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Outcomes Data

At Rochester, students build their curriculum based on their unique strengths and interests. Through this approach, our students develop depth of knowledge in various subjects allowing them to think critically in diverse and meaningful ways. Those skills provide them with the tools to tackle far-ranging problems, whether it's overcoming innovation challenges in Silicon Valley or addressing global human justice issues.

Our career outcomes data showcases how the Class of 2016 is making the world ever better. 

Career Outcomes Dashboard

University Reports and Statistics

Each year, the University’s Office of Institutional Research develops the University of Rochester Fact Book. This compendium features selected facts and frequently requested information (current and historical) regarding the University’s student body, courses, and degrees conferred.

View the 2016–17 Fact Book or past Fact Books.


NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers) aggregates data submitted by recent college graduates from more than 200 colleges and universities nationwide. While the University of Rochester is not currently included in this sample, many colleges and universities with similar majors, populations, and histories are included.

View the results of the 2016 NACE First Destination Survey by academic area or type of school.