University of Rochester

Blackboard 9.1

Bb9 - Managing the Course Menu

Instructors can customize their Blackboard course navigation menu by clicking on the “+”. Instructors can create a navigation menu specifically for each course with titles and functions of their choice. This feature creates additional content areas and adds tool functions to the navigation menu. Instructors can also rename any of the navigation buttons/links.

Any time you want to make changes to your Blackboard course, be sure that Edit Mode is turned on. The button will be located near the top right of your screen. Toggling the Edit Mode to "Off" will give you a student view.   

Edit Mode ON

•  To edit an existing link in the Course Menu, click on the double down arrow, or chevron, to the right of the item.
•  To reorder Course Menu items, click the arrows at the left of the item and drag it to the desired location.
•  If the Content Area contains no content, an icon of a dotted square appears (as in Course Information in the image below). 
•  If the Content Area is unavailable to students, an icon of a square with a line through it appears.