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KristinWhile my decision to attend the Simon Graduate School of Business was guided by many factors such as the welcoming environment, the top-notch faculty and curriculum, and the great diversity of the student body, I was heavily influenced by the scholarship I received as a result of the wonderful kindness of alumni like you. This scholarship relieved me of the great financial burden that business school can be, allowing me to concentrate on advancing my business education not only from a classroom perspective, but also from a social and cultural standpoint through interaction with my peers who have come from such varied backgrounds and who each have a story and experiences to share.

Before starting my MBA, I had an idea of what I would like to accomplish at Simon and where I would like to go afterward. Now that I will soon complete my degree, I can say that Simon has exceeded my expectations and truly been one of the greatest investments in my life. I came here with some valuable experience in many of the facets of small business management, knowing that I had much still to learn and possessing a great desire to do so. At Simon, I have availed myself of that opportunity and directed my future on a path to meet all of my ambitions. While I will fondly remember my time here in Rochester, I am eager to start my finance career with Exxon Mobil Corporation this summer and look forward to the many more opportunities and excitement it will bring. I will forever be grateful to the alumni and supporters of Simon who have opened up many doors for me and made my goals that much easier to achieve. Thank you for your generosity.

Kristin Osmundsen
MBA Candidate 2009
Finance and Public Accounting