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Honorees O - R

All George Eastman Circle members are automatically recognized as Rochester Loyal members. The George Eastman Circle Honor Roll is accessible by members only.

Rochester Loyal Honor Roll (O - R)
Mary Oakes
Dr. Ann B. Oaks `78 (MA), `86W (MSE), `87W (PhD) and Nathan Oaks
Ann S. Oates `89S (MBA) and Dr. Theodore K. Oates II
Diane Oates and James Oates*
Dr. Michael K. O'Banion P`08
John K. Oberlies `51 and Mary P. Oberlies
Brian Obi
Rosemary O. Obi
Linda W. Obourn `65W and Peter J. Obourn
Dr. Michael R. Obrecht `82, `01H (Res)
Arlene O'Brien
Becky O'Brien and Steven D. O'Brien
Beverly J. O'Brien and Richard W. O'Brien
Carolyn M. O'Brien and Frank N. O'Brien
Edna O'Brien
Eileen A. O'Brien
Eileen M. O'Brien
Elaine O'Brien `86 (MA) and Philip A. O'Brien `57
Dr. Elizabeth H. O'Brien `98M (Res)
Esther O'Brien
Jane M. O'Brien
Jean E. O'Brien and William S. O'Brien
Joanne O'Brien
Dr. John F. O'Brien `67 (PhD) and Patricia Provvidenza
Dr. Katherine N. O'Brien `84 (MS), `87 (PhD) and Dennis DiOrazio
Kelly J. O'Brien and James C. O'Brien
Kristina O'Brien
Mary A. O'Brien
Michael J. O'Brien `91S (MBA) and Colette M. O'Brien
Monica S. O'Brien and Thomas M. O'Brien
Pamela J. O'Brien and Kevin O'Brien P`04, P`07, P`09
Rae B. O'Brien
Robert J. O'Brien `58 and Mary O'Brien
Ruth O'Brien
Sara J. O'Brien and Daniel O'Brien
Sharon O'Brien
Susan C. O'Brien and Dr. Thomas E. O'Brien
Thomas E. O'Brien
William O'Brien
Douglas D. Obrochta
Kevin L. O'Buck
Ramon F. Ocasio P`19
Robyn E. Occhiogrosso P`18 and Paul F. Occhiogrosso P`18
Brad M. Ochocki `08^
Dr. Orpha C. Ochse `48E (MM), `53E (PhD)
Linda O'Connell and Alan O'Connell
Mary A. O'Connell*
Roy J. O'Connell `65 and Helen O'Connell
Dr. William B. O'Connell Jr. `67W (MA), `73W (EdD)
Wilmer P. O'Connell `61 and Mary Lou O'Connell
Brian T. O'Connor
Christine O'Connor
Christopher E. O'Connor `79, P`14 and Deborah A. O'Connor P`14
Christopher E. O'Connor
Dawna R. O'Connor P`15E and Douglas C. O'Connor P`15E
Deborah A. O'Connor and Michael S. O'Connor
Doris S. O'Connor `51, `52N
James J. O'Connor `62W (EdM) and Judy K. O'Connor
Karen O'Connor
Kathryn A. O'Connor `80 and Joseph E. O'Connor Jr.
Kristina S. O'Connor `89 and John F. O'Connor `88
Marjorie H. O'Connor
Martha J. O'Connor P`17E and Daniel R. Eaton P`17E
Nahoko Kawakyu-O'Connor and Dr. Don O'Connor
Noreen M. O'Connor `76
Dr. Rodney E. O'Connor `76D (Den)
Suzanne A. O'Connor and Ed O'Connor
William J. O'Connor Jr.
Phyllis Oddi `55N
Dr. James A. Ode `61E (MA), `65E (DMA) and Ruth McBride-Ode
Diane H. Odel and William F. Odel
Daniel O'Dell
Gina O'Dell
Johanna Odell and Robert C. Odell
Lois J. Odell `56N*
John B. Odenbach `11S (MBA)
Julie B. Odenbach P`11 and John M. Odenbach Jr.
Armand V. Odierna `64 (MS)
Helen B. O'Donoghue
James F. O'Donoghue
Lorrie O'Donovan P`89 and Thomas E. O'Donovan P`89
Setta Odoroff
Kathleen Odowd
Philip Odusote `14S (MBA)
Mirel Oese-Siegel
Dr. Alan E. Oestreich `69M (Res)
Miranda D. Offen and Gary A. Offen
Jean G. Ofsonka
Dr. Gregory S. Ogawa `89M (MD) and Diane H. Ogawa
Shota Ogawa `11 (MA), `14 (PhD)
Amy Ogden `73W
June Ogden and Gilbert Maker
Samuel R. Ogie `01S (MBA) and Dr. Debra Ogie
Mile Ognenovski
Dolores Ognibene and Joseph Ognibene
Marylou Ognibene
Dr. Richard T. Ognibene `64 (MA), `73W (EdD), P`87
Louise M. Ognissanti
Joseph O'Grady
Sue G. O'Grady and James B. O'Grady
Kyung-Ah Oh P`18 and Seungjun Oh P`18
Dr. Karen J. O'Hagen `89
Patrick O'Hara
Barbara J. O'Hare
Takahide Ohkami `87 (MS)
Dr. Richard Ohnmacht `86M (MD)
Runne C. Ohrberg `47
Brendan D. O'Keefe `12S (MS)
John R. O'Keefe `79 (MS)
Joseph E. O'Keefe `51
Marlene J. O'Keefe
Pamela J. O'Keefe
Patrick Okeefe
Ralph O'Keefe
Dr. Martin M. Oken `67M (Res) and Naomi Oken
Sarah D. Okerlund P`18 and David S. Okerlund P`18
Frank A. Okey `42 and Joan M. Okey
Dr. Adaobi C. Okobi `08M (MD)
Geraldine Okolowicz and Ted Okolowicz Jr.
Peter Okoye
Katrina L. Okperhie `13N
Ellen M. Olah `87S (MBA) and Dr. Daniel J. Burnside `01S (MBA)
Andrew W. Olander `06S (MBA) and Eleanor Olander
Kathleen M. Olbrich `88S (MBA) and Dennis B. Olbrich `89S (MBA)
Robert S. Olcott Jr. `47
Melanie A. Oldfield
Candy L. O'Leary P`12 and James J. O'Leary P`12
Kathleen T. Oleksyn `05S (MBA) and Peter J. Oleksyn `05S (MBA)
Caitlin C. Olfano `12^
Carole R. Olifiers and Kevin A. Olifiers
Cynthia A. Oliva and Nicholas Oliva
Carol V. Oliver and Eugene T. Oliver
Yvonne M. Oliver
Barbara E. Olk `73 and Dr. James I. Zisfein `73
Dr. Brian L. Olmsted `87 (MS), `93 (PhD) and Deborah L. Olmsted
Cheryl Olney and Don L. Olney
Mary Olney
Nancy J. Olney and Thomas H. Olney
Dr. Carol L. Olnick `84, `88M (MD)
Peggy A. Olrich and Robert Olrich
Dr. Tobie H. Olsan `95N (MS), `03N (PhD) and John Olsan
Karen E. Olscamp `81N
Moira Olscamp and Francis X. Olscamp
Karl Olsen
Lori C. Olsen P`19 and Michael J. Olsen P`19
Susan E. Olsen `57, `64W (MA) and Thor O. Olsen
Dr. Timothy J. Olsen `01E (MM), `05E (MA), `05E (DMA)
David Olshefski
Elizabeth F. Olson P`11E, P`14E and Lauris T. Olson P`11E, P`14E
Jeanette S. Olson `65W (MA) and Russell L. Olson
Dr. John F. Olson `75 (MA), `84 (PhD)
Mary S. Olson and Daniel C. Olson
Peter B. Olson `52
Robert R. Olson
Steven R. Olson `79S (MBA)
Suzanne A. Olson
Dr. Lydia P. Olszak P`16 and Joseph Verderame P`16
Beverly E. Olszewski `60N* and Walter J. Olszewski `59
Raymond L. Olszewski
Robert J. Olyslager `73
Patrick N. O'Mahen `01
Ruth O'Malley and Thomas O'Malley
Sean P. O'Malley `99
Dr. Thomas A. O'Malley `60M (Res)
Mauricio Onate
Susan M. Onderdonk and Robert D. Onderdonk
Dr. Denise M. Ondishko `85E (MM), `90E (PhD)
Harriet B. O'Neal `60E (MM)
Daniel G. O'Neil `83
Elaine M. O'Neil
John S. O'Neil
Kim D. O'Neil
Nancy J. O'Neil `89N (MS) and Daniel C. O'Neil
Christopher M. O'Neill `85
Ellen O'Neill
Kathleen O'Neill
Martin T. O'Neill
Nancy M. O'Neill
Raymond B. O'Neill `74 and Denise A. O'Neill
Thomas M. O'Neill
Judy A. Onestak P`17 and Thomas P. Onestak P`17
Ricardo C. Ong `88, `89S (MBA) and Kathleen Ong
Aiko Onishi `53E
Mildred T. Onken `47, `48 (MA)
Janet Onkey `48
Susan Onze and Richard Onze
Timothy P. Oosterling
Eileen Opaczewski and Frank Opaczewski
Paula Oppedisano and Frank Oppedisano*
Margaret Oppel
Betty G. Oppenheimer and Robert Oppenheimer
Dr. Philip R. Oranburg `76M (MD)
William J. Orbanek
Barbara W. Ordway and Michael G. Ordway
Nancy E. O'Reilly
Dr. Allan A. Orenstein `73M (MD) and Dr. Jane G. Orenstein
Barbara Orenstein and James R. Present
Rhonda E. Ores `87
Dr. John C. Orfe `99E, `99
James E. Orgar `77E (MM) and Linda Orgar
Donna W. Orioli and Robert A. Orioli
Dianna B. Orlando
Tracy K. Orloff `04 and Scott Orloff
Evgeny Orlov P`05
Dr. Beth A. Orlowski
Frank E. Orman `55
Susan B. Orman P`17 and Thomas J. Orman P`17
Carl Ormsbee
Vince Orologio
Harrison G. Orr `59E (MM)
Lynne H. Orr and Dr. H. Allen Orr Jr.
Mary L. Orr
Mickey J. Orr `86S (MBA), P`97, P`09, P`11
Richard J. Orr
Everett Orsini
Gae L. Orsini P`20
John A. Orsini `89M (MD), `90M (Res), P`20
Leonard L. Orsini `96S (MBA)
Norine A. Orsini
Faith E. Orth
Dr. Ralph H. Orth `60 (PhD)
Dr. Luis E. Ortiz `05, `10M (MD)
Carlos R. Ortiz `76M (Res), `10S (MS)
Daisy Ortiz P`06
Atsuko Oryu P`16 and Yuji Oryu P`16
Anya Orzechowska
Rosalind Orzel and David Sewhuk
Peter Osadciw
Jennifer Osborn
John H. Osborn `82
Carol S. Osborne
Donna Osborne and L. Devens Osborne*
Dorelis Osborne and Clayton H. Osborne
Sally A. Osborne and Peter Osborne
Elizabeth M. Oschmann
Dr. Bernard J. Oseroff
Emily G. Osgood `60
Lori S. Osgood `84E (MA) and Louis M. Osgood
Patricia M. O'Shea
Anthony W. Osinski `11^
Martha M. Osowski `84S (MBA), P`17 and John J. Osowski
Brian P. Ossias `91 and Whitney Clark
Linda F. Ossias `64, P`91 and Dr. A. Lawrence Ossias `61, `66M (Res), P`91
Elizabeth A. Osta and George D. Van Arsdale
Marjorie S. Osterhoudt and Hans W. Osterhoudt
Terra Osterling and Mark Osterling
Barbara K. Osterman `83S (MBA) and Scott J. Osterman `73
Carol M. Ostrander
Mary K. Ostrander `69
Dr. Sean A. Ostro `10D (Den)
Sandra Ostrowski and Edward F. Ostrowski
Cheryl O'Sullivan and Thomas O'Sullivan
Carol J. Oswald and George E. Oswald Jr.
