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New Text Editor


The new and improved Content Editor (visual textbox editor) enables simple content creation through an easy to use text edit interface.  The editor reads, writes and renders modern HTML – so that content created and copied from Microsoft Word or web pages will render with greater fidelity within Blackboard Learn (without using the extra Paste from Word mashup tool).  Additional functions include the ability to resize images, find/replace, and add mashups from YouTube, Flickr, and Slideshare.  Another great feature of the new Content Editor is that you can expand it for full-frame editing, giving you a lot more real estate. Also please note that the legacy WebEQ equation editor has been replaced with a new mathML equation editor (WIRIS).

By default, the first time you view the new content editor, the editing icons will be collapsed to only one line. The first thing you'll want to do is expand it to show all the editing options. Click the double chevron at the far right:

Default view - collapsed:
Editing tools collapsed

Full edit view:
Full view of editing tools 

More on the new content editor

Using the new Text Editor:

New Equation Editor: