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Viewing Statistics in Panopto

1) To see statistics about viewing of your Panopto videos, first log into Panopto at Use your Blackboard login and make sure you set Login Using to "Blackboard Learn".

2) Under "Browse" you should see a list of folders. Choose the course for which you wish to view statistics.

3) You should now see a list of the recordings. In the top right, you also see four icons. The bar graph is the Statistics function. Click this icon.

Folder Heading - Choose Statistics

4) Now you will see summary statistics for this folder. Set the timeframe below the graph for the period that you wish to review. Then click the download link in the upper right.

Initial Summary Statistics

5) This will download a Zip file. Open the CSV file within in Excel. You will have a list of the recordings viewed, the number of viewing minutes, the specific date and time of the viewing and the account information for the user that viewed the recording.

Sample Excel