Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I set up a recommendation/credential file?

The Career Center refers alumni to Interfolio, Inc. for recommendation/credential file service. Interfolio has been selected because of its superb and broad services offered. To start an Interfolio account, please follow the instructions on the student recommendation file page.

I’ve been laid off or forced to change jobs. What do I do?

Once you have talked with one of our alumni career counselors, you may need to focus on setting new or different goals and objectives. We will assist you in updating your resume and cover letter, networking with business acquaintances, family, friends, alumni and setting up informational interviews. We can help you identify a hit list of employers through our Career Library resources, the internet, and professional associations to name a few. We can also introduce you to the University’s Online Community and how to utilize it effectively. The Career Center can help you. Start by completing our on-line registration survey.

What can I do to find a new job within my career field?

Whether you’re hoping to advance within your company or apply for a more advanced position somewhere else. The Career Center can help you create a strategy for yoUR success. What are your immediate and long range goals? Will advancing in your career require an advanced degree? We can assist you with resume revision, help devise a plan for your job search, polish your interviewing skills and provide guidance throughout the process. Start by registering for alumni career services and reviewing the Ten Steps to yoUR Success!

I’ve just graduated and I’m still looking for a job – now what?

Having the ability to articulate your goals and stating what it is that you want will give you direction with your employment search, your field of interest, and your position of interest. It is always easier to find something when you know what it is you are looking for! Once you have this focus established, creating resumes and cover letters that clearly project your focus as well as past accomplishments and education will speak loudly to an employer that you have researched the field and positions and possess qualifications that make you a good candidate. With focus and targeted documentation in hand, it is time to build a network of people who work within the field, have tips for entering the field, understand the specific position or work at the exact company you would like to work for. Not only does this establish a further and deeper knowledge of the career field, but could ultimately make you aware of openings and opportunities. Register for Alumni Career Services and start with the Ten Steps to yoUR Success.