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Alumni Participation

Your gift, of any size, will make an immediate impact
and help promote Rochester’s reputation across the nation.

External evaluators like U.S. News & World Report use alumni giving participation rates when calculating their rankings. Right now, Rochester’s alumni giving rate lags behind peer universities like Cornell and Northwestern.

Did you know?
  • Alumni participation rate takes into account the percentage of alumni who give, not the dollar amount given. When it comes to this number, a gift of $25 is just as important as a gift of $2,500.


  • When the University of Rochester rises in the national rankings, the value of your degree rises too. But just as important, your annual gifts sustain the University. Collectively, thousands of individual gifts to one of more than 200 different annual funds help to provide outstanding academics, cutting-edge research, world-class patient care, incredible arts and culture, and a commitment to changing lives through transformative discoveries and innovative ideas.