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Policies & Procedures

Academic Procedures

Course Changes

Students register for their courses online during registration or at Orientation, as described earlier. They may later change their programs and withdraw from a course, add a course, or drop one course and substitute another. These changes are made online or on a drop-add form that may be obtained from the Center for Advising Services until the deadline for the particular action, as described below.

Students in the College may add independent study courses through the third week, and other courses through the fourth week, with the instructor’s written approval. They may drop them and have them deleted from the record through the fourth week. Students may withdraw from courses through the last day of the 11th week of the semester. For freshmen and sophomores who have not been formally accepted into a major, the authorization of the undergraduate advisor is needed for every add, drop, or withdrawal action. Courses from which students have withdrawn will appear on their transcripts with the “grade” of “W.” The advising record will show in addition the week of the semester in which the course was withdrawn.

Students in the Hajim School of Engineering and Applied Sciences may add and/or drop a course during the first four weeks of each semester. The permission of the faculty advisor and the student's academic department are required for add and drop transactions.

For all students, course changes can be made only if the deadlines are met, if the instructors of the added courses approve, and if the change meets the provisions outlined earlier for overload or underload schedules.

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