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Intramural Touch Football Rules

The Game

The game shall be played between two teams of 7 players, with a minimum of 5, on a rectangular field, 35 yards, by 70 yards plus end zones, and with an official football.


Touching is the placing of two hands at the same time anywhere on an opponent with the ball. Pushing, striking and slapping are NOT permitted. Defensive player announces the tag and the point of a tag for the position. THAT'S IT!!! NO ARGUMENTS!!!


Unless otherwise agreed upon by both teams, there is no blocking allowed. When blocking occurs, play stops. There is a loss of a down and the ball returns to the line of scrimmage.

Pass Rushing

One of the defenders must count. No defender may rush until after the count is over. The count shall be, "one-mississippi, two mississippi ..." up to five-mississippi.

No Punting

No Kickoffs

All series start from the designated line.

Lateral Passes are Allowed

Floating Scrimmage Line

  1. Start from the designated line.
  2. Play from the spot of touch.
  3. Play from the spot where incomplete pass was thrown.

Downs and Series of Downs

A team in possession of the ball shall have 5 consecutive downs to score. Any down may be repeated if provided for in the rules. On the fifth down the offensive team can decide to go for the touchdown or rule the ball over to the other team at the opposing team's designated scrimmage line. If a team fails to score a touchdown on the fifth down, possession is forfeited at the line of scrimmage. Note: A team has 30 seconds from the time the ball is marked to put the ball back in play. Failure to comply will result in a five yard delay of game penalty.

Eligible Receivers

All players of both teams are eligible pass receivers. An offensive player who leaves the field of play loses his eligibility, but may regain it again after he returns to the field of play. Note: Two feet in for a pass reception.

Dead Ball

A live ball is dead as a result of the following acts:

Playing Time

The game shall start no later than the designated time. The game shall consist of two 15 minute halves. Each team will be given one time out per half.


Substitution for any or all players may occur only between downs.


Touchdown: 6 points
Safety: 2 points
Forfeited game: 1 - 0
Penetration (tie): 1 point

Tie Game

When the game ends in a tie score, the captain winning the toss shall have the option of putting the ball in play by scrimmage. Each team is to have 4 consecutive downs. The team scoring the greatest number of points in their respective series of downs shall be declared the winner. If there has been no score made by either team during the series of downs, then the team that has gained deepest penetration towards the goal line shall be declared the winner. Note: If, at the end of this period, the score is tied or no penetration is made, the tie score shall remain in effect. All rules remain the same except the ball does not change hands. (i.e. interceptions are downs only.)

Summary of Penalties: Yardage Paced Off

When the measurement spot for a 15 yard penalty or a 5 yard penalty is too close to the goal line of the offender and cannot be carefully measured, then, where appropriate, measurement is reduced to 1/2 the distance to the goal line.

Loss of 5 yards:

Loss of 15 yards:

If the offense is guilty of interference the ball returns to the original line of scrimmage and the offense loses a down.

Forfeiture of Game

This is not a penalty but and edict of the supervisor. Failure to play within 2 minutes when ordered by the supervisor or repeatedly committing fouls to delay the game. Illegal participation by any team shall result in a forfeit of that game.

The information on these pages is considered to be fundamentally essential for the conduct of the intramural football games. Any items or instances not covered in this form should be referred to the Official National Touch Football Rules on file in the Intramural Office. Supervisors will not and cannot make judgment call about specific plays. The responsibility of the supervisor is to interpret and dissimulate the rules of intramural football. The supervisor may at any time ask a player to leave the intramural fields for unsportsmanlike conduct. Failure to comply within 1 minute will result in his team's forfeiture of the game.