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Intramural Flag Football Rules



Each team will consist of 7 players, with a minimum of 5 required to avoid a forfeit. The game will be played on a rectangular field of 35 by 70 yards, plus end zones. Players may only play on one team in a league, and will subject both teams to forfeit all games if found violating this rule.


Players will be given flag belts and football, and it is recommended that tennis shoes are worn on the turf. Teams may use their own ball on offense. Note that shirts must be tucked in enough so that opponent is capable of grabbing flags.



A touchdown is worth 6 points, while extra points can be attained from either 10 yards out (1 point) or 20 yards out (2 points) from the goal line. A safety is worth 2 points. Teams can only change their decision about their extra point by taking a time out.

Rules for Playing

The Flag Belt

Keep shirts tucked in so that flag may be grabbed. If a player should lose the flag belt legally or illegally during a down and they gain possession of the ball, the player will be considered down when a legal tag is made (as in touch football.) Players must have possession of the ball before they can be legally de-flagged. Offensive players may not "guard" their respective flag belt by using their arms or hands to prevent an opponent from de-flagging.

Co-Rec Rules

There are 8 players to a team, 4 women and 4 men. There must be 6 players to avoid a forfeit, 3 of each sex. In the case of 7 players, there must be more females than males. The line of scrimmage must contain 5 players on the line, with 3 in the backfield.

Tie Game

When the game ends in a tie score, the captain winning the toss shall have the option of putting the ball in play by scrimmage. Each team is to have 4 consecutive downs, and the team scoring the greatest number of points wins. If the point total is equal, then the team which took less downs wins. If there is no score made, then the team that took the least number of downs or had the most penetration is the winner.

Summary of Penalties

When the measurement spot for a 15 yard penalty or a 5 yard penalty is too close to the goal line of the offender and cannot be carefully measured, then, where appropriate, measurement is reduced to 1/2 the distance to the goal line.

Loss of 5 yards:

Loss of 15 yards:

    1. one player illegally rips the flag of player who is attempting to receive the ball before they do, whether it be an offensive or defensive player.
    2. contact such as tripping, holding, shoving, etc...


If your team fails to show up with the minimum amount of players after ten minutes of the scheduled game time, then it will be a forfeit. As we have limited time to squeeze in many games during an evening, we'd appreciate your efforts to get to the field/court on time.

The information on these pages is considered fundamentally essential for conduct of intramural flag football games. Supervisors will not and cannot make judgment calls about specific plays. The responsibility of the supervisor is to interpret and dissimulate the rules of intramural football. As well, a supervisor may at any time ask a player to leave the intramural courts/fields for unsportsmanlike conduct. Failure to comply within one minute will result in his or her team's forfeiture of the game.