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From the Senior Vice President

Jim ThompsonJuly 30, 2010

Modern research universities like the University of Rochester are among the most enduring institutions in the world. We offer a depth and range of services to individuals and communities around the globe that are unlike any other organization. Generous and consistent Annual Fund support is essential to our ability to serve humanity. It affects people’s lives in a direct and immediate way and strengthens the core of our services for future generations. The tremendous success of our 2010 Annual Fund empowers us to expand our services to those who depend upon us. What we have done together is a world-class achievement. Our goal was to double the Annual Fund in seven years, but we did it in a record-shattering five. This landmark event instills a new level of pride and confidence across our worldwide community. I extend my heartfelt thanks to all our donors and volunteers who made this possible. It is my great privilege to work with you, and I look forward to more triumphs in our continuing work together to be ever better.



James D. Thompson

Senior Vice President

Chief Advancement Officer



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