Lawrence Ota
Melissa J. Othmer `11^
Anne O'Toole
Bridget O'Toole
Marilyn Ott `52M (MS)
Tom Ott
Dr. Craig R. Ottenstein `72M (MD)
Raymer Ottman
Kirstra Otto and Patrick Scahill
Dr. Li-Tse Ou `72M (PhD) and Chiu M. Ou
Ruth Outhouse and Earl E. Outhouse
Barbara L. Outterson `50, `51N, `83N (MS) and Rev. Hugh D. Outterson `49*
Eugene Outterson
Laurie S. Ovadia `94
Vanessa M. Overfield and Philip J. Overfield
Pamela Overy
Soon G. Ow `79
Ann B. Owen `62, `78 (MS) and Dr. John R. Owen `66 (PhD)
Barbara S. Owen
Cathy J. Feuer Owen `66
Dr. Josh Owen
Thomas J. Owen `78
Dr. Ann W. Owens `79W (EdD) and Dr. James C. Owens
Christina Owens
Jean M. Owens and Paul C. Owens
Lou Ann Owens and Alfred B. Owens
Melva Owens
Miriam E. Owens and Raymond L. Owens
Dr. Sarah C. Oxnard `73M (MD) and Dr. Thomas F. Oxnard `71M (MD)
Annette M. Oyer
Motoki Ozawa `88 (MS)
Deniz S. Ozbas and Umit Ozbas
Shannon M. Ozkum `06S (MBA) and Cem Ozkum
Jennifer N. Ozminkowski and Timothy Ozminkowski
Paul J. Ozminkowski
Mary Lou Pabrinkis
Susan E. Paceley P`14E and Lewis R. Paceley P`14E
Alba Pacheco
Elia S. Pacheco
Mary K. Pacilio and Anthony Pacilio
Patricia Pack P`10
Dr. Marvin S. Packer `65
Michael P. Paczkowski `76 and Susan Paczkowski
Brenda Paddock and Roger A. Paddock
John Paddock
Patricia E. Paddock and Lon E. Paddock
Sandra Padget and Richard Padget
Letha Padgett
Sandra J. Padgett P`17E and Christopher M. Padgett P`17E
Jeff Padlick
Kishore Padmaraju `09^
Jeannie M. Padowski `01
Julie C. Padowski `03
JoAnne L. Pagan
Dr. Paul G. Paganelli `81M (MD)
Claudia H. Pagani and Edward M. Pagani
Gerald S. Paganin `74
Aimee L. Pagano
Gary Pagano
Dr. Joseph S. Pagano `53 and Jody Pagano
Lauren Pagano
Nancy Pagano and Joseph Pagano
Rene V. Pagano
Sandra Pagano `60N and Robert M. Pagano `61
Daryl D. Page `53
Elizabeth A. Page P`17, P`19 and Martin J. Page P`17, P`19
Jean M. Page
Jeffery Page
Patricia Page and Dennis Page
Dr. Stephanie L. Page `89M (MD), `92M (Res) and Dr. William K. Page `93M (MS), `00M (PhD)
Dr. Paul Pagerey*
Charlotte Paglia
Lynn A. Pagliaro `71S (MBA)
Marian Pagnattaro
Malathai Pai and Damodar M. Pai
Jeanette Paige
Lenore A. Paige
Victoria Paine
Mary M. Pais P`12 and Roger E. Pais P`12
Joseph J. Pak `10S (MBA)
Gillian Paku
Dr. Stephen B. Pakula `64M (Res) and Laurie S. Pakula
Carola Pakusch
Carlos Palacio
Maria M. Palacios-Fabregas `61M (MS)
Dr. Mary C. Palamar `78W (EdD) and Peter T. Palamar `73 (MS)
Beverly R. Palandro and Patrick Palandro
Dr. Bettye R. Callison-Palermo and Kenneth Palermo
Dr. Daniel J. Palermo `88D (Den)
Donald G. Palermo
Frances P. Palermo and Joseph C. Palermo
Laurie L. Palermo and Richard Palermo
Mary A. Palermo
Nancy Palermo and Jim Palermo
Ricky Palermo
Vanessa Palermo
William H. Palermo
Joyce Paley
Megan Paliotti
Mary C. Paliotti and Philip L. Paliotti
Richard W. Palizay `50
Michael Pallischeck
Frances C. Palma
John F. Palma `96
Linda M. Palma `83W (MSE)
Adele C. Palmateer and Donald W. Palmateer
Jean S. Palmateer `81 and Brian P. Palmateer `82
John R. Palme
Cynthia A. Palmer `74
Donna Palmer `67, `76W (MA) and Dr. Harvey J. Palmer `67
Dwight M. Palmer
Dr. Gretchen M. Palmer `97W (MS), `02D (Den)
Jean Palmer and Bruce Palmer
Judith C. Palmer `71 and Dr. Frederick B. Palmer `72M (MD)
Dr. Larry G. Palmer `61E (MM), `63E (DMA) and Clyde Putnam
Laura L. Palmer and Cecil O. Palmer
Mary M. Palmer and James E. Palmer*
Melba Palmer `50E
Steven Palmer
Sylva L. Palmer and James L. Palmer
Michael A. Palmiere `92
Margaret W. Palmieri `53E (MM) and Robert Palmieri `54E (MM)
Lisa A. Palombi `87
Louis Palozzi
Marlene K. Palozzi
Serene P. Palozzi and Frank J. Palozzi
Dr. Maurice A. Palucci `87 and Lorraine A. Palucci
Channing A. Paluck `03E (MA)
Liberata Palumbo
Dr. Maria M. Palumbo `84 (MA), `90 (PhD)
Stephen W. Palumbo `01
Nancy Palvino P`85
Michaeleen K. Pamukcoglu
Daan Pan `90 (MA), `91 (PhD)
Yanjie Pan P`18 and Liqi Zhao P`18
David J. Panara `88
Nancy Panasiewicz
Raymond J. Pancarowicz `75E
Sandhya Panda P`14 and Lingaraj Panda P`14
Raphael P. Panfili `98 (MA), `02 (PhD)
Carolyn P. Pangia `10N, `14N (MS)
Monica M. Pangrazio
Dr. Donald L. Panhorst `59E (MM), `68E (DMA) and Dorothy C. Panhorst
Kim J. Panosian P`11, P`15 and David M. Panosian P`11, P`15
Joseph T. Pantaleo
Natalia V. Pantoja
Amelio F. Paolucci `85W (MS), `97W (MS) and Violet M. Paolucci
Chris Paolucci
Julia Paolucci
Laurie J. Paonessa `79
Wilma Papalia
Charles Paparone*
Marjorie J. Pape
Patricia Papero
Beverly J. Pappa
John J. Pappas Sr.
Danielle Pappas `04 and Scott Lerch
Karen D. Pappas and James P. Pappas
Dr. Sofia Pappatheodorou
Margaret Paradis
Dr. Siddharth A. Parameswaran `06
Marie Parasch
Gail J. Paraskevopoulos and Paul Paraskevopoulos
Mary Pardee `46E
Carol L. Pardoe P`18E and Donald D. Dunlap, Jr. P`18E
Tamara Pardue and John Pardue
Robert S. Pardyjak `64
Sarah E. Pare `11S (MBA) and Adam O. Pare
Dr. Nayan G. Parekh `90
Susan G. Parente `95
Helen S. Paret P`08 and Alan J. Paret P`08
Dr. Barbara A. Parey `74, `78M (MD)
Eleanor C. Parfitt `47
Marie D. Parina and James R. Parina
Dolores M. Paris and Anthony J. Paris
Pamela J. Paris and Andrew L. Paris III
Stacie M. Paris
Diane K. Pariser `71
Kenneth M. Pariser `70
Benvinda Parisi and John Parisi
Margaret M. Parisi `03, `13S (MS), `15S (MBA)
Dr. Leslie A. Park `12M (MD)
Bonnie L. Park
Gene Park `07^
Katherine J. Park
Dr. Kenneth K. Park `69 (MS), `72 (PhD)
Dr. Steve B. Park `91M (Flw)
William M. Park
Dr. Barnett R. Parker `72S (MS), `76S (PhD)
David S. Parker `66 and Elaine Parker
Davis E. Parker `67W (MA) and Jane H. Parker
Diane E. Parker
Elnor M. Parker
Gloria D. Parker `62W and Dr. Leonard E. Parker `60
Henry W. Parker
Holly Parker
Joan V. Parker and Robert B. Parker
Joseph Parker
Marcia Parker `62W
Mary Ann Parker and James D. Parker
Melva Parker
Nancy Parker and Richard Parker
Peter R. Parker
Raymond J. Parker `83S (MBA) and Deborah A. Parker
Dr. Robert E. Parker Jr. `52 and Joyce E. Parker
Robert H. Parker Jr. `83S (MBA)
Stacy L. Parker `95 and Robert S. Parker `94
Dr. Marcia Bornhurst Parkes `78E (MM), `88E (PhD) and Jonathan R. Parkes `62E, `72E (MM)
Gwyn Parkhurst
Judith Parkinson `64E (MM), P`98E
Darrell J. Parkison
Audrey J. Parkman and Paul Parkman
Bruce J. Parks `87 (MS)
Dr. Jean M. Parks `79 (PhD)
Pauline P. Parks `40, P`64
Sheila A. Wenck Parks `89
Shirley A. Parks `06N
Dolores F. Parlato
Dr. Lauren E. Parlett `13M (PhD)
Audrey Parmele `75N
Rose M. Parmele
Virginia Parmelee `49
Linda J. Parnell
Joanne G. Parr
Patricia W. Parr and Philip C. Parr
Heide Parreno and Duane Palyka
Carmella Parrinello
Monica Parrinello `88 and Gregory J. Parrinello `85, `87S (MBA)
Dr. Robert Parrino `91S (MS), `92S (PhD) and Emily Parrino
L. Edith Parris
David Parrotta
Toni Parrotta and Ray Parrotta
Dr. Barbara L. Parry `74
Mrs. Mary Ellen Neun Parry `63
Rebecca W. Parshall `94, `95 (MS) and Peter J. Parshall `93
Esther H. Parsons `60E and Robert W. Parsons
Gertrude Parsons*
Jon R. Parsons `61
Pamela A. Parsons `84N
Rosalie B. Parsons
Stephen Parsons `02S (MBA) and Theresa Parsons
Karla M. Parsons-Hubbard `87 (MS), `93 (PhD)
Betty Ann Partigan
Debra B. Parts `85W (MSE) and Peter N. Parts
Chester Parulski
Frances G. Pascarella and Roger M. Pascarella
Lin Pascarella and James Pascarella
Judith Pascente
Harold A. Paschal `72S (MBA)
Lynda K. Pasco and Gary R. Pasco
David P. Pascoe `05
Hannah Pascucci
Loretta F. Pasetto and Francis J. Podsiadlo
Roger A. Pask
Dr. Elizabeth A. Paskowski `90
Amy B. Pasley `02S (MBA) and Tim Pasley
Josephine G. Pasquale
Dr. Ettalee Pass `79W (EdD), P`99 and Dr. Harold Pass P`99
Lisa K. Pass P`18 and John H. Halebian P`18
Angelo Passafiume
Jessica L. Passalacqua
Robert J. Passalugo `91M (MS), P`98
Joseph Passarell
Elaine Passero
Marianne Pastecki and Thomas Pastecki
Jane R. Pastel `47 and Harvey Pastel
Barbara E. Arkin-Paster P`16 and Howard S. Paster P`16
Robyn L. Pasternak P`17 and Richard Pasternak P`17
Dr. Matthew J. Pastizzo
Arthur G. Pastor Jr. `68 and Suzanne C. Pastor
Anthony Pastore
Judith S. Pastorell and Allen W. Pastorell
Thomas J. Patchett `92W (MS) and Grace Patchett
Donald E. Patchin
Shirley Patchin
Paula J. Pate `07N
Zankhana Patel
T Pathmarajah
Elaine R. Patiky
M. Sachi Patitucci `80E
Marion Paton `54E, `56E (MM)
Lori Patric and David K. Patric
Lowell C. Patric `67, `68S (MBA) and Nancy Patric
MaryJean Patric `68W, `72W (EdM)
Dr. Diane F. Patrick P`18 and Michael W. Patrick P`18
Jessica Myers `02
Josephine Patrick `82 and Richard Patrick
Dr. Maria Magdalena Patru `06M (MS), `09M (PhD)
Daniel J. Patrylak `54E, `60E (MM)
Peggy Patterson and Donald Patterson
Roger M. Patterson
Spacia Patterson
Shannon Pattison
Jason M. Pattit `96, `97 (MS)
Andrea Patton
Kelley M. Patton `04S (MBA)
Wilson Patton
Gloria E. Paul
James C. Paul
Keith D. Paul `79 and Ellen Paul
Patricia E. Paul and Ronald T. Paul
Louise Paulsen `89 and John Solberg
Louise Paulson and Leland Paulson
Marjorie J. Paulson `54N, `59W
Martha A. Paulson `75, `76N
Patricia J. Pauly
Susan J. Pauly and Jeffery J. Pauly
Lana Paust
Virginia J. Pauza
Dr. Martin Pavelka `91M (MS), `94M (PhD)
Karen M. Pavlicin-Fragnito `87
Polykarpos Pavlidis `08S (MS), `12S (PhD)
Carol A. Pavlik
Laura Pawlak and John L. Pawlak
Patricia Pawlick
Alexander D. Pawlicki `09^
Anne B. Pawlicki P`09 and Peter C. Pawlicki P`09
Jean M. Paxton and Thomas Paxton
Dr. Gary H. Payman `94, `98M (MD) and Dove Payman
Charleen G. Payne
Christine Payne `69N and Dr. John A. Payne `68M (MD)
Claudia Payne and Curtis Payne
Dr. Donald I. Payne `64E (DMA)
Dr. Fred W. Payne Jr. `59M (Res)
Helen B. Payne `72W (MA)
Mary Payne `75N and Jan A. Klapetzky
May Payne `53 and Richard C. Payne `52
Natalie Payne `93
Rachel S. Payne `85
Walter Payne
Marian Payson
Elizabeth Payton
Caryn Paz and Domingo Paz
James B. Peace
Dr. John C. Peachey `54M (MD) and Susan Peachey
Michael T. Peacock `10^
Patricia Peake and Everett F. Peake
Gary S. Peakes
Kimberly P. Peaks `84
Carla S. Pealer
Mary A. Pearl
Sandra A. Pearl and Robert G. Pearl
Arthur V. Pearson
Judith Pearson `58 and Dr. C. Arthur Pearson `60M (MD)
Judith A. Pearson
Lucy F. Pearson and John A. Pearson
Susan E. Pearson `91S (MBA) and Scott A. Pearson
Theresa M. Pearson
Michael W. Peascoe `97E
Gilbert A. Pease `78E and Kathleen A. Pease
Jerrilyn D. Pease `71
Lynn Pease
Charles E. Peaslee Jr.
Jayne Peaslee and Kenneth S. Peaslee
Nancy A. Pech P`18 and Dr. Michael L. Pech P`18
Dr. Bradley K. Peck `82M (MD) and Sharon D. Peck
Cathy Peck
Darcie E. Peck `80
Eve M. Peck
Fannie P. Peck and Wilbur M. Peck Jr.
