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How to Access Panopto

From within Blackboard

Inside your Blackboard course, you will see links to Panopto videos.

Panopto videos in Blackboard

Click on the link to the video. This will take you to the Panopto web site. You will need to login here.

Panopto Login choices

Change the Sign in Using dropdown to read Blackboard Learn. And then click the Sign In button.

You may be automatically logged in. If not, you will see a Blackboard login screen. Use your Blackboard username and password to sign in.

The video you chose will then be accessible.

From the Web

Panopto can be access from the web at

Log in with your Blackboard credentials. Make sure to change the "Sign in Using" option to Blackboard Learn and then click the Sign In button. If you are already logged into Blackboard in the same browser you may not need to log in again. Otherwise, when the Blackboard login screen appears, use your Blackboard username and password.

You will  have access to the sessions (recordings) and folders that are available to your user.

Sign Into Panopto on the web