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Embedding Images

Blackboard 9.1 provides an easy way to incorporate inline images.  From the Build Content menu in any Content Area, choose Image from the Create list:

Create Image

Embedding an Image

image options

1.Browse your computer or the Content Collection for the image file you want to display.
Give a Name to the item.
Choose appropriate Alt Text for users with screen readers.
You can also enter a Long Description for information you want to convey about the image.

2. You can set dimensions by choosing Custom, then setting the pixel dimensions you would like to display

For setting dimensions, it's easiest if you start by leaving the setting at Original, then hit the Preview button in the lower right of the screen
After previewing, if you then click Back, you can switch from Original to Custom and adjust the dimensions as needed.

Select a border, if desired.
You can set a Target URL if you want to picture to link to a website
You can select to have the image open in a new window.

Here is the result on your course page:

embedded image