Josette K. Peck `14N, P`13, P`14
Myrtle Peck and Nelson N. Peck Sr.*
Patricia A. Peck `62
Ruth D. Peck and Russell A. Peck
Ruth E. Peck
William Peck
Jacqueline L. Peckham `92 and Dr. Michael J. Tan `95
Mary J. Peck-Landsman
Brian E. Pecon `67S (MBA) and Velva Pecon
Jody L. Pecor P`09, P`11 and Stanton G. Pecor P`09, P`11
Christine Pecora and Richard A. Pecora
Kathryn A. Pecora `13N
Joseph Pecoraro
Alice Pedersen
Dolores Pedersen
Dr. Henrik Pedersen `74 and Maria Pederson
Jane L. Pedersen P`13 and Mark W. Pedersen P`13
Jean Pedersen
Tracey E. Pederson and Leif S. Pederson
Sylvia A. Pedrick
Evelyn Y. Pedrin P`11
Pamela J. Peek
Susan Peeler and Larry A. Peeler
Jonathan Peelle
Janet S. Peer `68N and Dr. Richard M. Peer `69M (MD), `75M (Res)
Patricia E. Peets and James H. Peets
Robert Pegan
Helen J. Pegelow
Dr. Marcia B. Pehr `72N, `72
John A. Pehta `71
June A. Pehta
Dr. John W. Peightel `58E, `60E (MM)
Sergio Peirano `06S (MS)
Joel M. Pelcyger `68
Jean A. Pelham `53N and Dr. Walter L. Pelham `55M (MD)
Robert Pelka P`07
Dr. Stanley C. Pelkey II `96E (MA), `04E (PhD), `06 (MA)
Theodore Pella `50
Carol A. Pellegrino `64E (MM)
Arthur D. Pelletier
Lisa M. Pelletier `96W (MAT)
Nancy Pelletier
Terese A. Pelletier
Dr. Lori Jeanne Peloquin `82 (MA), `85 (PhD), `02M (PDC)
Heather M. Pelosi `00S (MBA) and Anthony J. Pelosi `00S (MBA)
Dr. Cynthia Z. Peltier P`13, P`16 and Dr. Jon Peltier P`13, P`16
Fiona E. Peltier
Nicole E. Peltier `13, `16 (MA)^
Charles M. Pelton
Susan Pelton
John S. Peltz `10 (MA), `13 (PhD)
Linda Pembroke and Vaughn C. Pembroke
Meryl H. Penalver `82N and Juan R. Penalver `82
Dorothea F. Penar P`11E and Dr. Paul L. Penar P`11E
Randall Penberg
Margaret Pence
Cynthia L. Pendergrast P`11 and Samuel L. Pendergrast P`11
Linda Pendleton P`18
Sarah E. Pener `67E
Mary H. Pengal and James F. Pengal
William A. Peniston `97 (PhD)
Mary Ann Penlon
Dr. Thomas E. Penn `77M (Res), P`11 and Lynn L. Penn P`11
Lisa M. Pennetta and Ben Pennetta
Engelbertus Pennings
Ann Pennington and Walter C. Pennington
Rose Penrose and Edward Penrose
Roland Penta
W. C. Brian Peoples `55 and Marguerite L. Peoples
Yolanda Pepe
Freda L. Pepper P`18 and Howard Bernstein P`18
Sharon M. Pepper* and Robert W. Pepper
Nancy J. Pepperman
Dr. Carla M. Peracchia `96M (MD), `01M (Res)
Loretta V. Peraino and James J. Peraino
Elizabeth E. Percevault `88 and Mark S. Percevault `87
Genevieve Perednis
Dr. Rocio I. Pereira `89
Joyce Perelli and John Perelli
Laurie S. Peres P`12 and Michael R. Peres P`12
Marianne Perez
Dr. Mary Perez
Michelle M. Perez `92
Rafael Perez
Dr. Robert J. Perez `55 and Judith A. Perez
Edward S. Perfetti `84
Loretta Perfetti
Mary Ann Perham and Joe Perham
Dr. Henry J. Peris `84W (EdD) and Sharon Peris
Arlene L. Perkins P`17 and Richard A. Perkins P`17
Bee Perkins and John Perkins
Bonnie R. Perkins and William C. Perkins
Florence A. Perkins
Mr. J. Carter Perkins Jr. `51
Timothy Perkins
Mary Anne Perks and William H. Perks
Donald A. Perl `64
Eleanor P. Perl P`92 and Dr. Daniel P. Perl P`92
Steven M. Perl `78
John Perlic P`18E
Karen A. Perlroth and Dr. Mark G. Perlroth
Mary Jo Perman
Christina Pero `99, `05W (MS)
Donald L. Pero `52
Linda M. Pero
Vincent C. Perotti
Dorothy A. Perotto `80
Dr. Jane V. Perr `80M (MD)
Barbara A. Perrault
Robert D. Perrilleon `02S (MBA) and Jessica Perrilleon
Jean Perrin
Marilyn Perrin and Richard Perrin II
Anthony L. Perrone
Gretchen Perrone
Nigel Perrott
Deborah Perrotta
John J. Perrotti `91S (MBA) and Lisa Perrotti
Aggie Perry and James Grattan
Amy L. Perry
Barbara Perry
Barbara J. Perry `64
Constance K. I. Perry `87 and Kevin J. Perry `87
Donna H. Perry and Anthony T. Perry
Dorothy Perry
Eileen M. Perry
Jamie Perry
Dr. John E. Perry III `92M (Res) and Elaine Perry
Priscilla J. Perry `62E, `66E (MM)
Robert J. Perry
Rosalie G. Perry `88, `91S (MBA) and William H. Perry
Sandra M. Perry `83N (MS) and Richard J. Perry
Zachary D. Perry `15^
Berly L. Persia `74E (MA)
Carol A. Personte and Michael J. Personte
Theresa Perticone*
Margaret Peruzzi
Karen E. Pesch
John R. Pescosolido II `73
David Pescrillo
Lucille B. Peskin `67
James Petcoff
Paula M. Pete and Stephen J. Pete III
Timothy A. Peter
Juliette H. Peternick `59, P`90
Alice M. Peters `67
Gordon B. Peters `56E, `62E (MM)
Harriet W. Peters `54 and Juergen N. Peters `53
Kenneth H. Peters
Kenneth J. Peters `87
Mary Jo Peters and Dr. Gary H. Peters
Michela Peters and Benjamin Peters
Mitchell T. Peters `57E, `58E (MM)
Patricia Peters
Robert E. Peters
Sarah M. Peters and Peter Peters
Paul E. Petersen
Dr. Becky Lorenz Peterson `96 and Dr. Derek Peterson `93
Betty A. Peterson `54, `55N
Gail R. Peterson and Richard J. Peterson
Jacqueline J. Peterson P`17
Dr. Janice Peterson `78N (MS)
Dr. Jay Peterson `65E, `66E (MM)
Jonathan R. Peterson `09W (MS)
Patricia Peterson and Jack Peterson
Sandra D. Peterson
Dr. Shannon M. Peterson `64 (MA)
Dr. Thomas C. Peterson `83M (MD) and Laurene M. Peterson
C. Shirley Petherbridge and David F. Petherbridge
Kathryn Petishnok and David R. Petishnok
Sue B. Petito P`12E, P`12, P`17E and Christopher S. Petito P`12E, P`12, P`17E
Sebastian A. Petix `70W (EdM) and Joy G. Petix
Sheryl T. Petkus
Karen A. Petras
Sandra M. Petrella and Carmine Petrella
Christie Petrenko
Carolyn Petrie and Mert Petrie
Katie Petrino
Sue Petrison
Catherine M. Petronio
Judy R. Petrou `85
Cassandra Petsos
Holly C. Petsos
Amy Pettee
Kim L. Pettig `02W (EdD)
Mary Pettinaro and Frank Pettinaro
Marilyn A. Pettinato P`89 and Anthony D. Pettinato Jr. P`89
Carole A. Pettinger and John F. Pettinger
Jamie Pettinger
Susanne Pettit
Janice Pettite and Chet A. Pettite
Anthony Pettrone
Frank Pettrone
Mildred A. Pettrone
Dr. Sigurdur R. Petursson `74M (MD) and Cheryl T. Petursson
Barbara C. Peyton `64
Rose C. Pezzimenti
Tracy J. Pezzimenti
Gloria P. Pfahl
Jane L. Pfeifer and Richard H. Pfeifer
Dr. Gary V. Pfeiffer `61 and Barbara Pfeiffer
Kay Pfluke
Susan M. Pfund
Dr. Madhav S. Phadke `71 (MS)
Aimee L. Phalen and Christopher D. Phalen
Karen Phelps and Robert Phelps
Laura M. Phelps
Thomas G. Phelps `78S (MBA) and Annette Phelps
Paniporn Phiansunthon P`17 and Daniel M. Potrepka P`17
Marie A. Philbrick and Channing H. Philbrick
Wendi K. Philbrick P`09, P`15 and Steven H. Philbrick P`09, P`15
Nicole Philibosian `81E
Gary J. Philio
Mary D. Philio and Raymond C. Philio
Dr. Annie G. Philip `05M (Res), `06M (Res), P`18 and Abraham Philip P`18
Dr. James B. Philip Jr. `78 (MS), `81 (PhD)
Patricia S. Philipp
Marina E. Philips P`09E and Thomas K. Philips P`09E
Cheryl Philley and Scott Philley
Ronald S. Phillippi `05
Ann Phillips `88 and R. Todd Phillips
Arlene M. Phillips `63
Barbara P. Phillips
Carol A. Phillips* and George D. Phillips
Egbert W. Phillips
Elke E. Phillips and James R. Phillips*
Florence Phillips and David Phillips*
Fredrica Phillips `77E, `78E (MM) and Dr. Paul C. Phillips `77E (MA), `87E (DMA)
Gary E. Phillips
Leigh F. Phillips `56M (MS)
Maria Phillips and Kevin Phillips
Marion S. Phillips
Marjorie A. Phillips P`04 and Kenneth Phillips P`04
Maureen Phillips and Haywood Phillips
Melissa S. Phillips
Dr. Nancy L. Phillips `83
Peter A. Phillips `11S (MS)
Richard A. Phillips `61 (MS)
Rita M. Phillips `06M (MS) and Christopher A. Phillips
Roger D. Phillips `84 (MA), `87 (PhD)
Ronald M. Phillips
Ruth K. Phillips
Shannon M. Phillips
Sharon M. Phillips `88S (MBA)
Sherry Phillips
Susan Phillips
Susan M. Phillips P`16 and David E. Phillips P`16
Suzanne M. Phillips
Donna M. Phillipson
Deborah A. Philp `75
Jamie T. Philpott and Bruce G. Philpott
Edward A. Philps
Sounaly Phonethepswath and Vongprachanh J. Phonethepswath
Maria B. Piampiano and Don Piampiano
Ferdinand J. Piano
Floserfina M. Piano P`19
Joyce V. Piarulli and John C. Piarulli
Ann H. Piato
Lucas Piazza `12^
Cristina Picca
Kathleen G. Piccarreto and Luke J. Piccarreto
Aimee E. Picchi `92E
Kathleen A. Picciano
Kevin Piccini `79E
Betsey Haskins-Piccioli and Patrick C. Piccioli
Joseph D. Picciotti Jr.
Deborah A. Picciuto P`16
Angela B. Pichichero P`00E
Dr. Alexander L. Pickard Jr. `74E (DMA) and Anne Marie Pickard
Donna M. Pickard and Richard A. Pickard
Sandra J. Pickel
Traci L. Pickerell `01E (MM)
Beverly J. Pickering
Shirley Pickering
Harold L. Pickett
Carol M. Pickworth
Dr. Anthony L. Picone `74M (MS), `79M (MD), `79M (PhD), `85M (Res)
Carol A. Piddisi and Murphy Piddisi
Christine Pidgeon
Dr. Bryan T. Piedad `98M (MD)
Linda E. Piedmont and Peter Piedmont
Steve Piedmont
Susan Piedmont
Sandra Piedmonte and David Piedmonte
Phyllis I. Pieffer `70E (MA)
Mary B. Piehler*
Ellen O. Pieklo and Dr. Thomas Pieklo
Lauren H. Pien `16^
Paula Pieper
Steven C. Pieper `65 and Gail W. Pieper
Teresa A. Pieper
James W. Pier II
Merle M. Pieramico and Nick A. Pieramico
Adam Pierce
Barbara A. Pierce `60
David Pierce
Dr. Edward A. Pierce `71E (MM), `75E (DMA)
Elizabeth T. Pierce and James A. Pierce
Emily Pierce
John C. Pierce `94E (MM)
Joy M. Pierce `54E and James D. Pierce
Dr. Preston E. Pierce `84W (EdD)
Susan A. Pierce-Ruhland P`13E and Dr. Richard A. Pierce-Ruhland P`13E
Alice M. Pieri and Michael Pieri
Lori A. Pierle P`18 and Joseph E. Pierle P`18
Delphine A. Pierri
CPT Charles H. Piersall Jr. `70S (MBA)
Jake S. Pierson `03S (MBA) and Kerry Pierson
Dr. Louisa H. Pierson `73W (EdM), `89W (EdD) and Mitchell Pierson Jr.
