyond the classroom, engineering socials and Study Abroad.

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Whitney Williams

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