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Blackboard Collaborate

What is Collaborate?

Collaborate is a web conferencing tool that can be used to facilitate synchronous online sessions. The system has the capability to establish audio and video connections between moderators and participants. Moderators have the option to use various tools, such as whiteboard, presentation, application sharing, and web tour within their online sessions.

Collaborate can be used for:

  • Online or Distance Learning courses
  • Holding Online/Virtual Office Hours or Review Sessions
  • Student collaborative group work
  • Teaching from Remote Locations
  • Guest lectures
  • Facilitating meetings with participants in remote locations

Please contact Lisa Brown ( or 275-9162) for more information.

Getting Started

Orientation to Blackboard Collaborate (YouTube)

System Requirements Check

  • Step 1: Check your browser and Java
  • Step 2: Enter the v12.5 Configuration Room and set up your audio/video

Getting Help

Quick Reference Guides

Check the Status of the Service

NEW: Collaborate Launcher

All users will be required to use the new Blackboard Collaborate Launcher to join a collaborate session. This will alleviate the issues associated with Java dependencies and the Apple operating system. 

Information for Participants

Using Collaborate as a Participant

Information for Moderators

Using Collaborate as a Moderator

Integrating Collaborate with Blackboard

Using Collaborate from within your Blackboard Learn Course

Troubleshooting Information

The following are some tips for having the optimum experience with Blackboard Collaborate.

  • Always run the audio setup wizard when you enter a session. This will verify that all of your equipment (speakers and microphone) are working properly.
  • Make sure that you only launch one session. Launching multiple sessions from the same computer can cause problems, including having your computer crash or making your audio echo. Make sure that you only open the downloaded session launcher once.
  • If you are experiencing audio problems during a session, you may need to exit the session and re-join. Sometimes it is also useful to clear your browser history before re-joining.
  • Use the Network Settings preferences to tell your system what type of network connection you are connected through. Blackboard Collaborate uses this information to determine how much information to send to you at a time.

Known Issues

The following is a list of known issues with Collaborate:

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