Diane L. Piester P`17 and Ronald E. Piester P`17
Harriett L. Pietak and Eugene D. Pietak
Josephine Pietrantoni and Liberto Pietrantoni
Emily B. Pietras P`11 and John E. Pietras P`11
Suzanne B. Pietropaolo
Ronald Pietrzak
Mark R. Pignagrande
Diane Pike
Diane A. Pike and Zachary Pike
Pearl A. Pike and Robert E. Pike
Cheryl A. Pilat
Carol R. Pilati `65, `67W (MA) and Saule T. Pilati
Roberta A. Pilato
Dr. Ben Z. Pilch `69M (MD) and Deborah B. Pilch
Mary Jane Pilla and Nicholas J. Pilla
Bruce H. Pillman `92 (MS)
Catherine Pilskalns and John Pilskalns
Valdis Pilskalns `73 and Deborah A. Pilskalns
Dr. Robert S. Pinals `56M (MD) and Emanuella Pinals
Karina E. Pinch and Michael Pinch
Laurie B. Pincus and Peter Pincus
The Honorable Elizabeth Pine and John B. Rumsey
Nathanael M. Pine `80
Dr. Rena Pine `87M (MD), `91M (Res) and Dr. Willem D. Faber `87M (MS), `89M (PhD)
Dr. Oscar C. Pineda P`02
Eileen Pines and David A. Binsack
Gladys Pinilla P`17 and Cristobal Gomez P`17
Delaine D. Pinkcett
Carole J. Pinkley
Richard Pinneo
Dr. David C. Pinnix `64E (MM), `69E (DMA)
Patricia Pino
Dr. Judith Pinsker P`18 and Dr. Benjamin N. Smith P`18
Dr. Walter Pinsker `54
Albert H. Pinsky
Dr. Seth D. Pinsky `78 (PhD), P`10 and Carol McCloud P`10
Dr. Dorcas B. Pinto `12M (MD)
William M. Pinzler `68
Dr. Suzanne M. Piotrowski P`19 and Martin J. Piotrowski P`19
Dr. Heidi C. Piper `94M (Res), P`19 and Dr. Jay A. Yates P`19
Patricia Piper `77E (MM) and Stephen Piper
Suzanne I. Piraino
Gilbert C. Pirovano `62E (MM)
Stephen R. Pisano P`17
Donald J. Pisaro
Nicholas R. Piscopo `02
Gina M. Pisello `90, `91W (MS) and Brady Duga `90
Sara B. Pistolesi `69E, `73E (MM) and Donald Pistolesi `69E
Amanda C. Pitcher
Andrea Pitcher and Ken A. Pitcher
Janna L. Pitlyk P`09 and Raymond T. Pitlyk P`09
Irene G. Pitt and Gary C. Pitt
Deborah R. Pittinaro `88N, `95N (MS) and Patrick L. Pittinaro
Ernest G. Pitts
Karina D. Piva P`14
E. Lee Piver Jr. `61, P`91, P`93 and Donna Piver
Virginia Pixley* and David C. Pixley
Melvin H. Pizer `65 and Dorene Pizer
Domenica Pizzo
Teresa A. Pizzo P`15 and Casper G. Pizzo P`15
Mabelle B. Pizzutiello `63N, P`89 and Robert J. Pizzutiello Jr. `77, `78 (MS), P`89
Charles W. Place `86, `92S (MBA)
Dorothy Place
Joseph J. Placious
Martha Plain
Yvonne M. Plain and M. LaRae Plain
Catherine Plane
Dr. Donald L. Plank `67 (PhD)
Allison M. Plant
Charles E. Plant
Sara L. Plante `95 and Niteen Patel `94, `95 (MS)
Michael J. Plants II
Maryann Platania and Joseph A. Platania
Howard Platt `46
Norma B. Platt and John W. Boettcher
Richard M. Platt
Susan P. Platt and Allen A. Platt
Michele Platten and Thomas K. Platten
Dr. S. Michael Plaut `69 (PhD)
Dr. Kathryn L. Plax `96M (MD)
Russell B. Pleasants `81S (MBA)
Gloria Pleger and Karl Pleger
Judy M. Pliquett `66E
Dr. Ronald D. Plotnik `10S (MS), `12S (MBA) and Joy R. Plotnik
Dr. Judith Plowman `93M (Res)
Ann C. Plucknette and Todd D. Plucknette
Stephanie L. Plucknette `11N
Andrea Plumeri
Carlton H. Plummer Sr.
Alysa S. Plummer
Marjorie Plummer `63 and Dr. Ernest L. Plummer `62
Shirley M. Plummer `53E
Mary K. Pluta and Ronald A. Pluta
Tanya Plutzik `69W (EdM), P`69, P`80E
Gary Plyter
Irving Pobboravsky
Marina Podbereschi `12N
Robert B. Podgorski
John Podleski
Nicole A. Podoloff `15^
Brandon M. Podyma `12^
Sonja C. Poe `58N, `61W
Ann F. Poelma
Gail E. Pogal `83, `97S (MBA) and David A. Pogal
Dr. J. Jeffrey Poggi `86M (MD)
Patricia J. Pogue `72 and David L. Pogue `72
Dr. Stephen C. Pohlig `74
Yvonne Pohlson and Delano R. Pohlson
Barbara L. Pointer `80N
Michael J. Pokalsky `66 (MA) and Barbara A. Pokalsky
Dr. Donald B. Polan `52M (MD), `68M (Res) and Miriam T. Polan
Dr. Alan P. Poland `66M (MS), `65M (MD)
Francis E. Polanski `61E and Sandra Polanski
Donald R. Polaski `11^
Dr. Ellen L. Poleshuck `91M (PDC) and Daniel R. Kinel
Rose N. Polidori and Aldo J. Polidori
Anna M. Polimeni and Brian D. Dennis
Ellen M. Polimeni
Florence F. Polino
Audrey L. Polinsky P`17E and Elliott L. Polinsky P`17E
Ronald C. Polisoto `63
Robin M. Polito-Shuffer P`11
Jeffrey W. Politte `92S (MBA)
Leonard J. Polizzi III
Nancy Polizzi and Charles Polizzi
Rosemary T. Polizzi and Ronald S. Polizzi
Barbara Polk `57E and John G. Polk
Dr. David Pollack
Joanne Pollack `69W and Bill Pollack `68
Arlene B. Pollan* and Dr. Lee D. Pollan
Dr. Richard H. Pollen `56M (MD), `60M (Res) and Sandra C. Pollen
Barbara Pollock
Jane E. Pollok
Linda L. Polmateer and Dale E. Polmateer
Dr. Stephanie Polowe `85W (EdD)
Katarina Polozie and Stephen Polozie
Yana Polshina P`18 and Tagi Ibragimov P`18
Heidi Poltorak
Kathryn Poluch
Howard L. Pomerantz `73
Dr. Marvin Pomerantz `59M (MD) and Margaret Pomerantz
Dr. Jeffrey E. Pontiff `90S (MS), `93S (PhD)
Shirley Ponzini
Kathleen A. Poole
Dr. Steven R. Poole `72M (MD)
Dr. Suzanne Cassata-Poole `91D (Den) and Raymond G. Poole
Marie Pooler `63E
Matthew C. Poore `97
Dr. Charlene A. Pope `01W (PhD)
Diane E. Pope
Noreen P. Popivchak and Richard Popivchak
Om P. Popli `81S (MBA), P`88, P`96 and Swadesh Popli
Jennifer Popp
Kimberly P. Poppa and Richard A. Poppa
Bruce E. Popper `74
Elizabeth Poppleton and Steven M. Poppleton
Jack L. Poray
Susan C. Porcelli and Fred Porcelli
Nancy J. Porcellio `81N
Peter R. Porcino `73
Frank Porco
Janette A. Porretti and Robert N. Porretti
Joyce Porrey and James A. Porrey
Carolyn Portanova `74W (EdM)
Jacqueline S. Porte
Sandra S. Porten and Bernard H. Porten
Andrea J. Porter and Ethan W. Porter
Barbara L. Porter `70
Brian A. Porter P`15
Brittany A. Porter `15^
Henry C. Porter `57
Jean D. Porter
Judith M. Porter
Julie A. Porter
Mary Porter and George Porter
Meredith J. Porter P`16 and Aliza C. Arzt P`16
Pamela A. Porter `69N, `69 and James L. Porter `69
Stuart R. Porter
Vicki E. Porter `04
Lisa R. Portmess P`10E and Harry C. Stokes P`10E
Debra A. Portzline P`18E
Suzanne E. Porubek and John A. Porubek
Linda C. Poskus
Dr. Jonathan F. Post `76 (PhD)
Martha U. Post `81
Robert Post
Stephanie R. Post and Frederick W. Post Jr.
Linda Postler
Patricia A. Poteat `83, `10W (EdD) and Walter J. Poteat `12N (MS)
Dr. Joan C. Potenza `82 (MS), `86 (PhD)
Patricia A. Potenza
Ajish Pothen `96
Beena W. Pottackal P`18 and Wilson J. Pottackal P`18
Dr. Howard W. Potter III `82E (MM), P`09E, P`11E and Margaret Q. Potter P`09E, P`11E
Bruce R. Potter
Diane E. Parke-Potter and Rodney W. Potter
Donna Jean Potter
Emma H. Potter `63N
Frank R. Potter
Janet Potter `53 and Richard N. Potter `54
CPT John E. Potter `67
Raymond S. Potter
Richard J. Potter
Stephanie Potter
Suzanne G. Potter and Charles Potter
Thomas L. Potter `71 and Mary M. Potter
Tom R. Potter III `03
Katrina M. Potts `15E (MM) and Jeremy J. Potts `15E (MM)
Boo Poulin
Stacy Poulios and Plouto Poulios
Ann Poulter and Dr. Colin A. Poulter
Curtis Pound
Dr. Shannon A. Poupalls `08^
Kate Poverman P`17 and Raphael Bueno P`17
Dr. Brock H. Powell `59M (MS), `55M (MD) and Sandra S. Powell
I. Elaine Powell
John P. Powell `41
Judith D. Powell and Dr. Frank P. Powell
Karen Powell
Larry J. Powell
Loretta R. Geany-Powell P`18 and John L. Powell
Martha C. Powell `60E (MM)
Pauline M. Powell
Robert G. Powell
Jessica L. Powell-Eig `03E
Ora J. Power
Susan Power
Dr. Bethel A. Powers `71N (MS), `75 (MA), `80 (PhD) and Richard G. Powers `93W (MS)
Carolee S. Powers and Robert H. Powers
David E. Powers
Dawn W. Powers and Patrick J. Powers
Joan F. Powers and John F. Powers
Judy Powers P`05 and David N. Powers P`05
Laura E. Powers and Mark Powers
Thomas G. Powers `06
Kathleen C. Powlowski
Melanie A. Pozdol `12E (MM)
Robert S. Pozniakas
Barbara H. Pozzanghera
Doreen Pragel `53, `54N*
Patricia G. Pragel and Michael Pragel
Lynn B. Prame P`92
Lydia J. Prass `64
Amy Prater
Kerry E. Prather P`18 and Michael G. Dimoff P`18
Betty Pratt and Martin Pratt
Christine A. Pratt
June Pratt `43N
Susan L. Pratt and Harold M. Pratt
Deborah Pratt-Gnage
Samantha Prayne
Dr. Jeffrey L. Prebluda `78M (MD)
Walter L. Predmore Jr. `64
Marcie A. Pregulman `82
Yonathan Preiss
Laurie-Jean Premo and John Jagla
Susan G. Prener P`12E and David Prener P`12E
Alison S. Prenetta `85
Dr. Harry J. Presberg `60M (MD) and Shirley Presberg
Helen C. Presberg `68W (MA) and Dr. Saul Presberg
Carol L. Prescott `90 and James G. Prescott
Fujiko O. Presseau P`96 and Robert J. Presseau P`96
Dr. Stephen E. Presser
Susanne M. Prestianni `70W (MA) and Vincent Prestianni*
Mike D. Prestidge `93S (MBA) and Kathleen A. Prestidge
Dr. Melanie A. Preston `07M (MS), `10M (PhD)
Carol L. Preston and Steven F. Preston
Christina A. Preston and Larry D. Preston
Deborah B. Preston and David E. Preston
Dolphus Preston `80S (MBA)
Donald C. Preston
Marie J. Preston and Joseph L. Preston
Jennifer E. Presutti and Paul Presutti
Laura D. Preves `88E
Dr. Colby Previte `08M (Res) and Dr. Gregory Previte
Karen Prevost and Stephen D. Wise
Mary G. Prevost `59H (DPL) and Clayton J. Prevost
Marjorie A. Prewasnicak
Susan Prezioso and Anthony J. Prezioso
Anthony Priano
Ardel Price `49E
Colleen S. Price and Robert E. Price
Derek Price
Dr. Harry J. Price `63
Jeremy Price `93 and Lisa Price
Kathleen Price
Kathryn Price
Linda L. Price and Austin W. Price
Martha H. Price `81W (MSE)
Rebecca Y. Price `99
Ronald E. Price
Susan B. Price `75M (MS) and Dr. James G. Zimmer `60M (Res)
Diane Prichard
Dr. Bradford Priddy `00M (Res) and Mary Anne Valdecanas
Laurie K. Priest and David N. Priest
Rebecca Priest and Christopher Priest
Helen J. Priestley `65W, P`97 and Walter J. Priestley P`97
Ann E. Prince P`06 and Barry Prince P`06
Linda M. Prince and Ronald M. Prince
Margaret F. Prince and Wilbur Prince
Maureen L. Prince `15N (MS)
Peggy Prince
Sara Prince
Paul F. Principino `97W (EdD)
Barbara Pringle and William Pringle
Dr. Michael R. Prinsell `10 (MS), `14 (PhD)
Carolin Printy `60E, `62E (MA)
Sharon L. Prinzi and James F. Prinzi
Susan Prinzi
Dr. Lee A. Prisament `80M (MD), P`19 and Marcia Rappaport P`19
Margaret W. Prisco and Mario Prisco
Deborah A. Pritchard and Gary E. Pritchard
Susan K. Pritchard P`03E and Donald L. Pritchard P`03E
Danielle Privitera
John T. Privitera
Marissa Privitere and Thomas A. Dulmage Jr.
