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Blackboard Collaborate - Integration with Blackboard Learn Courses

Make Collaborate Available

Before you can use Collaborate in your course, you will need to make it Available.

  • In the Control Panel, choose Customization
  • Choose Tool Availability
  • Scroll down and click the boxes next to Blackboard Collaborate (there are 4 associated tools)
  • Choose Submit from the top or bottom of the list

Collaborate tool options

Versions of Collaborate

By default, Blackboard will use the Classic version of Collaborate. All of the information presented at this site refers to the Classic experience.

Learn more about Collaborate Ultra.

Using Collaborate within your Course

The easiest way to use Collaborate is to use the Course Room. This will allow anyone with access to your course to participate. Additionally, everyone will enter the room with permissions appropriate to their role in the course (Instructors, Course Builders, Teaching Assistants = Moderator / Students = Participant). The Course Room is always available from the Collaborate Tool page.

Click "Join Room" to enter. You can also add a link to the Course Room in a content area in your course by clicking the "Add Link" option.

Collaborate Course Room

Another option is to create a special session. In this case, by default, the person creating the session will enter as Moderator, all others enter as Participants.

You can also create Collaborate sessions that are used by a subset of participants, or to provide access beyond the standards based on course role (for example, to allow students to have moderator access).

Using Blackboard Collaborate

How to Use Blackboard Collaborate Classic

Making Recordings Available

Students can access recordings from the Collaborate tool page. Click on "Recordings" to see recordings from the past 7 days. For earlier recordings, change the date settings and search.

Recordings in Collaborate

Or you can make a link to your recording within a content area.