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The Gwen M. Greene Career and Internship Center

The Gwen M. Greene Career and Internship Center aims to enhance individual career readiness, connect organizations and talent, and transform our communities through education and collaboration.

At the Greene Center, students are assisted in achieving their individual career goals by providing them with the resources and tools needed to develop connections between their aspirations, academic pursuits and co-curricular experiences. These experiences can include on-campus employment, research activities, and internships. Through the Greene Center, students have access to 1:1 career exploration and industry advising appointments, drop-in advising, graduate and professional school preparation, on and off-campus recruitment activities, internship funding for summer internships, programs and events, and alumni connections.

Career Exploration

The Greene Center is available to assist and support students throughout their career exploration. The exploration of academic majors and career options is encouraged for students as early as their freshman year in order to better evaluate their skills, interests and values, and develop their career goals. Students are offered a range of curricular offerings, programs, and events designed to support their career development and exploration.

Career Communities

At the University, career communities are networks of partners (alumni, employers, Greene Center career educators, faculty, parents, student groups, and fellow students) from a group of related industries that seek to:

  • Educate students about roles and industry norms/culture
  • Share industry-specific knowledge, resources, and advice
  • Connect students with industry professionals and opportunities

Students are encouraged to explore multiple career communities that align with their goals and career development.

Building Connections

Through connecting with alumni, employers, faculty, and staff, students can learn more about their chosen industries and receive advice about the skills and experiences that are needed in order to achieve success. Students can explore industries through participating in alumni networking events, attending on and off-site programming, and visiting local, national and international employers facilitated by the Greene Center.

Annually, students are offered opportunities to explore internship options and career paths by meeting and networking with alumni and employers in Rochester as well as industry-specific cities. Students can explore what it’s like to work in Boston’s biotech and healthcare industries, consulting firms in Washington D.C., on Wall Street within the finance industry, or in Silicon Valley’s tech industry.

Choosing Courses

The courses students choose are important to their exploration of career options and offer the chance to build knowledge and skills for any career community. As students schedule their courses they can consider the following offerings through the Greene Center:

  • CAS 104: Exploring Careers—(1.0 credit, offered to second semester freshman and sophomores) This course is designed to assist students in developing the skills necessary to successfully navigate career choice and its challenges in a complex, global economy. It provides an introduction to prominent career development theories, decision making strategies, and career readiness competencies students should develop in order to transition successfully to post-graduate opportunities including jobs, graduate/professional school, volunteerism, and entrepreneurship. Walk away from this course with a career readiness plan in hand.
  • CAS 394I: Special Internship—(.5 credits) This internship course is designed for students who would like to, or are being required to register for credit by an employer or immigration requirement, including international students seeking CPT authorization.

Additional course offering affiliated with the Greene Center and the Writing, Speaking, and Argument Program:

  • WRT 27X—(2.0 credits) This interactive course teaches “real life” communication skills and strategies that help students present their best professional selves and develop a fulfilling career. Students will explore and articulate their internship, career, and graduate school goals for distinct audiences and purposes as they develop a professional communication portfolio of materials such as resumes, cover letters, statements of purpose, electronic communications, elevator pitches, project descriptions and abstracts, and online profiles (i.e., LinkedIn).

Career Competencies

There are eight competencies associated with career readiness. As you select your courses, consider how they will develop your skills in the areas listed below. For more information and definitions of each competency, visit the Greene Center website.

  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Leadership
  • Oral and written communication
  • Career management
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Global and intercultural fluency
  • Digital technology
  • Professionalism and work ethic

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