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With the University being located currently within a COVID-19 orange zone, the Goergen Athletic Center is closed to all activity, with the exception of COVID testing until further notice.

Frequently Asked Questions for 2020

When will the Goergen Athletic Center (GAC) be open?

The Goergen Athletic Center is open, along with the tennis courts, recreation courts, indoor track, field house, Leibner-Cooper Room and the fitness center.

What should I bring to the gym?

University of Rochester ID, phone (with Dr. Chatbot check mark), mask (not a buff, gaiter or bandana), water and any equipment you want to use. Bring recreation equipment that you would like to use.

Pack light! Day use lockers will not be available.

What are the hours of operation?

GAC and fitness center

Aquatics center

Who will be able to use the GAC?

All full-time undergraduate and graduate students will be able to use the GAC. At this time, R club members and guests will not be able to use the facility.

Do I have to wear a mask?

Yes, all campus masking and physical distancing requirements will be in place at the GAC. You must wear a mask the entire time you are in the GAC. Gaiters, buffs, and bandanas are not permitted according to NYS guidance.

Will there be occupancy limits?

Yes: 35 patrons in the fitness center; 8 swimmers in the pool/one person per lane 45-minute limit if someone is waiting for a lane. Reservations will be required in the fitness center. Please call (585) 275-3350 for more information.

How does the fitness center reservation system work?

Students will be able to reserve one hour per day in the fitness center one day in advance; you will reserve your time “today for tomorrow”. Multiple day and same day reservations will not be available.

Please call (585) 275-3350 to reserve your time.

What will my reserved gym time be like?

Students can arrive at any time during their reservation time but they must leave the fitness center at the end of their reservation time to allow the next set of students’ access into the fitness center.

Students may be limited to 20 minutes on a single piece of equipment if others are waiting to use that same piece of equipment.

If you arrive early we will ask you to wait outside the GAC or swipe into the GAC to warm-up/stretch out. Waiting in the lobby and hallways near the fitness center will be discouraged.

We recommend planning your workout before you come to make your time in the fitness center efficient. You may also do your cardio outside, in the Leibner-Cooper Room or in the field house, cardio equipment will be limited.

You will be required to clean the equipment you use before and after use.

What are the Aquatics Center operations?

  • Entry to the pool will be from the hallway through the double doors on to the deck.
  • There each swimmer will sign in and be assigned a lane.
  • Swimmers will change in the locker rooms.
  • Swimmers will shower before entering the pool.
  • Swimmers must have masks on when on the deck, in the locker room, in the hallway, etc.
  • Swimmers can take their mask off when in the water, there are hooks on the wall behind each lane.
  • One swimmer per lane during open rec.
  • Swimmers will exit the aquatic center through the locker room.
  • There will be a 30 minute limit if others are waiting.
  • Swimmers must maintain physical distancing when in the water, no hanging out and chatting at the edge of the pool.

Can I play a game of basketball?

One student will be able to shoot at one basket with their own basketball. There will be no pick- up games or multiple people at any one basket.  

What about tennis?

The indoor tennis courts will be available for singles play once the GAC opens. The outdoor tennis courts are also open now.

Can I play badminton?

Yes. All rec courts will be set up for singles badminton, but you’ll need to bring your own equipment.  

Are the racquetball and squash courts open?

Racquetball and squash courts will be closed during the initial phase of opening.

Can I play volleyball?

Volleyball is listed by NYS as a high risk activity and will not be permitted at this time inside the GAC.

Can I play soccer?

Soccer is listed by NYS as a moderate risk activity and will not be permitted. But you can kick a soccer ball around on the turf by yourself or with one other person.

Can I rent out equipment?

The equipment loaning program will be suspended until further notice. Please bring your own equipment.

Will towel service be available?

Towel service will be suspended until further notice.

Will locker rooms be available?

Locker rooms will be available for restroom use only; locker and showers will not be available.

I have a locker rented in the locker room, what should I do about that?

Contact R Club directly at

Can I bring a guest?

No, no guests will be permitted for the foreseeable future.

What are the cleaning plans for the fitness center?

All guests will be required to clean equipment before and after they use it. Fitness center staff will clean equipment each morning and throughout the day. Campus facilities will clean throughout the day and will fog each night after the fitness center is closed to prepare for the next day.  

I’m an R Club member how can I get information about my membership or locker rental?

Please write directly to the R Club email for more information,