Industry Practicum

When looking for employment, students have discovered that employers increasingly demand significant practical work experience in addition to sound academic knowledge. The optional Industry Practicum provides an opportunity for students to enhance their education by integrating their engineering and computer science knowledge with workplace practice. Students intending to pursue an engineering or computer science degree are encouraged to participate in the School’s Industry Practicum, a paid, full-time, high quality work experience over an eight-month period.

To participate, a student must be a second-semester junior or a first-semester senior and be pursuing a degree in any engineering discipline, optics, or computer science. During the eight-month Industry Practicum, students do not take any classes, receive any academic credit, or pay tuition. As a result, it is important for students to meet with their faculty advisors to plan their potential participation in the Industry Practicum to ensure that they meet departmental requirements. Advisors assist students in curriculum planning since four-and-a-half-year’s time will be necessary to complete the usual four-year academic program.

Additional information on this program can be obtained from the School’s Deans Office, 306 Lattimore Hall, or from the Career Center, Meliora Hall.

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