Helping Current Students

University of Rochester alumni frequently give back to the UR community through mentorship, advice and active championing of UR students.

Become a UR Career Champion

UR Career Champions know better than anyone the intelligence, talent and field-specific qualifications our students and graduate possess. Going beyond sending job and internship postings to the Gwen M. Greene Career and Internship Center or hosting a student for shadowing, UR Career Champions provide guidance throughout internship and full-time hiring processes and advocate for students to generate offers.

UR Career Champions are alumni and parents who…

  • Pre-screen resumes, interview, then actively refer selected candidates.
  • Conduct Interview Prep Sessions related to fields, functions and firms.
  • Encourage their firm to post and consider University of Rochester candidates for internships and full-time positions.
  • Teach technical field specific skills through in person or Skype sessions.
  • Participate in on and off-campus recruiting events representing their firms.
  • Establish internship and full-time positions within their practices or firms for Rochester candidates.

How do I become a UR Career Champion?
We’d like to get some more information about you and your career. Please click here to fill out a brief form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

If you have questions, you can also contact Michelle Marks-Hook, Assistant Director for Alumni and Parent Engagement Programs.

Connect Us With Your Employer

    • On and off campus recruiting: Receive invitations to and information about career fairs, interviewing opportunities and other similar events in Rochester, New York City, Boston, Washington, DC and Los Angeles.
    • Post job and internship openings: Many alumni directly send positions to the Career and Internship Center. Applications can come to you or go to your HR office, and you can determine the level of interactivity you’d like with candidates, ranging from none (just posting the job and sending applicants to a web address or email) to an “Alumni Supported” position (where you include your contact information for questions about the position or employer)
    • Connect us with your company: Identify and regularly update information regarding contact persons in your organization who recruit candidates for internships or entry level jobs


Mentor current students and recent graduates

Mentorship includes giving advice, discussing your career path, answering questions, attending networking events and hosting shadowing opportunities. The emphasis is on giving students more information about your career field and path.

  • Submit an “Alumni Profile”: The Career and Internship Center highlights alumni profiles on our website, allowing students to see career paths and answers to common questions
  • Attend an on- or off-campus networking night: These programs bring current students and alumni together for a night of conversation and advice in a social setting
  • Participate in a “Beyond Rochester” session: Done in person or via Skype, alumni meet with a small group of students to talk about their career path, employer and advice
  • Conduct “information conversations” on the phone or via email: Students may contact you directly to set up a time to ask questions about your work, career and advice. They may find your information through the Rochester Career Advisory Network, LinkedIn or general internet searches
  • Host Shadowing Opportunities: Students visit your workplace for one or multiple days to get a “sense of the real world” of your work. Host’s information is available to all students through our blog, and set up on an individual basis.
  • Participate in LinkedIn or other online networking platforms: LinkedIn and social networking is becoming a strong tool for mentorship. There are a variety of groups and options.
  • Interact with students through interview preparation sessions: Traditionally set up around our off-campus recruiting events, alumni are a great source of information about specific employers and the interview process. Alumni are contacted directly based on employer’s recruiting activity.

If you have questions or are interested in becoming a UR Career Champion, connecting us with your company, or participating in mentoring programs, please email Michelle Marks-Hook, Assistant Director for Alumni and Parent Engagement Programs.