Eve Privman `09^
Catherine P. Proctor
Thomas Proctor `61 (MS) and Norma Proctor
Alison A. Profeta P`18 and Vincent L. Profeta P`18
Jane Prohaska
Mary Ann Proia
Donna M. Proietti and Thomas P. Proietti
Anatolij Prokopenko
Helen A. Pronko
Kristi D. Pronovost P`18 and Russell W. Pronovost P`18
Beverly Proper
John A. Proper
Dr. David R. Propp `88M (MD)
Joseph E. Prosack `14^
Mary J. Proschel
Elizabeth M. Proseus and Leith D. Proseus
Nancy E. Proseus
Nancy Lou Proseus
Neil M. Protter `94S (MBA) and Heather Protter
Dominic Provenzano
Karen D. Provenzano and James Provenzano
Patricia D. Providence and Michael J. Providence
Janet T. Provino and Francis G. Provino
Ida B. Provost and Clifford Provost
Janet I. Provost P`15 and William M. Provost P`15
Dr. Peter M. Prowda `66
Shirley M. Prudom
Sara B. Pruss `99 and David DeSwert
Kerry A. Prutzman `02 (MS) and Jonathan Prutzman
Chris P. Pryor and Michael W. Pryor
Thomas C. Pryor `40*
Karen Przepiora
Florence P. Przybycien
Roberta Przybylowicz and Edwin P. Przybylowicz P`96
Anne C. Ptak `71
Alice Publow and Andrew G. Publow
Johanna L. Publow `62 and Dr. David G. Publow `61, `73M (Res)
Tanya Pucci
Marie Puckett and Michael J. Puckett
Norma L. Puckett and Sherrill A. Puckett
L. David Pudup `77S (MBA)
Dr. Puente `77
Jim Pugliese
Kim C. Pugliese `91S (MBA) and Scott J. Pugliese
Mary Ann Puglisi-Martinez
Juanita Puhckoff P`19E and Gary S. Puchkoff P`19E
Mirella Pujalt `98
Amanda Puleo
Derek J. Pulhamus `07, `08 (MS)^
Marsha E. Pulhamus `77N, `83N (MS) and David A. Pulhamus `76
Patricia Pullano
Sue G. Pullano and Joseph V. Pullano
Martha C. Pulleyn `10M (MS) and John W. Pulleyn III
Beverly Pullis and George W. Pullis
Ann M. Pullyblank P`19 and Stephen E. Pullyblank P`19
Dr. Stephen Pulos
Carl Pultz
Donald A. Puluse `57E and Jeana L. Anderson
Carol Pulvino `65W (MA)
Eleanor Pulvino
Margaret Pum and William H. Pum*
Nancy C. Pundsack `70 (MA) and Arnold L. Pundsack
Thelma Punnett `54
Randi A. Pupkin P`18 and Dr. Andrew I. Pupkin P`18
Aisa Purak P`18 and Midhat Purak P`18
Barbaralee Purcell `62
Dr. Edward T. Purcell `69
Lucy A. Purcell
Robin Purcio
Arthur L. Purinton II `66S (MBA)
Raymond C. Purlee
Judith A. Purnell
Debra B. Puro `74 and Dr. Donald G. Puro `74M (MD), `75M (PhD), `75M (Res)
Gloria E. Purtell and Walter C. Purtell
Jyothi N. Purushotham `13^
Barbara J. Purvis `83S (MBA)
Rebecca L. Purvis and Robert E. Purvis
Clyde L. Putallaz `69
Ann L. Putnam `73 and Matthew D. Putnam
Edward S. Putnam
Gaye L. Putnam P`17 and Mark S. Zuckerman P`17
James D. Putnam `99S (MBA) and Lara Putnam
Jennifer L. Putnam
David L. Putney
Katherine M. Putney
Dr. Stefanie E. Putter `07^
Dr. Margot Putukian `92M (Res)
Tracy Puza `87 and Jason W. Renker `85
Slawka I. Pylyshenko `62
Helen H. Cha-Pyo `93E (MM) and Dr. Daniel Pyo `95M (Res)
Xinrong Qiu P`17 and Qinfan Zhu P`17
Tonima R. Quabili `12^
Dr. Margaret Quackenbush `82E (DMA)
Hope M. Quallo `81N (MS) and Carlton E. Quallo `97S (MBA)
Wendy Jo Qualtrough
Laura N. Quant
Henry B. Quantrille
Rebecca J. Quarm and John J. Quarm
Anne K. Quartley and Thomas M. Quartley
Arthur W. Quattlander
N. Elizabeth Quattrociocchi `88 and John Quattrociocchi
Silvio Quattrociocchi
Brooke Quayle
James Quayle
Nancy Qubain `60
Irene D. Quenville
Andrea M. Quercia P`13 and V. Anthony Quercia P`13
Fariha Quereshy P`18
William S. Quick `71E, P`13 and Jacqueline C. Quick P`13
Joan K. Quigley
Linda E. Quijano `05W (MS)
Evelyn M. Quillan*
John S. Quimby `93S (MBA) and Michele Quimby
Richard D. Quinby `90
Dr. Sue Quinby `60 and Roger P. Quinby
Gloria Quinlan
Jeanette Quinlan `05 and Michael J. Quinlan `05, `07 (MS), `11 (PhD)
Barbara B. Quinn
Barbara S. Quinn
Christina M. Quinn and Kevin T. Quinn
Cynthia A. Quinn and John C. Quinn
Donald J. Quinn
Ingrid C. Quinn and Richard D. Quinn
Leonard F. Quinn `76, P`95, P`99 and Cheryl E. Quinn P`95, P`99
Marguerite Quinn and James M. Quinn
Pamela Quinn and Michael G. Quinn
Patrick J. Quinn
Patrick J. Quinn `00
Robert W. Quinn `71
Raymond R. Quintin `84S (MBA) and Kathleen E. Quintin
Donna R. Quinzi `89W (MS), P`16 and Michael D. Quinzi P`16
Aku G. Quist P`09 and Barnabas K. Quist P`09
Gregory P. Raab `92 and Maryrose Raab
Sherri L. Raab and James P. Raab
Olivia H. Rabenold P`18 and Mark C. Rabenold P`18
Darren T. Rabenou `89, P`19 and Lori Z. Rabenou P`19
Janice W. Rabinowitz P`14 and Dr. Stephen M. Rabinowitz P`14
Jesse S. Rabinowitz `66
Linda Rabjohn and Donald Rabjohn
Theodore P. Rabkin `68 and Susan G. Rabkin
Jeanne S. Rabold `83S (MBA)
Annemarie Race and Phillip L. Race
Patty L. Race and Mike Race
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Racette `54 (MS)
Adrienne T. Racey
Serena Rachels and Dr. Rafael Klorman
Janice W. Rachfal and Jerald J. Rachfal
Jay Rachfal `87 (MS) and Margaret T. Rachfal
Kathleen M. Rackl
Thomas (Tom) Raco
Dr. Esther Racoosin `84
Ellen Radder and Carl Radder
Sally Radell
Doris Rademacher
Suzanne M. Radesi and Richard L. Radesi
Carol T. Radford
Harold E. Radford
Shirley T. Radford
Tim J. Radford P`19
Jean M. Radler and Michael J. Radler
Kathleen Radley
Rebeka F. Radna-Crasta `14W (MS)
Julia J. Radovani `12^
Megan Radtke
Mark D. Raeside
Barbara Rafoth
Doris S. Rafoth and James H. Rafoth
Dominique Ragland
David A. Ragusa `68, `76W (EdM) and M. Connie Ragusa
Richard E. Rahill
Christeen L. Rahmlow and Michael Rahmlow
Mary Kay Rahmlow and James W. Rahmlow
Patricia Rahn and William C. Rahn Jr.
Dr. Mark H. Rains `79 (PhD)
Susan C. Rainville P`16 and Peter J. Rainville P`16
Sandra C. Rake
Terra Rake
Ralph S. Rakieten `70
Martha N. Rakita `43
Judy Rakoska
David Rakov
Helen S. Rakove `68
Katherine Raksin `02
Jerry L. Raleigh*
Joann D. Raleigh and Curt Raleigh
Diane S. Ralston `86E and John Ralston
Sarah C. Ramage `00 and Christian R. Grose `00 (MA), `03 (PhD)
Anasuya Raman
Kalyani Kuppuswamy Ramaswamy
Sarabeth Rambold
Dr. Diana L. Ramirez `92M (MS), `97M (PhD) and Dr. Aaron Proweller `92M (MS), `98M (MD), `98M (PhD)
Migdali Ramos `94
Meenakshi Rampal and Dr. Amrit Rampal P`99
Kathleen Rampe and William Rampe
Alan Ramsay
Kay D. Ramsay `60, `61N, `88W (MS) and William E. Ramsay III `59, `61W (EdM)
Carol C. Ramsayer `70, `73W (EdM) and Dr. George R. Ramsayer `72 (MS), `75 (PhD)
Suzanne Ramsdell
Dorothy Ramsey and Jarold Ramsey
Mary J. Ramsey `69W, `75W (MSE)
Steven M. Ramsey
Loren J. Ranaletta `81M (MS) and Janet Ranaletta
Sandra J. Ranalli and Edward F. Ranalli
Janet L. Ranallo P`16 and James W. Ranallo P`16
Jo Ranallo and Tony Ranallo
Nicholas Ranallo `16^
Nancy Rance `53E (MM)
Dr. Cynthia M. Rand `06M (MPH)
Dr. Rhonda Rand P`16
Susan E. Rand `76 and Dr. James Rand `77M (Res)
Jeanne S. Randall and Dr. William E. Randall
John M. Randall
Joyce A. Randall and Paul Randall
Judith E. Randall and Justin Randall
Marilyn Randall `57*
Peggy Randall
Sharon A. Randall
Lillian M. Randazzo
Mary M. Randisi and Charles P. Randisi
Dr. Melvin Randle
Karyn Rando
Gay Randolph P`08E and Robert H. Breakfield P`08E
Logan Randolph
Ronald J. Rank
Carolyn P. Rankin `68
Mary D. Rankin
COL Richard C. Rankin `65 and Carol O. Rankin
Dr. Richard R. Ranney `69D (MS), `69D (Den) and Patricia Denoto
Irina Rapaport and Pinkhas A. Rapaport
Bonita A. Rapini and Louis Rapini
Nancy J. Rapoport `67 and John Rapoport
Annette M. Rapp and Carl W. Rapp Sr.
Corinne L. Rapp and Chad Shanahan
Janet Rapp
Karen Rapp and Wilford J. Clicquennoi
Marion Rapp and Frederick L. Rapp
Mary M. Rapp `71, `79W (MA) and Dr. Howard Kirschenbaum
Cynthia A. Rappa and Richard F. Rappa
Patricia R. Rappazzo `85
David M. Rappleyea
Stacy A. Rappold and David C. Rappold
Dr. Charles R. Rardin `96M (MD)
Mary M. Ras
Jane E. Rasbeck and Leon Rasbeck
Julie Raschella
Michele J. Rase and Peter M. Rase
Dr. Husayn A. Rashid `75M (Res) and Susan Rashid
Naushaba Rashid `89
Rola H. Rashid `93 and Christopher Amann
Sami Rashid
Christine A. Rasi and Dominick J. Rasi
Jonathan J. Raskin `02S (MBA)
Helen M. Rasmussen
Kim Rasmussen
Carolyn R. Raszeja and Michael Raszeja
Dr. Cary R. Ratcliff `75E, `89E (DMA) and Marjorie C. Relin-Ratcliff
Margaret Ratcliff
Carol S. Rath and Larry D. Rath
Sandra C. Rath and Paul W. Rath
Tania E. Rathbun and Robert Rathbun Jr.
Dr. Charles E. Rathke `63M (MD) and Patricia A. Rathke
Norma T. Ratigan and Hugh L. Ratigan
Dr. Richard J. Ratliff Jr. `73E, `75E (MM), `82E (DMA)
Helen S. Ratner
Jennifer K. Ratner `97
Nancy F. Ratner `70
Paul R. Ratoff `67
Dr. Stephen Rattien `65 (MS)
Lois J. Rau
Donald E. Rauber
Dr. Alan E. Rauch `71
Lisa H. Raue P`18 and Gregory H. Raue P`18
Feroz Rauf `16^
Joan F. Raus and Robert W. Raus Sr.
Dianne Rausch P`17 and Stephen H. Bandeian P`17
Tina M. Rauscher
John Rauth
Ronald J. Raven
Sofa Ravin
Barbara B. Rawleigh and Peter R. Rawleigh
Dr. James W. Rawles Jr. `83M (Res) and Robin B. Rawles
Carol J. Rawlings `51N
Dr. Wayne S. Rawlins `84M (Res) and Janet Flagg-Rawlins
Dr. George W. Ray III `66 (PhD) and Elizabeth O. Ray
Surjya Sarathi Ray `09 (MS), `13 (PhD)
Mary Jane Rayburn
Brion S. Raymond `92
Danis Raymond and Paul E. Raymond
Dianne M. Raymond and Dean R. Raymond
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Raymond
George Raymond
John D. Raymond
Judith M. Raymond and Gene D. Raymond
Edward J. Raynor `70 and Patricia Raynor
Nancy J. Raynor `77
Barbara C. Rayson `45, P`71
Janice L. Razaq `66E
Maryam Razvi `02W (MS) and Dr. Aasim I. Padela `01, `M (Res)
Gretchen B. Read and James W. Read
Julia Lindeman Read `90N, `95N (MS) and Dr. Howard C. Read `88
Robert F. Read
Seth A. Read `87 and Carolyn M. Muskat
Judy Reader
Valerie A. Reagan
Amy B. Realbuto `06N (MS)
Carol Reale
Daniel S. Reale `76
Teresa Reale
Dr. Jocelin Reatiraza `08M (Res)
Dr. Celia Reaves `75 and Donald B. Reaves `75
Robert Reber
Scott D. Rebhun P`18
Patricia Rebman and Steve V. Rebman
Katherine A. Recard
Karen Rechberger and Edward H. Rechberger IV
Mary Michele Rechberger
Joanne P. Recino
Joan A. Recktenwald
Edward A. Record `56
Linda L. Rector and John E. Rector
Alona H. Redden
Carol A. Redden
Dr. David A. Redding
Judith Redding and Dr. Spencer W. Redding
Redding, Judith
Jerry P. Reddy `94S (MBA)
Saroja T. Reddy and Muralidhar T. Reddy
William J. Reddy `80S (MBA) and Diane N. Reddy
Angela S. Redfern P`16
Mary L. Redline `51N, P`87
Vicki P. Redman `97S (MBA)
Kieran Redmond and James M. Redmond
Dr. John Redwood III P`04E
Brenda Reeb
Dr. Robert T. Reeback `62, `65 (MA), `68 (PhD)
Bernice M. Reed and William A. Reed Jr.
