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What's new in Blackboard 9.1 SP13?

Our new version of Blackboard is 9.1 Service Pack 13.
Be sure to check the list of Supported Browsers for Service Pack 13.
Below is a summary of the new features you'll find in SP13. 

New Features

Date Management:  After you have copied a course, speed up the transition of past dates to current ones using Date Management. From Date Management you can adjust availability dates, due dates, and adaptive release dates within a course. You can choose to update the dates automatically or manually from one convenient location.
Learn more about Date Management

Assignments: Nothing has changed about creating assignments. However, the grading interface will look somewhat different, although it has essentially the same workflow as in prior versions. Please refer to the updated documentation to view changes:
Grade Assignment.

Assessments (Tests): New test features include: Insert questions inline, set availability exceptions (for students who are entitled to more attempts or more time), improvements in feedback options (release conditions and granularity of released items) and an access log that will allow instructors to view student access and activity in the test.
Learn more about Assessment enhancements
Learn more about Assessments

Achievements: Instructors can award badges and certificates for course completion, milestones and custom performance metrics. Badge issuance is tied to specific student performance metrics and is transparent.
Achievement Features 
Learn more about Achievements 

Group Manager: The Blackboard Groups Management feature significantly improves the experience of managing large numbers of groups with large numbers of students in a course. Even instructors who do not use large numbers of groups will find value in the many improvements included in this release.
Learn more about Group Manager

Known Issues

Confirmation emails from the export process may report "Export Failed." In fact it probably succeeded with minor errors. Go ahead and import the file.

Sending email to large number of users (100+) may result in error: HTTP Error 404.15 - Not Found. The request filtering module is configured to deny a request where the query string is too long. If you see this error after sending an email, the email has been sent, and you should receive your copy as usual. The problem is that with the large number of users, the URL is too long to display the "success" message to the sender.

When replying to discussion posts from MyBb, a new screen with code is displayed, seeming to report an error, but reply is successfully posted. After composing a reply and hitting submit, a new tab or window opens with text starting with,  {“forumId":"_76543_1","messageId":"_123456_1","messages":[{"error":false,"exception":null,"extraCss":"","fadeAway":false,"focusLocationId":"","focusOnRender":false,"message" and original discussion reply screen is unresponsive. In all cases we've seen, the reply has been successfully posted. Blackboard has acknowledged this as a bug.