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Intramural Volleyball Rules



Volleyball is played by two teams of no more than 6 players and a minimum of 3 each on a court. Players are not to contact the net during play, although if the contact results from the momentum of the ball being driven into the net, it is not a foul. The ball may be played from the net provided that a team's 3 hits are not used. The ball may legally contact the top of the net and continue into the opponent's court EXCEPT on the serve, in which case a side out is called.


The height of the net will be 7' 11 & 5/8", which is the USVBA Men's regulation height.
The winner of each game is the team which has scored 11 points and is at least two points ahead. A match consists of winning two out of three games.


A block does not count as a hit, as long as the blockers are executing what is clearly a blocking action, i.e. their hands are raised above the level of the net in a position to block the ball. Any blocker is permitted to play the ball immediately following the block, even if he himself blocks the ball. A ball that is spiked into the block and then bounces around and between the hands of the blockers (head and upper body included) is playable, the play following the ricochet block counting as the first hit.

Only front row players are permitted to block. If a back row player participates in the block and the ball does not touch any blocker, the block is legal. However, if any member of the blocking group contacts the ball (even if the back row player does not) the block is illegal and point of side-out is awarded.


Any contact with the net during a spike is a net violation and will be called. A spiker may follow through over the net, so long as initial contact of the ball was on the spiker's side of the net. Any player may participate in a spike.


Players must serve from behind the end-line and the left of the service line. A player may not touch the end-line of any part of the court during the serve. A player may jump and spike the serve, so long as some part of his body remains behind the end line when contact is made. Stepping on the service line during a serve is not a fault.

If a player is off the court during a serve, it is a fault and a side out point is awarded. A player may step on a court boundary line, as long as he or she is not completely over it, during a serve.

Time Outs

Each team is allowed one 1 minute time out per game. Supervisors can call game time-outs when ever deemed necessary.

General Rules

The ball may not be struck with open palms when it is played above chest height. Except when spiking or blocking, such a ball must be played with the "overhand pass". The ball may not be slapped, contact must be brief and instantaneous, with the ball never visibly coming to rest. The ball may not be played by any player twice in succession, with the following exceptions:

Any player involved in the above 2 situations may participate in the next play.

Any ball contacted below the level of the waist must be played using the "forearm pass" or the "bump". In no case may the ball be played from below the waist level with the hands apart. Hands must be together, and the ball passed using the forearms. To play the ball otherwise usually results in the call of "double hit".

No ball may be contacted with any part of the body below the waist


Any ball landing on a boundary line is good. The ball must pass over the net completely within the tapes on either side of the net, or within their infinitive vertical extension. Any ball contacting the net outside the tape is out. Any ball contacting the ceiling, lights, walls or basketball backboards or rims is out.

Center Line

A player may place his foot on, or above, the center line during a play. A player may not be completely over the center line with any part of his body. The foot may be over the line, as long as some part of it is still touching, or is above the center line. This rule applies only to feet. Any other extremities may not contact the opponents court during play.