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Embedding Image and Multimedia Files

Blackboard 9.1 provides an easy way to incorporate images and multimedia rather than just creating a link to a file.  From the Build Content menu in any Content Area, you can embed an image, or an audio or video player directly on your course page by selecting the appropriate "Create" item from the list:

build menu - embed media

Embedding an Image

Choose Image from the Build Content flyout menu.

image options

1.Browse your computer or the Content Collection for the image file you want to display.
Give a Name to the item.
Choose appropriate Alt Text for users with screen readers.
You can also enter a Long Description for information you want to convey about the image.

2. You can set dimensions (that's best done in an image editor, but if you know the correct aspect ratio, you can also do it here).
Select a border, if desired.
You can set a Target URL if you want to picture to link to a website
You can select to have the image open in a new window.

Here is the result on your course page:

embedded image

Embedding audio or video files

Choose audio or video from the Build Content flyout menu.

embed audio or video

1.Browse your computer or the Content Collection for the media file you want to display.
Give a Name to the item.
Browse for transcript file, if you have one.

2. Choose whether you want the audio or video to autostart.  If left at "No," the user will click the play button to start the media.
Choose if you want the media to loop.

A resulting audio file will look like this:

embedded audio player


An embedded video file will display the first frame, and the player controls:

embedded video player


What kinds of audio and video files will work?

Blackboard will accept any file format you want to upload, but the user will need the appropriate browser plugin or player in order for the media to be accessible.  Typical file formats are mpeg, mov,avi, wav,aiff and mp3.  Most will play on either Windows Media Player (on Windows systems) or QuickTime (on Macintosh) or the Adobe Flash Player.  Real media will only play in the Real Player, available for free at