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Mobile-Compatible Tests

If you're creating a test for your students in Blackboard and you want them to be able to take and submit the test from their mobile device (phone or iPad), you will need to create the test using the Mobile Test Creator rather than the normal "Create Test" interface.  This tool will help you create a stripped down test that only includes question types and features that are compatible with the Blackboard Mobile Learn app.

When you create a test using the Mobile Test Creator, it can be taken via the mobile app, or in a standard browser on a laptop or work station.

What subset of features is available in the Mobile Test Creator?

Question types are limited to:

  • True/False
  • Multiple Choice (no answer randomization)
  • Short Answer
  • Hot Spot
  • Fill-In-Multiple-blanks
  • File Response (image only)
  • Calculated Numeric

In Mobile Tests, the following test options ARE NOT AVAILABLE:

  • Randomize Questions
  • Forced Completion
  • Timed Tests
  • Present one question at a time

How do I set up a Mobile Compatible Test?

To create a mobile test, enter a Content Area where you want to deploy a test. From Create Assessment, Choose Mobile Compatible Test.

mobile compatible test menu item

For next steps, see:

Faculty Guide to Mobile Tests Step by step guide in pdf format

Video demonstration of mobile test creation

Video demonstration of the student experience of taking a test on a mobile device.  You may want to include a link to this in your Test content area: