Frequently Asked Questions

Registration Specifics for International Students
Uploading Documents
Applying to Positions
Day of the Events


How do I register?
Visit on Registration Tutorial for detailed registration instructions. Registration will give you access to the online database allowing you to view employer listings for each city and specific job descriptions.

Do I need to register for specific events?
Not initially. The first step is to create a CIC account in the system, upload your resume, and apply to specific positions. In mid-December once employer interview selections have been sent out, you will be sent additional information about how to confirm your attendance at a particular event. This allows you to apply for positions at multiple events and leave the decision on which events to attend until you know where you received interviews.

How do I access the website for the CIC?
You can access the CIC website at Please speak with your school’s Career Center staff member to receive the password token.

What’s my username and password?
Every student must create a new account in the CIC system. The username and password will be unique to this system, and not necessarily the same as your home schools career center site. If you are requesting your password on the site, please make sure you are inputting your CIC username to get the correct password back, questions can be sent to

Where are the events?
The CICs are held at a conference center or hotel IN EACH CITY. Visit for detailed directions, maps, etc from each conference site.

What is the day like?
In the morning, recruiters are available in an open forum to talk with students from 9:30a.m. until 11:30a.m.  This is a great opportunity to meet employers prior to pre-scheduled interviews. There is also the possibility that a recruiter will offer you an interview and add you to their schedule based on these morning interactions, so bring your resume to distribute.  All interviews take place in the afternoon, from 12:30p.m. until 5:00p.m.  Employers will come and pick up students from the student waiting area at the time of each scheduled interview.

How do I get interviews?
Submit your resume to individual job descriptions by the Monday, December 1st, 2014 11:59pm EST deadline to apply for interviews. Employers receive resume collections two weeks prior and select candidates for interviews that are scheduled in advance. Additional interviews, as a result of morning interactions, can be arranged.  Interviews will take place from 12:30p.m. until 5:00p.m.



When filling out my profile, it asks me if I will “now or in the future require visa sponsorship.” How do I answer this question?
If you are currently on an F-1 or J-1 visa, in order to work permanently in the United States you would IN THE FUTURE require visa sponsorship (for either a green card or an H1B visa). Even if you do not currently need sponsorship (you have OPT or are applying for internships), the question is asking if you will EVER need sponsorship. The correct answer in most cases is YES, you will require future sponsorship. (see below for how this question impacts you ability to apply for positions)

I’m an international student. I don’t need the employer to sponsor me for a visa (I’m applying for internships or using OPT), but the CIC system says I can’t apply for the job. If I don’t need sponsorship, why can’t I apply?
The reality is that many employers use their internship programs to “try out” candidates for full-time permanent jobs in the future. If they are not willing to sponsor visas in the future, they may have no interest in hiring international students for internships, since they wouldn’t be able to extend full-time job offers. It’s unfortunate, but it’s the way the hiring market works right now. That said, as an international student, you don’t want to work for an employer who doesn’t value international people, so this is eliminating those companies who wouldn’t value your international background.



How often is the website updated?
The CIC website is updated automatically as employers sign up and submit their position descriptions. Continue to search the CIC website for interesting employers and positions and utilize the “One-Click Searches” found on the home page to view the newest job postings. To view an updated list of registered employers, visit and click on the city-specific link at the bottom of the page.

Who’s coming?
Last year over 250 employers attended the events in four cities.  To review this year’s registered employers please visit Please remember that employers sign up daily, so additional firms and job descriptions should appear when you next check the CIC system.



How do I upload my resume?
Once you have registered, click on the “Documents” tab at the top of the screen.  Then click on “Upload Documents” from the drop down menu. Select resume, click browse to find your resume on your computer, and then upload. Once the status changes from converting to ready, you resume has been uploaded. Make sure you label resumes so they are easily identifiable and accessible when you attach to each job description.  We recommend using your name and a functional label, like “BobSmithAdvertisingResume.doc,” so you can differentiate among several documents.

Once you have uploaded your resume, MAKE SURE TO CHECK THE PDF FILE! Sometimes if your name is in a document header it can disappear, characters can be replaced by symbols, and other weird things can happen int he conversion process. You can also save your file as a PDF on your own computer (usually through the print screen) and upload a pdf directly to the site, avoiding the file conversion issues.

If I have my resume in my school’s campus recruiting system (ie. Handshake at Rochester) do I still have to upload it in the CIC database?
YES! Even though you may have uploaded your resume in your school’s campus job posting system (i.e. Handshake at Rochester), you still must upload your resume into the CIC database system. Your school’s and the CIC sites are independent systems! Please consult one of your school’s Career Center staff member for further assistance.

How do I upload other documents including cover letters, transcripts and writing samples?
After logging into the CIC website, select the “Documents” tab on the navigation bar at the top of the screen. Select “Upload a Document” and then select the appropriate type (resume, cover letter, writing sample, or other such as your transcript). For example, to upload a cover letter, select the cover letter option, hit “next,” and then search your computer to find the appropriate document in which you are uploading. Be sure that all documents are named appropriately for each position to which you are applying (such as FirstInitial.LastInitial.Employer.CoverLetter). Once found, select “upload” and it will appear on the screen. Once the status changes from “converting” to “ready” you are ready to apply for positions.

