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Freshman Offerings

Students have maximum flexibility in course choice, the ability to start working toward a desired major from the first semester on and the opportunity to build a general foundation according to their own special interests. Assisted by an advisor, students choose an appropriate group of courses (usually four each semester) from the entire range of offerings open to freshmen. Some of these courses lay a basis for a choice of major. Others fulfill basic requirements for graduation and provide the first college-level steps toward a liberal education. Special Meliora Seminars are offered for first-year students only. New students receive a Freshman Academic Handbook which assists them with their planning. First-time students register for classes during new student orientation which is scheduled just prior to the start of each semester.

Early Connection Opportunity

The Early Connection Opportunity (ECO) program is designed to assist students in acquiring the attitudes, skills, and social connections necessary to become successful University of Rochester students. The program provides supplemental academic support to selected pre-freshmen during a four-week summer 
program. ECO is a residential program that takes place in the month of July. Students admitted through the Arthur O. Eve Higher Education Opportunity Program are required to attend as a condition of admission, and others are invited who we believe would profit from the connections that can be made during this program. Enrollment is limited. No fees, no tuition, and no room and board costs are charged to participating students. Students are responsible for transportation costs to and from Rochester and all other personal expenses.

Model courses in selected areas, such as mathematics, writing, literature, psychology, and biology and chemistry are offered. A series of workshops on strategies and tactics to promote academic success and using the University’s computer facilities are also offered. Courses are taught by instructional faculty representing various departments in the University. Upon successful completion of ECO courses students earn 4 credits (the equivalent of one full college course). One or 2 credits may be earned in follow-up courses during the academic year.