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Grade Assignment

Please note: Some of the documentation on the site, will refer to Original Course View or Blackboard ULTRA. We are not using ULTRA. Please ignore references to it in the online documentation

Our version of Blackboard now features Inline Grading. Provided your students' submissions are in a compatible format (MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, or pdf), the submission file will load directly in the View Attempt screen. You can use the markup tools provided to add comments and editorial markup.

If the submissions are not MS Office or pdf, you will need to use the "classic" method for grading, as described in the instructions below. Nothing about this process has changed from the previous version. If you have many students and/or many gradable items, you may prefer to use the Needs Grading screen. For help with that, see Getting Started with the Needs Grading Page

To Grade your assignment submissions:

In the Control Panel menu, expand the Grade Center link and choose "Full Grade Center."

Full Grade Center

In the Grade Center grid, any cell that contains a ! in a green field represents an ungraded student submission.  In one of these cells, click the dropdown list on the right side of the cell and select the attempt you want to grade (if you allowed multiple attempts, there may be more than one).

view attempt

This will bring up the Grade Assignment interface:

grade attempt screen

A: You can expand and collapse this area using the chevron to either reveal or hide the assignment instructions

B: Download the student's submission file

C: Expand or collapse Assignment Details, including assignment name, due date and class median and average (if other submissions have been graded).

D: Click in this box to enter grade and reveal Feedback box (see below).

enter grade and feedback

A: Once you click in the Grade box, you can enter the grade, and the Feedback textbox is displayed

B: Enter feedback notes for the student

C: Feedback options: open full text editor window, attach file

D: Add notes for instructor/grader reference (notes in this area are not revealed to students)

Submit grade and feedback.

You can then either Save and Exit back to the Grade Center, or click Save and Next to move to the next student's submission record.

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