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Ultimate Frisbee Rules


Ultimate Details

Each team should field 7 players on each point, but 6 is allowed to avoid a forfeit. Players may only play on one team per league, otherwise they will subject both teams to forfeit all games if found violating this rule. The regulation field size is 70 by 40 yards, with the track (Fauver) as end zones.


Players are advised to wear tennis shoes or turf shoes (no cleats please). The plastic flying disc will be supplied, but if both teams agree, the game may be played with one offered by a player.


Although Ultimate is usually played to points, not time, due to our always present time limits on usage of the fields and other games, we must limit games to two 15 minute halves, with a 5 minute break.
Play shall be non-stop, except for after a score. Each team receives one time-out per half.
Unlimited substitutions may be made between points. Overtime will occur only in the play-offs, and will be 5 minutes.

The Game (Rules):


The information on these pages is considered fundamentally essential for the conduct of the intramural ultimate games. Any items or instances not covered in this form should be referred to the Ultimate Players Association or Rice University's Intramural Program.