University of Rochester

Blackboard 9.1

Course Environment/General Course Information


Managing Blackboard "Administrivia"

Make Your Course Available - by default, new courses are unavailable to students until the instructor or the library (in the case of reserve materials) set it to available.

Set Your Course Homepage - you can set which Course Menu item is the landing page for your course.

Managing the Course Menu - Customize the Course Menu on the left side of your course homepage.  Add, delete or modify content and tool links.

Backing up your course with a Course Archive - Create and download an archived copy of your course for backup Instructor Help - Please note that the documentation on Blackboard's support site may refer to tools or features that are not part of our Blackboard implementation at UR. If you find instructions that don't correlate to what you're seeing, we may not license or activate that feature.  In that case, please contact your UR Blackboard support team for help.