Beverly A. Reed `60W
Dr. Brian E. Reed `82D (Den), `83D (MS)
Bruce E. Reed
Carol Reed
Cheryl L. Reed
Donald A. Reed `55
Ellen Reed
James G. Reed
Janet S. Reed
John A. Reed `55E
Dr. Mary Reed `66W (MA), `73W (EdD) and M. Taylor Reed
Michael G. Reed `15S (MBA) and Melissa A. Reed
Nancy C. Reed and Frederick E. Reed
Patricia F. Reed and C. Norman Reed
Patricia S. Reed
Alex L. Reeder `08E^
Amy Reeder
John C. Reeder `97S (MBA) and Trina W. Reeder
June S. Reeder and Samuel J. Reeder
Bridgette Rees
Mary Ann Rees
Brett D. Reese P`18
Dorothy M. Reese
Dr. Isaac C. Reese `61M (MS)
Lauren Reese
Michael Reese
Michele A. Reese P`18
Sheila Reese `76 and Dr. James H. Reese `80M (MS), `81M (PhD)
William P. Reese `81 (MS) and Robin L. Reese
Jane I. Reetz and Thomas F. Reetz
Beverley F. Reeves `50H (DPL) and Dr. Paul E. Reeves `49M (MD)*
Beverly Reeves
Elizabeth S. Reeves
Gail Reeves and Bill Reeves
Stanley J. Refermat `67 (MS), `80S (MBA) and Anne R. Refermat
Jennifer L. Regalia `97
Dr. Cara L. Regan `92 (MA), `96 (PhD)
Kerry Regan
Mark J. Regan
Jeffrey A. Regelman `85 (MS)
Dorothy H. Regis `51E
Onnie M. Regoord
Barbara Rehberg
Nancy R. Rehner `66N (MS)* and Ronald L. Rehner Sr. `61 (MA)
Barbara Reiber
Susan Reibstein `76 and Richard J. Reibstein `73
Audrey M. Reich P`16 and Keith E. Reich P`16
Judith P. Reich and Norman J. Reich
Dr. Eric G. Reichard `78
Dr. Peter S. Reichard `90M (MD), `91M (Res)
John P. Reichert `15^
Naomi R. Reichert and John W. Reichert
Amy Reichman and Daniel Reichman
Anna Reid `63W (MA) and Leland W. Reid
Betsey M. Reid `60 (MA)
Bonda Reid
Carol Reid and Richard C. Reid
Debra L. Reid
Jacob D. Reid `16^
James Reid
James W. Reid
Patti B. Reid `83
Edward F. Reif
Janice C. Reif
Marilynn Reif
Marcia R. Reiff
Mary M. Reiffenstein `57N
Matthew W. Reifsteck `01S (MBA)
Alice Reigelsperger* and John E. Reigelsperger
Dr. Anne K. Reilly `90M (MD) and James Reilly
Joseph J. Reilly `80M (MS)
Linda C. Reilly
Dr. Michael H. Reilly `61, `67 (PhD)
Robert S. Reilly `87
Rosemary Reilly
John A. Reiner `76 (MA)
Sarah B. Reiner `10W (MS) and David R. Reiner `11S (MBA)
Joseph C. Reiners Jr. `65W (EdM) and Lorraine Reiners
Daniel Reines `80
Linda Reinfeld and Don Reinfeld
Linda S. Reinfeld `64E, P`92
Edith C. Reinhard
Joshua Reinhard
Hannelora Reinhardt
Lisa L. Reinhardt `85
Mary A. Stazie-Reinhardt and Paul Reinhardt
Jaclyn M. Reinhart `14^
Dr. Meredith E. Reiniger `82W (EdD)
Dr. Lawrence W. Reinish `92M (Res)
Laurie A. Nixon-Reinke and Stephen M. Reinke
Richard O. Reisem
Edward S. Reisman `76
Dr. Jerald L. Reisman `76M (Res), `77M (Flw)
Marion K. Reiss P`18 and Jonathan A. Reiss P`18
Michael B. Reiss `93
Nathaniel A. Reit `09E^
John R. Reith `90
Donald P. Reithel
Andrea G. Reithmayr
Ellen L. Reitkopp `69W (EdM) and Howard H. Reitkopp `68W (EdM)
Nancy V. Reitkopp and Richard I. Reitkopp*
Laura J. Reitter `93S (MBA) and Theodore Heinrich
Beverly S. Reitz P`05 and Philip Reitz P`05
Ezriel Reitzfeld
Patricia P. Rella `92 and Angelo F. Rella `70
Clara Relyea
Mr. Michael Andrew Remez `80
Mary Remington `51E
Norma Remmel
Rona Remstein `78, `79N and Dr. Robert J. Remstein `77
Rosemary G. Remus P`16 and Kenneth P. Remus P`16
Andre R. Rene `88
Dr. Robert M. Rene `54M (MD) and Alice Rene
Dale Renfer
Marion Renfer and Roy Renfer
Sarah Renick and William Renick
Nancy Renner and Daniel J. Marlowe
Priscilla M. Reno and James N. Reno
Paul D. Renter
Dr. Anne R. Rentfro `74N
Vincent A. Renzi Jr. `76, `78S (MBA) and Camille A. Renzi
Christopher E. Repetto `89
Dr. Aristides A. Requicha `67 (MS), `70 (PhD)
Teresa Resavy and Joseph Resavy
Geraldine Resch and Joseph T. Resch
Lynda M. Rescia P`12 and Michael T. Miller P`12
Dr. Barbara E. Resnick `90M (MD) and Andrew Smith
Ellen B. Resnick-Lewis `73
Susan J. Ressel and Leonard Ressel
Todd M. Retell `84, P`17 and Sandra R. Retell P`17
Alisa M. Reusch and Justin A. Reusch
Amy E. Reville P`18 and Michael W. Reville P`18
Beverly B. Revitzky and Dennis Revitzky
Dr. James C. Rex `81 and Amy S. Rex
Kaye Reyn and Christian Reyn Jr.
Marcia W. Reynders and Henry W. Reynders
Bo D. Reynolds `12^
Bonnie Reynolds
Bonnie L. Reynolds
Carol L. Reynolds and James A. Reynolds
Deborah Reynolds `77, `81W (MSE) and Lawrence H. Reynolds `77
Elizabeth H. Reynolds `53 and Richard C. Reynolds
James A. Reynolds
John P. Reynolds `68S (MBA) and Michele T. Reynolds
Julie D. Reynolds P`05, P`09
Linda L. Reynolds P`11 and Randy Reynolds P`11
Marietta M. Reynolds and H. John Reynolds
Nancy J. Reynolds and Gary Kuter
Patricia Reynolds and Paul A. Reynolds
Patricia J. Reynolds and W.P. Reynolds*
Phyllis C. Reynolds and David A. Reynolds
Dr. Sara J. Reynolds `86M (MD)
Dr. Susan D. Reynolds `87 (MS), `87M (MS), `92 (PhD) and Dr. Paul R. Reynolds
Susan M. Reynolds `74N (MS)
Tiffany Reynolds
Dr. William A. Reynolds `86
Dr. Leah H. Reznick `02M (MD) and Dr. Andrew D. Reznick `02M (MD)
Shirley W. Rheinwald and Robert P. Rheinwald
Donald K. Rhine `65W (MA)
Eileen C. Rhine `78
Marcia L. Rhinehart
Mary M. Rhinehart P`18 and David P. Rhinehart P`18
Ronald J. Rhoads
Pamela Rhoda and Donald E. Rhoda
Nancy Rhode
Ruth Harper-Rhode and Kevin Rhode
Alice Rhodes `51E
Brian Rhodes
Mary L. Rhodes and Bruce L. Rhodes
Juliette Rhodes-Cummings
Ann F. Rhody `84E (MM)
Elizabeth Rhody
Sara Ribakove `14^
Manual P. Ribeiro
Susan M. Ribis and Timothy B. Ribis
Susan E. Riblett
Scott S. Ricci
Constance E. Rice
Darrell J. Rice
Diane S. Rice
Edward M. Rice `72, `74S (MBA)
Helen Rice
Kevin E. Rice `97, `98 (MS)
Nancy K. Rice `58
Robert Rice
Rora Rice
Sallyann E. Rice `55N, `58* and Rev. Robert W. Rice `57
Thomas E. Rice
Dr. David A. Rich `78 and Mary K. Rich
Dr. Kenneth E. Rich `71M (PhD)
Rosa A. Rich
William D. Rich `74
William M. Rich `60E and Sharron Rich
Carl J. Richane `62 and Laurie Richane
Diane M. Richard and Rene J. Richard
Theresa S. Richard
Anne S. Richards
Bari Richards and Alan Richards
Dr. Carol W. Richards `62W (EdM), `75W (EdD) and George R. Richards
Charles A. Richards `64E and Bettie P. Richards
David L. Richards
Gregory W. Richards
Jo Ann H. Richards
Joyce A. Richards
Julie A. Richards `90S (MBA) and Jeffrey S. Bosley
Michael J. Richards
Nancy Richards
Peter A. Richards `87
Cristy B. Richardson and William W. Richardson
David N. Richardson `84S (MBA)
Dean M. Richardson `65
Janet J. Richardson and Herschel Richardson
Judith A. Richardson and David L. Richardson
Margaret M. Richardson and Grosvenor H. Richardson
Dr. Martin B. Richardson `70, `88 (Flw)
Mary C. Richardson `67 and Hugh H. Richardson
Maureen Richardson `67N, `67, `89N (MS)
Ronald Richardson
Steven F. Richardson
Terry Richardson
Thomas P. Richardson
Veronica Richardson
Linda D. Richenberg
Tim Richenberg
Vance Richenberg
Louise E. Richens
Mary Jane Richens `60E and James W. Richens `60E (MM)
Jessica Richer and Alan B. Richer
Gail T. Richeson `66N and Dr. John F. Richeson `69M (MD), `76M (Res), `76M (Flw)
Jeanne L. Richeson
Hazel M. Richford
Dr. Nicholas D. Richie `61
Mary Lou B. Richmond and Ted Richmond
Jess A. Richter `92
Rochelle S. Richter and Dr. Henry S. Richter
Michael E. Rick `67, `87S (MBA) and Marjorie O. Rick
Nancy P. Rickard
Michael H. Rickert `76
Laura Rickett P`18 and Ned Rickett P`18
Arthur S. Ricketts `50E and Martina M. Ricketts
April M. Rickey
Judy Ricotta and Lawrence Ricotta
Mathew Ricotta
Susan Ridall
Dr. Brookellen C. Rider `84
Dr. Ernest A. Rider `64D (Den) and Nancy H. Rider
Jeanne W. Rider
Marilynn Rider
Philip Rider
Robert C. Rider
Donna Ridley
Janice B. Ridley and Douglas Ridley
Henry Rie `53
Dr. Scott Riebel `01M (Flw)
Elizabeth L. Rieder `67
Marika A. Riedl and Wilhelm E. Riedl
Michael D. Riedlinger `83S (MBA) and Lida M. Riedlinger
Eileen K. Riedman and John R. Riedman
Norma Riedman
Dr. Dawn K. Riedy `83M (MD) and David Berg
Rose M. Riefer
Paul T. Rieger `87 (MS), `95 (PhD)
Lois Riegert and Lawrence P. Riegert
Deborah Rieke
Justin Rielly
Ann Riemer and Robert W. Riemer
Danielle Reinholtz and Daniel Reinholtz
Dr. Curt A. Ries `64M (MD), `66M (Res)
Regina Ries P`19 and Leonard D. Easter P`19
Cali M. Riese `09^
LeeAnn Riesenberger
Dr. Erik P. Riesenfeld `95, `01M (MD)
Florine P. Rietmeijer P`15 and Dr. Franciscus J. Rietmeijer P`15
Charleen C. Riexinger
Marsha N. Rifkin
Dr. Stephen I. Rifkin `63, `67M (MD)
Amy L. Rigatti `90, `96 (MS)
Peter S. Riger `65
Terese Riggall
Renee A. Rigoni and Gary W. Rigoni
William J. Riina `74, P`04
Annelise Riles and Hirokazu Miyazaki
Carolyn Riley
Clyde Riley `60
Lara Riley and Peter G. Riley
Michael D. Riley `78 (MS) and Averil Riley
Julie Riling and Donald Riling
Dr. Evangeline L. Rimbach `56E (MM), `67E (PhD)
Phyllis Rimkus and Peter Rimkus
Matthew P. Rimmer `56, `61 (MS) and Tamara S. Rimmer
Debra Rinck
Dr. David Rind `86M (MD)
Rebecca J. Rinehart P`16 and Alan E. Rinehart P`16
Mary Rinere
Russell Rines
Tania Ring
Dr. Joan M. Ringerwole `67E (MM)
Dr. Mary Ringler `75M (PhD)
Dr. Vincent P. Ringrose Jr. `56M (MD)
Barbara Betlem Ringuette `64
Caitlin T. Ringwood
Dr. Richard A. Rink `67 (MS), `72 (PhD)
Rebecca Rio and Patrick J. Rio
Lorraine T. Riola
Linda H. Riordan `73 and Michael P. Riordan
Julia T. Rios P`17 and Francisco H. Lopez P`17
Frederick A. Ripley
Patricia A. Ripley
Alicia Risden
Barbara J. Riss
Dr. Susan C. Ristow `71M (MD), `74M (Res), `77M (Flw)
Christopher S. Ritchie `82
Michael Ritchie
Donna Riter and Douglas Riter
Ronald A. Ritter
Ruth J. Ritter
William F. Ritter P`18E
Elaine N. Rittler `80
Marion Ritz and Lawrence Ritz
Barbara A. Ritzenthaler and Larry Ritzenthaler
Audrey M. Rivais
Robert C. Rivard
Dr. Peter S. Rivenberg `77 (MA), `84 (PhD)
Gloria A. Rivenburgh and Kenneth J. Rivenburgh
John Rivera
Jose M. Rivera
Luis R. Rivera
Zacarias Rivera `95S (MBA) and Debra A. Rivera
Karelsa Rivera-Velez `08S (MBA)
Elisabeth Riveros and Mauricio Riveros
Joan Rivers and Robert Rivers
Linda Rivers and Richard Rivers
Raymond A. Rivet
Barbara E. Riviere
Diane Rivoli
Dr. Marilyn D. Rix `69, `73M (MD) and Dr. William P. Rix `67, `71M (MD)
Toufic A. Rizk
