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Intramural Policies and Procedures

Signing up a Team

To sign up for intramurals, please visit There you may select the sport you wish to participate in, and enter your roster electronically. Look for flyers around campus announcing Intramural Sign-ups at the start of each semester, or call the IM Office at 585-275-4303 to find out when sign-ups will take place. YOU MUST ORGANIZE A TEAM OR JOIN ANOTHER CAPTAIN'S TEAM FOR INTRAMURAL COMPETITION. INDIVIDUAL PLAYERS MAY NOT SIGN UP FOR INTRAMURALS. To form a team you should ask friends, hallmates, classmates, club members, etc. Captains may signup and fill out their roster online. Once that is done, captains must attend the mandatory captain’s meeting for the sport in which they are competing and bring a $20 forfeit fee deposit.



University of Rochester

Intramural Sports Policies & Procedures



Intramural Office Phone x-5-4303

Intramural Hotline x5-5454

Joe Reina, Director x5-6027

Ashley VanVechten, Assistant Director x6-5101

TBD, Assistant Director x 6-5105



IM Office Location: Room 1111 in Robert B. Goergen Athletic Center


Intramural Mission Statement

Our intramural program at the University of Rochester is designed for the participation, recreation, and enjoyment of the entire university community.  Regardless of ability, we strive to realize the benefits of social recreation and competitive involvement.  This includes faculty, staff, undergraduate and graduate students and members of the R Club.  It is our goal to maintain a safe and fun environment, free from arguments and fighting, both of which are can be reprimanded by the intramural supervisors and directors.


Responsibilities of the Captains

1.       Attend mandatory captain’s meeting

2.       Validate roster for eligibility (see eligibility)and players on roster signed waiver form.

3.       Assist the sport  supervisors in maintaining control of team

4.       No black soled shoes allowed indoors

5.       Check in with supervisors prior to each contest

6.       Be on time for your match

7.       Provide the forfeit fee

8.       Be responsible for your team’s knowledge of game/event rules

9.       Serve as a liaison between your team and IM staff

10.   Monitor IM hotline and website for game and program information

11.   Each captain is responsible for getting a ball for his/her team from Central Issue, prior to the contest


Eligibility Guidelines

1.       Must have a current, valid University ID card, and be a full time matriculated undergraduate

or graduate student, or be an R-Club member.  We will check rosters at the beginning and through the season.


2.       All activities are open to both men and women unless stated otherwise.


3.    Divisions include OPEN, CO-REC, SINGLE GENDER AND “A”.  Each league is assigned a time and day to play.  A participant can be a member of more than one team in an activity if the teams are in different divisions.  For example, a person may play soccer on one open, one co-rec and one single gender team – but may not play on more than one open team.

                Open:                  Any male or female may participate

                Co-Rec:               Requires two females on the playing surface at all times

                Single Gender:    Only members of that gender may participate

                 A:                           Advanced level

All participants must meet the eligibility requirements, without exception.  If a participant is a member of “A” division (advanced level) team, he/she may not participate on any other team in the open division of the particular sport.


4.    A participant is not eligible to play in an Intramural activity if he or she practices with or competes as a member of a varsity of junior-varsity team in that activity.  This does not include seniors who have exhausted their eligibility in their sport, and are not longer a member of the team.  If an IM activity parallels a recognized club sport, no more than 2 members may participate on an IM team of the same activity.


5.    Teams playing with ineligible persons will forfeit those contests and that team or individual may be subject to suspension from further Intramural activity.


6.       Team captains are responsible for ascertaining the eligibility of each player and opponent.  **A person must be on a team roster to be eligible to play; no roster adjustments may occur after the captain’s meeting.**



If a team fails to report to the scheduled place within 10 minutes after the scheduled contest time, the supervisor may declare the contest forfeited to the opponent.  If both teams fail to be ready, both will be charged with a forfeit.  To obtain a contest of victory by forfeit, the full line-up must be present and ready to play.  A team shall forfeit any contest in which a player participates under an assumed name.  If a team cannot make a scheduled game, they must let the IM office know but the team will still be charged with a forfeit.


Forfeit Fee

In order to ensure competitive play, the Intramural Office requires a returnable $20.00 forfeit fee per team.  No team may enter a league without full cash payment at the captain’s meeting.  If a team has zero forfeits, the entire $20.00 will be returned.  If a team has one forfeit, $10.00 is returned.  Two or more forfeits results in no money returned.  Each semester the Intramural Office will declare two days as “Forfeit Return Days”.  Captains or team members, with their ID, may pick up their forfeit fee, if eligible, on these particular days.  All forfeit fee information will be available on the hotline during the last two weeks of league play.  If a team captain or team member is absolutely unable to pick up their forfeit fee during any of the specified dates, that person must contact the Intramural Office prior to the forfeit return dates to arrange for an alternative action.  If a team captain or member fails to contact the Intramural Office prior to forfeit fee return dates or fails to pick up their forfeit fee during the specified dates, then that team’s money is kept by the Intramural Office.  The dates are:

         Fall Sports                  11/ 19/ 14 & 11/20/14                       12:00pm - 3:00pm    Rm. 1111 Goergen Athletic Center

         Winter Sports             4/30/15 & 5/1/15                               12:00pm - 3:00pm    Rm. 1111 Goergen Athletic Center

         Spring Sports             4/30/15 & 5/1/15                                 12:00pm - 3:00pm    Rm. 1111 Goergen Athletic Center


Entry Fee

There are no entry fees for regular league play in the Intramural Sports Program; however, designated Special Events, such as the Golf Tournament, may require an entry fee for participation.  Group fitness classes are free of charge for all full-time undergraduate and graduate students.



There is no rescheduling!  If a team cannot make a game (other than graduate students during vacations, at which time neither team is penalized) the game is forfeited, therefore, it is important that your team signs up for a league scheduled at a time that is convenient for all the participants.


Plays -Offs

Play-offs occur at the conclusion of the season in each recognized activity.  During play-offs, teams are seeded against each other in a single elimination tournament based upon the season records, team sportsmanship, forfeits, size of the leagues and available time and space. Teams should be prepared to play on any day of the week during the play -off period.Occasionally, additional rules are necessary for play-offs.  Be sure to call the hotline at the end of the regular season to find out if your team has made playoffs.



 Intramural Championship T-shirts are awarded to each Intramural Champion Team from each sport.  Special Event prizes are also awarded.



Intramural Sports is a voluntary program, and therefore the Department is not responsible for accidents or injuries.  Each participant is expected to provide for accident insurance needs through University insurance policies or comparable private policies. 


In the event that an injury does occur, the supervisor in charge will be responsible for completing an accident report describing the injury and accompanying circumstances.  Every IM Supervisor is certified in CPR.  Each supervisor has been trained in departmental emergency protocol.  First-Aid Kits are located at each IM sport site. Ice is always available in the stairwell outside the training room in Fauver.  Additional First-Aid supplies are also available at the Information Desk of the Robert B. Goergen Athletic Center.