Rochester Alumni Exchange – Online Directory

Rochester Alumni Exchange – Online Directory

Networking with fellow alumni can be valuable and effective. We encourage you to read the information below and work with a Career Center Alumni Counselor to best tailor your communication efforts.

Before accessing the Rochester Alumni Exchange, a resource administered by the Office of Alumni Relations, you must understand the guidelines outlined below. Doing so will help create and maintain a positive networking environment for all involved.

Do initiate contact in a respectful way. Send an introductory email or note, or call as a first method of contact. Identify yourself a UR alumnus, and reference how you obtained their contact information.
Do ask for information, referrals or assistance using polite and positive tone; not assuming that your request will be responded to affirmatively or quickly.
Do be respectful of the alumni(ae) ‘s time. Ask for their preferences regarding method and frequency of contact.
Do, if phone contact is stated as most desired, find a time that is convenient for the alum to engage in a follow up conversation and ask how long the alum would like the conversation to be. If e-mail is the most desired form of communication, ask what would be the most appropriate e-mail address and if the alum has any specific preferences regarding quantity of inquiries.
Do, if networking for exploratory and goal setting purposes, have a list of questions prepared for initial and all subsequent phone calls or emails.
Do prepare for all phone or in person interactions. Know how to structure information conversations, how to seek referrals within an organization or within a particular field, and how to properly request consideration for employment.
Do speak with a Career Center Alumni Counselor regarding appropriate discussion topics.
Do be curious, positive, and appreciative of the time the alumnus spends speaking with or emailing you.
Do treat others as you would like to be treated!
Don’t contact an alum and ask for a job.
Don’t use contact information provided in the Rochester Alumni Exchange for purposes of unsolicited email, phone calls, or postal mail to advertise any business or service.
Don’t repeatedly contact an alum who indicates that they can no longer be of assistance to you.
Don’t conduct an impersonal broadcast approach to networking.

The above guidelines are intended to inspire proper and effective use of the Rochester Alumni Exchange. If you have any questions, Career Center Counselors can address them by phone (585) 275-2366 or email The following link provides additional directions for using the alumni online community.

Rochester Alumni Exchange User Agreement
I understand the guidelines above that any violation will lead to termination of my access to this site. Directions for logging in and accessing the Rochester Alumni Exchange are provided by clicking on the icon below.