Michelle Rizzella
Antonia Rizzo
Carol J. Rizzo and Richard C. Rizzo
LTC Christopher M. Rizzo `92, `93 (MS)
Joseph M. Rizzo
Judy Rizzo
Mary Ellen Rizzo `89
Patricia A. Rizzo and Nick Rizzo
Phyllis Rizzo
Richard Rizzo
Salvatore H. Rizzo `13W (CAS) and Mary J. Rizzo
Thomas R. Rizzo
Virginia A. Rizzo
Dorothy M. Roach
Jennifer L. Roach `11^
Ralph D. Roach
Dr. Stephanie S. Roach `88 and Thomas E. Roach `88
Shirley E. Roat and Glenn Roat
Kenneth A. Robar `83S (MBA) and Ann Robar
Helena Robb
Dr. Brett Robbins `97M (Res) and Amy LaRussa
Cynthia M. Robbins
Patricia A. Robbins P`18 and Bennett A. Robbins P`18
Dr. Rochelle L. Robbins `72
Virginia Robbins
Stetmond J. Roberson `09^
Corinne M. Robert
Amy B. Roberts `86N, `86
Carol J. Roberts `68
Carole L. Roberts
Charles F. Roberts `49E and Patricia G. Roberts
Conrad A. Roberts `72
Darryl S. Roberts `95S (MBA)
David E. Roberts `58* and Pamela Roberts
Eleanor Roberts
Gael M. Roberts and Philip K. Roberts
Jacalyn D. Roberts `74, `76 (MS)
Rabbi Janet Roberts `73 and Dr. Eric Stern
Jean B. Roberts `58N
Dr. Jean E. Roberts `75E and Dr. John N. Roberts `74E, `75E (MM)
Joann B. Roberts `05N
John Roberts
Kathleen S. Roberts
Margaret M. Roberts `69E
Nicole Roberts and Dave Roberts
Penny Roberts and Dennis J. Scheid
Shelly S. Roberts
Dr. Susan J. Roberts `68N
Dr. William L. Roberts `79M (MD)
Christopher W. Robertson `96 and Gina Robertson
Louise Robertson
Patsy E. Robertson
Pauline Robertson `59, `60N
Robin T. Robertson P`19E and Dale M. Robertson P`19E
Susan Robertson and William Coppard
Suzanne M. Robertson and David R. Robertson
Marcia G. Robeson and Eric B. Rounds
Susan S. Robfogel and Nathan J. Robfogel
Corrine Robideau and Robert Robideau
Richard Robidoux
Gordon R. Robine
Dr. William N. Robiner `76 and Susan M. Robiner
Andrew K. Robinson `71
Cheryl E. Robinson `94N (MS)
Donna V. Robinson and Craig W. Robinson
Douglas A. Robinson `71 (MS) and Maureen Robinson
Douglas K. Robinson `87S (MBA) and Cynthia J. Robinson
Elizabeth M. Robinson and Dr. Gordon N. Robinson
Ethel S. Robinson
Dr. Hugh P. Robinson `53M (MD)
J. Jeffrey Robinson `83E
Dr. James A. Robinson `51M (MD), `66M (Res)
James E. Robinson `77
Joyce E. Robinson
Kathlynn Robinson
Lorraine M. Robinson and James E. Robinson
Mary Lipscomb Robinson `62, `69 (MA)
Sharon D. Robinson
Dr. Sheila B. Robinson `07W (EdD)
Sonja Robinson
Theodore P. Robinson `58, `61 (MS), `80 (MS), P`80
Virginia W. Robinson `50 and David B. Robinson `50, `51 (EdM)
Walter C. Robinson
Joan C. Robishaw and Charles H. Robishaw
Raymond D. Robison
Michael S. Roche `08^
Robert M. Roche `85E
Thomas J. Roche
Deborah J. Rock
Julie A. Rock
Kathleen M. Rock and Richard Rock
Dr. Rebecca F. Rock `92M (MD), `93M (Res)
Judith L. Rockafellow
Barbara Rockefeller and Larry Rockefeller
David Rockefeller
Lucille M. Rockefeller
Seth R. Rockmuller `70 and Katharine Houk
Lawrence Rockwell
Lisa Rockwell and Brian Wilkins
Ronald C. Rockwell
Lorraine Rodas
Anne M. Rodgers
Cynthia S. Rodgers P`17 and Kevin M. Rodgers P`17
Dana B. Rodgers Jr. `61
Joan E. Rodgers and Bruno A. Rodgers*
Mary Rodgers
Maureen Rodgers
Sharon L. Rodgers `68
Venora Rodgers and William M. Rodgers Jr.
Dr. Stanko Rodic
Carla Rodio and Francesco Rodio
Carol Rodland
Beverly L. Rodman
AnneMarie Rodola
Monique Rodrigue
Mary Ann Rodrigues
Ariadna Rodriguez-Hefke `91S (MBA)
Stanley Rodwin*
Lauren S. Roecker `83 and David Roecker
Dr. Silvia Roederer `80E and Dr. Leslie T. Tung `75E (MM)
Sidonie M. Roepke and Richard C. Roepke
Patricia A. Roesch `61
Shirley A. Roeser
Dr. Charles E. Roessler `56M (MS)
Donald P. Roethel
Shirley M. Roets
Barbara Roff* and Steven T. Roff
Nancy Roffman `73 and Joel Roffman
George Rogalski
Jack Rogan `59 and Roslyn Rogan
Dr. Alexander J. Rogers `98M (MD), `01M (Res)
Barbara A. Rogers
Dr. Barbara J. Rogers `73E and Richard D. Weis
Beverly A. Rogers
Dr. David W. Rogers `89E, `97E (PhD)
Donna A. Rogers
Eleanor A. Rogers
Elizabeth J. Rogers and Michael A. Rogers
Faith Rogers and Christopher Rogers
Helen Rogers `52, `53N
Leif L. Rogers `92
Lorelie Rogers
Melanie J. Rogers and Gary W. Rogers
Nicole Rogers
Patricia H. Rogers `55N
Patrick J. Rogers `91S (MBA) and Cynthia J. Rogers
Ruth G. Rogers
Scott Rogers
Stanley M. Rogers
Dr. Susan M. Rogers `06W (PhD) and Scott Regan
Traci A. Rogers `00, `01W (MS)
Valerie Rogers
Lynne Rogerson `73S (MBA)
Ann Rogger
Ellen R. Rogoff P`09
Dr. Fred A. Rogosch `97M (PDC)
Dr. Steven A. Rogovic `00
Joanne C. Rogowicki
Zenaida S. Rogue
Barbara A. Rohack and Thomas J. Rohack
M. Alexandra Rohall `82 and Steven Rohall
Dr. David W. Rohde `71 (PhD) and Barbara M. Rohde
Thelma Rohde
Eloise Rohner `72W (MA) and Dr. Paul C. Rohner `72D (Den)
Jane H. Rohrbach and Richard M. Rohrbach
Jacqueline L. Rohrbaugh
Roy W. Rohrbaugh
Dr. Brian R. Rohrs `83
Dr. Debbie A. Rohwer `94E (MM) and Dr. Mark E. Rohwer `94E (MM)
Dr. Paul S. Rohwer `61M (MS), `67M (PhD)*
Inga R. Rojas
Maria Pia Rojo P`17 and Andres D. Rojo P`17
Paul F. Roland `87S (MBA) and Lisa M. Roland
Juan A. Roldan `15^
Lynn M. Rolfe and Paul A. Rolfe
Mary J. Roll
Jannick P. Rolland and Kevin Rolland-Thompson
Patricia K. Rolland and Bruce Rolland
Jan D. Roller `73E (MA)
Dr. Robert J. Rolleston `83 (MS), `88 (PhD) and Marjorie S. Rolleston
Dr. Gary B. Rollman `62
Dr. William P. Rolls `80M (MD) and Claudia Cashman
Dr. Domenick J. Roma `08M (MD)
Suzanne J. Romajas `88
Elaine G. Roman and C. J. Roman
John Roman
Gail L. Romano and Anthony C. Romano Jr.
Russell P. Romano
Margot Romberg `58E
Norma Romeo and Peter J. Romeo
Dr. Corey E. Romesser `06M (Res), `07M (Flw) and Jennifer L. Romesser
Lindsay A. Rominger `11^
Dr. Carla A. Romney `92S (MBA) and Stuart M. Beard
Stephen J. Romocki `88S (MBA)
Victor E. Ronchetti P`15E, P`15, P`16 and Adele Polomski P`15E, P`15, P`16
Ruth Roncinske `61H (DPL)
Suzanne Roncone
Wendy L. Ronhovdee
Dr. Bruce E. Ronkin `79E and Janet Zipes
Deborah Ronnen and Sherman F. Levey
Dr. Eldon E. Ronning `69 (PhD) and Virginia E. Ronning
Philip J. Ronzo
Dr. Linda B. Roochvarg `81M (MD)
Lindsay Rood `10, `14S (MBA)^
Bryan J. Roof
Cheryl A. Rook and Douglas Phillips
Elizabeth Rook
Suzanne Rook
Richard H. Roomian
Kimberly B. Rooney
Dr. Allen W. Root `60M (Res)
Elisa Root and John S. Frater
Gregory P. Root `68
Katherine S. Root `95M (MS) and Donald P. Root
Roxanne Root
Sheila B. Root and Howard Root
Dr. Zenaida S. Roque
Richard S. Rosa `76
Leida Rosado
Jose A. Rosario III `10S (MBA) and Yadira Roman-Rosario
Joan M. Rosati
Joanne Rosati P`11 and Robert J. Rosati P`11
John R. Rosati
Dr. Joseph A. Roscoe `97 (MA), `00 (PhD)
Vivian Roscoe
Barbara Rosdahl and Robert E. Rosdahl
Elaine R. Rose
Hedwig H. Rose
Joyce Rose and David G. Rose
Dr. Judith Rose `83W (EdD) and Dr. Philip I. Rose
Kathleen J. Rose P`12
Louise R. Rose `59 and Dr. Norman J. Rose
Roslyn Rose
Sharon L. Rose `65W and Martin Rose
Sylvia Rose and Dr. Paul N. Rosenfeld
Verel V. Rose
Jill Rosell P`16 and Kurt Rosell P`16
Dr. Peter Rosella
Amanda A. Rosemore `12^
Alma Balonon-Rosen P`14E, P`14 and Dr. Mitchell R. Rosen P`14E, P`14
Anna Rosen*
Dr. Bonnie S. Rosen `81 and Dr. Steven A. Rosen `81
Daniel T. Rosen
David S. Rosen `85E (MM)
Ellen L. Rosen and Dr. Harry N. Rosen
Dr. Gerald Rosen `71D (Den) and Maxine A. Rosen
Jennifer D. Rosen P`18 and Stuart I. Rosen P`18
Dr. Jonathan I. Rosen `74
Margery F. Rosen and Richard Rosen
Mary Ann Rosen and Dr. Robert Rosen
Melissa D. Joyce-Rosen `91S (MBA) and Jay Rosen
Natalie R. Rosen
Pamela K. Rosen and Gary B. Cohen
Philip B. Rosen `76 and Lois N. Rosen
Phyllis K. Rosen
Rachel Rosen
Shari Rosen and Paul Rosen
Sheldon E. Rosen `65
Dr. Tove S. Rosen `61
Barbara Rosenbaum `76S (MBA)
Cindy Rosenbaum `75
Dr. Lee R. Rosenbaum `69
Pamela Rosenbaum and Warren B. Rosenbaum
Dr. Paula F. Rosenbaum P`14, P`16 and Dr. Jacques Lewalle P`14, P`16
Phyllis B. Rosenbaum `60, `61N, `66N (MS) and Donald B. Rosenbaum
Barbara J. Rosenberg
Bernice Rosenberg
Dr. Brian Rosenberg `12M (Res)
Graziella Rosenberg P`16 and Dr. Gary N. Rosenberg P`16
Judy Rosenberg
Michelle B. Rosenberg `97
Nancy Rosenberg
Nancy R. Rosenberg `57
Nellie J. Rosenberg
Andrew D. Rosenblatt `84 and Cheryl B. Rosenblatt
Hannah Rosenblatt `78 and Arnold Rosenblatt
Beatrice M. Rosenbloom P`91, P`95 and The Honorable Richard D. Rosenbloom P`91, P`95
David L. Rosenbloom `68 and Linda C. Rosenbloom
Dr. Karen S. Rosenbloom `91W (MS), `95W (PhD) and Keith R. Wilson
Rabbi Seymour J. Rosenbloom `66 and Cindy Rosenbloom
Susan Rosenbloom `09S (MS) and Michael A. Rosenbloom
Dr. Annette Rosenblum `67 (MS)
Jane I. Rosenblum `77 and Richard K. Rosenblum `77
Debbie Rosenfeld and Robert Rosenfeld
Marcia L. Rosenfeld `71W (MA) and Harry Rosenfeld
Barbara L. Rosengrant and Robert Ergas
Helene Rosenkranz P`15, P`18 and Thomas H. Rosenkranz P`15, P`18
Monica C. Rosenquist `00 and Brooks Rosenquist
Gloria M. Rosenstein and Irving Rosenstein
Donald G. Rosenstiel `56 and Nancy Rosenstiel
Lawrence M. Rosenstock `65
Beth B. Rosenthal P`17
Brent D. Rosenthal
Bruce C. Rosenthal `69
Dr. David M. Rosenthal `52
Eric J. Rosenthal `01
Esther Rosenthal `58E (MM) and Henry M. Rosenthal
Joan S. Rosenthal
Linda M. Rosenthal
Murray I. Rosenthal `53 and Cecile Rosenthal
Nancy Rosenwasser `74 and Marc Rosenwasser `74
Irene Rosenzweig P`18 and Howard Jaffe P`18
Joan Rosequist
Anne Rose-Sutton
Dr. Randy N. Rosier `77M (MS), `78M (MD), `79M (PhD) and Michael A. Robertson
Hedy B. Rosman P`19 and Michael R. Rosman P`19
Michael E. Rosman `81 and Jessica L. Kasten
Julie A. Rosner and Lawrence H. Rosner
Alec S. Rosofsky `99
Mrs. Myra Friedman Rosofsky `68
Sergey V. Rosolovsky `97S (MBA) and Natasha Rosolovsky
Dr. Andre Rosowsky `61 (PhD) and Erlene Rosowsky
Andrea Ross
Bonnie Sue Ross and Richard G. Brocklebank
Carole E. Ross `73 (MA)
Dr. Charles M. Ross `48M (MD) and Peggy Ross
Cynthia A. Ross `70, P`97, P`00
Dan Ross P`00E
David Ross
David S. Ross `06N
Dr. Deborah L. Ross `80 (PhD)
Janise Ross and Dr. Harold S. Ross
Jennie D. Ross and Theron A. Ross Jr.
Joseph R. Ross
Judith L. Ross `63E, `70E (MA)
June Ross and Joseph S. Ross
Lewis C. Ross
Margaret R. Ross `59
Melissa Ross
Myra Ross `74 and David S. Ross `73
Robert A. Ross
Susan G. Ross
Dr. Teresa E. Ross `88M (MD), `91M (Res) and Jason M. Ross
Terri F. Ross `55
Vincent L. Ross
Karen D. Rossborough
Sharon Rosselli
Julie A. Rossette `11W (MS)
Kathleen A. Rossetti and Joseph L. Rossetti
Dr. Ann E. Rossi `05M (MS), `09M (PhD)
Dr. Marie L. Rossi `04M (MS), `08M (PhD)
Jamie E. Rossi
Janice E. Rossi
Maria Rossi and Allessandro Rossi
Peter J. Rossi `64 and Ann A. Rossi
Phillip Rossi
Helen Rossiter and George Rossiter
Marian Rossiter
Denise M. Rossman
Dr. Marc A. Rossow `96D (Den) and Lisa A. Rossow
Bryan D. Rotach `03, `08S (MBA)
Richard K. Rote `85M (MS)
Vincent J. Rotella
Amy E. Roth P`16 and Rabbi Noam E. Marans P`16
Amy M. Roth `91N, `16N (MS) and Jason M. Roth
Anne Marie Roth and Robert A. Roth*
Carol A. Roth
Char O. Roth `66, `84N
Clara M. Roth
Elizabeth D. Roth
Gabrielle S. Roth `86
Gary W. Roth
Jeana Bonacci-Roth and John Roth
John Roth
Judith M. Roth and Charles R. Roth
Linda Roth
Linda P. Roth `79W (MSE)
Patricia Roth and Kermit C. Roth
Rick J. Roth
Dr. Peter L. Rothbart `79E and Linda Uhll
Dr. Lewis J. Rothberg `77 and Shelby Nelson
Marcia B. Rothberg P`06 and Dr. Paul G. Rothberg P`06
Susan P. Rothenberg `88W (MS) and David Rothenberg
Shane M. Rothenburgh
Charles W. Rothfuss `63, `68W (MA) and Joyce Rothfuss
Dr. Lydia Roth-Laube `72
Dr. Rodney J. Rothlisberger `67E (MA)
Cary J. Rothman `15^
Deborah Rothman and Robert H. Rothman
Paula J. Rothman `67E, P`99 and Alan Rothman P`99
M. Carol Rothrock `79E (MA)
Grace C. Rothstein and Steven M. Rothstein
David M. Rotoli
Sandra Rotolo and Joseph Rotolo
Domenica P. Rotondi
John Rotondi
Shawna Rotunno
Trudy A. Roughgarden `68
Emily Jennifer W. Rouin P`18 and Philip T. Rouin P`18
Emily M. Rounding
Dr. Naomi K. Rounds `92M (MD) and Dr. Mark F. Rounds `91M (MD), `96M (Res)
Roy A. Rounseville
Gail M. Rourke
Joanne M. Monaghan-Rourke `92N (MS) and Joseph E. Rourke
John L. Rourke III `71, `80S (MBA) and Lorraine L. Rourke
Dorothy A. Rouse and Bruce C. Rouse
Marie W. Rouse and Edward Rouse
Elizabeth S. Rousseau `63E
Dr. Lawrence J. Routenberg `71 and Rise K. Routenberg
Nina Rovinski and Ted G. Rovinski
Deborah A. Rovner `80 and Steven E. Rovner
Sarah Rowan
Emily Rowe
Dr. Lewis E. Rowell `55E, `58E (PhD) and Unni Rowell
Gary M. Rowen `76, P`04, P`07
Kathleen A. Rowland and Dale A. Rowland
Sandra Rowland `02S (MBA)
Jack Rowlinson
Theresa M. Rowohlt `92 and Todd W. Rowohlt `94
Beatrice C. Roxin `49E*
Dr. Beverly J. Roy `82
Linda A. Roy P`13 and Andrew T. Spak P`13
Dr. Chandrasekhar Roychoudhuri `73 (PhD)
Marie Royer
Dr. James Rozanski `78D (Den)
Elizabeth D. Rozestraten
Dr. Clair Rozier `85E (DMA) and John C. Reid
Robert J. Rozler
Dr. Deborah J. Rubens `79M (MD), `81M (Res)
Jennifer Rubens and John Rubens
Linda E. Rubens
Dr. Alice Rubenstein `72W (EdD) and Dr. Andrew W. Steinbrecher `70W (EdD)
Bernard Rubenstein `58E and Ann Rubenstein
Dr. Jeffrey Rubenstein `99S (MBA) and Jaqueline L. Rubenstein
Dr. Seth A. Rubenstein `79
Susan J. Rubenzahl P`18 and Dr. Samuel A. Rubenzahl P`18
Dr. Rebecca F. Rubeor `87, `91M (MD) and Bernard S. Rubeor `85, `91S (MBA)
Dr. Paul T. Rubery `94M (Flw), P`12 and Dr. Andrea Ciliotta-Rubery P`12
Nancy M. Rubery and Paul T. Rubery
Todd Rubiano `93S (MBA)
Abraham Rubin
Dr. Cheryl J. Rubin `79 and Gordon Borteck `79
Dr. Daniel J. Rubin `56
Dr. Elliot H. Rubin `76 and Joan I. Rubin
Gregory A. Rubin `05
Dr. Joan S. Rubin P`10 and Dr. Tai Kwong P`10
Michelle R. Rubin `73 and Dr. Michael D. Rubin `71, `72 (MS)
Pat K. Yuzawa-Rubin `76, P`05, P`07 and Jacob J. Rubin P`05, P`07
Roslyn R. Rubin `71W (MA) and Bruce J. Rubin `71S (MBA)
Sandy Rubin and Dr. Byron Rubin
Dr. Viviann M. Rubin `85 and Jonathan N. Rubin `85
Angelina Rubino
Greg B. Rubinoff `91
Carolyn Rucinski and David W. Rucinski
Gail Rucinski
Janet E. Ruck
Jennifer C. Rucker `93
Theresa Rucker
Sheryl F. Ruckert and Dr. G. Theodore Ruckert
Linda G. Ruda
Patricia P. Ruda and Sheldon D. Ruda
Dr. Nancy B. Ruddy `85M (PDC) and Thomas M. Ruddy
Charles Rudgers
Darcy E. Rudnick `74 and Charles E. Rudnick `74
Dr. Jeffrey P. Rudnick `63 and Susan Rudnick
Rita L. Rudnick `78
Michelle D. Rudnicki `83
Andrea L. Rudolph `70, P`09
Judith A. Rudolph `68, P`06 and Robert E. Rudolph `67, P`06
Mary A. Rudolph and Ralph A. Ellis
Denise C. Rudy and Thomas Rudy
Fritz P. Ruebeck `95S (MS)
Ray Rueby Jr. `51 and Nancy Esmay
Keith A. Rued `63
Dr. John S. Ruef `64M (Res)
John M. Ruesch `13S (MS)
Linda L. Ruetz P`18 and Henry A. Ruetz P`18
Lauren M. Ruff P`19 and Richard M. Ruff P`19
Carolyn M. Ruffing `10N, `99M (MS) and Charles Ruffing
Barbara A. Ruffino
Carolyn C. Ruffner P`16
Melissa Ruffo
Ann Ruger
Donna Rugg and Miles Rugg
Paula A. Rugg `77W (EdM)
Lori M. Ruggeri `11W (CAS)
Paul J. Ruggeri
Roger B. Ruggeri Jr. `61E
Ariel Ruggieri
Stacey Ruisi and Christopher J. Ruisi
Dr. Norman A. Rukavina `65 (PhD)
Claire I. Ruliffson `89, `07S (MBA) and Wayne Ruliffson
Betty Rumfola
Dianne Rumfola and Ross E. Rumfola
Edgar Rummler `52 and Marcene Rummler
Ruth Rumrill `58, `63 (MA), `75W (EdM), P`88 and Peter Rumrill `65, `83S (MBA), P`88
John J. Runfola `12S (MBA)
Tim Runge
James C. Runyon `64 (MS), `69 (MA)
Susan Rupp
Joanne M. Rupprecht `51 and Walter E. Rupprecht
Ruth Rus `50E, `51E (MM), P`84E
Dr. Harry G. Rusche `62 (PhD)
Constance M. Ruscio `56
Patricia A. Ruscio and Richard J. Ruscio
Craig Rusin
Susan G. Rusinko and Joseph P. Rusinko
Joan Rusitzky and Harris H. Rusitzky
David I. Ruskin `03
Dr. Gerald Russ
Pamela L. Russ `63, P`96 and Nancy Stutsman
Robert W. Russ `64, P`96
Edina A. Russak P`14, P`18 and Steven C. Russak P`14, P`18
Dr. Armand K. Russell `58E (PhD)
Edward D. Russell Jr. `55
Fay Russell
John C. Russell `63, `65W (MA)
Kari Russell
Kathleen B. Russell P`95 and Edmund Russell P`95
Kathy Russell
Lynn Russell
Pamela D. Russell P`18
Peter Russell `79, P`09 and Terry Russell P`09
Dr. Philip K. Russell `58M (MD) and Constance R. Russell
Phyllis J. Rifkin-Russell `82W (MSE) and Steven O. Russell
Ranta L. Russell `78
William J. Russell
Susan M. Russello and Paul J. Russello
Daniel G. Russi `81S (MBA)
Junanne M. Russi and Patrick K. Russi
Edward J. Russick `76 and Eileen M. Russick
Irene H. Russnak
Elizabeth B. Russo
John M. Russo `66E
Dr. Louis J. Russo Jr. `67D (Den)
Mildred Russo and Pasquale Russo
Dr. Nicholas C. Russo `72M (Res) and Genevieve E. Russo
Charles Russolese
Bernard J. Russotti
Wallace R. Rust
Audrey K. Rutan
Helen Rutan `65W (MA)
Ridley M. Ruth `66S (MBA)
Dr. Rochelle L. Ruthchild `64 (MA), `76 (PhD)
Nancy N. Rutherford and David B. Rutherford Jr.
Sherry A. Rutherford
Rosalyn A. Rutigliano
Christopher Rutledge
Jennifer Rutledge and Bradford C. Rutledge
Bronwen Rutter
Jeanette Ruyle `72N, `72
Gariyeta R. Ruzhanskaya and Semen D. Ruzhansky
Dr. Andrew T. Ryan `97 (PhD)
Ann H. Ryan
Ann T. Ryan `84 and Anthony W. Ryan `85
Dr. Anne Bowman Ryan
Cathy K. Ryan and Fred G. Aten Jr.
Charlotte C. Ryan
Jean L. Ryan `13S (MBA)
Joan D. Ryan
Joan K. Ryan and James D. Ryan
Joseph E. Ryan `71
Kathleen White-Ryan `83N (MS) and Michael F. Ryan Jr.
Katie McCarthy-Ryan and Joe Ryan
Lori Ryan and Michael J. Ryan
Mary Ellen Ryan P`10
Mildred Ryan
Pamela L. Ryan `97W (MS)
Dr. Richard Ryan
Dr. Richard M. Ryan `81 (MA), `81 (PhD) and Miriam J. Gale
Rochelle F. Wolf-Ryan `83 and Dr. Christopher W. Ryan `83
Sarah E. Ryan `02S (MBA)
Sharlynn H. Ryan
William J. Ryan
Amy Rybczynski
Joan Rydell
Valerie J. Ryder `69
Dr. Justin V. Rymanowski `07M (MD) and Dr. Jennifer Rymanowski
Kathleen Rymanowski
John M. Rynders
Dr. David Ryon
Jean G. Ryon

An asterisk (*) denotes the individual is deceased. A caret (^) denotes the individual is a young alumnus.

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