How do I create a transcript?
In most cases, copying the information off of your school’s student record system into a Word or Excel file will suffice. For  many schools, you can log into your student portal and once you are logged in find your academic records screen. Once you can see your online transcript, select all and copy and paste into a Word or Excel Document. Delete irrelevant information, leaving only semester, course title, and grade, and arrange the information in a way that is organized and easy to read.  Make sure you add your name to the top of the document!!! Please SAVE AS “your name Transcript.”

What is a writing sample?
A writing sample is typically (unless otherwise directed by the employer) a 3-5 page sampling of your own academic work (on a topic relevant to the position if possible). If the document is in totality 3-5 pages, please feel free to submit the entire work. You may also submit a 3-5 page portion of a larger piece. If you are submitting a portion of a larger paper, please make a note at the top that puts the sample in context (for example, the total length of the paper, the topic, what the portion is about, etc.).



Why do I have to apply to each company?
It’s important to apply to any company that you are interested in because applying to each individual posting is the only way to attach your resume to that position. Just uploading your resume into the CIC system will NOT submit it for interview consideration!! You must click on each job, go to the bottom of the screen and apply through the instructions stated there.

What materials do I need to apply?
Please refer to the instructions within each individual posting on the CIC database. Typically, resumes are required by all employers and many require additional documents including cover letters, transcripts, and writing samples.

How do I search for employers/jobs/internships?
From the homepage, you can search in several ways:
1.) Keyword search – Select the radio button for jobs or internships, put your keyword in and the city and state you’re interested in, and search.
2.) One-Click Search – Below the search box, there is a One-Click Search section. This will bring up all jobs posted by event (NYC CIC, DC CIC, etc.)
3.) Advanced Searches – On the home page, next to the keyword search box this is also a list of other search options, including City Searches and a Search for International candidates (which filters only positions you are eligible to apply for).

What does it mean when the job title says “MORNING ONLY”, “MORNING ONLY RESUME COLLECTION”, or just “RESUME COLLECTION”?
There are four different types of job/internship postings in the CIC System. In general, there will be a notation at the top of a posting letting candidates know the details of the posting (if employer is only coming to Open forum, if they’re just collecting resumes, etc)
1. Regular Job Postings – Allows students to submit application materials prior to the deadline, planning to select students for an interview schedule
2. “MORNING ONLY RESUME COLLECTION” postings – The employer is currently not planning to host an interview schedule, but is collecting resumes in advance. Sometimes employers will add an interview schedule depending on the candidates they receive.’
3. “MORNING ONLY” postings – Employer is only coming to the morning session, and not collecting resumes in advance. Under the application instructions it will say “offline Application, Other – see below.” You should attend the event and talk with these employers during the morning Open Forum about opportunities.
4. You may also see positions with just “RESUME COLLECTION” after the job title. This means that an employer is unable to attend the event this year (or they are currently on a wait list), but would still like to collect resumes from CIC students. Employers will likely not attend the events, and will follow up with candidates directly. Additional information pertaining to the specific employer situation will be listed at the top of the job description.

What if I can’t attend an event, but want to apply to a job/internship in that city?
The CIC application system is only for those students who can and are intending to attend the events IN PERSON. If you are unable to attend an event, YOU MAY NOT APPLY FOR INTERVIEWS!  Instead, we encourage you to contact your career center after the events have taken place and request a copy of the employer directory for that event. You can also research other ways to connect with employers via their websites.

What if I want to apply, but am not sure which city I will end up going to? What if I want to make that decision based on how many interviews I’m accepted for?
Many students will apply to positions for multiple CIC events. We ask that you do this IN GOOD FAITH. Please do not apply for positions at events there’s no chance you can go to. However, if you apply to positions in both NYC and DC, and then make a decision later to travel to just one of the cities, you will just need to decline the interviews in the other city. Please note that many students each year attend multiple events, and sometimes even all four!

After I applied for a job on the CIC system, my browser took me to the employer’s website to apply online as well. Does this have to be done by the CIC deadline too?
It depends, and should state any deadlines for the employer system application in the job posting. The CIC deadline is for you to submit your resume through the CIC system to be considered for interviews. You may need to apply online through the employer’s website, but unless otherwise indicated this can be done after the CIC deadline.
We recommend you save the link you are taken to so you can find it again later, and that you complete this additional step by the end of the first week of December.


When and how do I find out if I have been extended an interview?
After logging into the CIC website, click on  the “Applications” tab at the top of the screen and click “Your Active Applications.” This will display the status of all of your applications/resume submissions under the Employer Decisions column. Additionally, once extended an interview, you will receive a computer-generated email to the email account you have registered under your system’s profile. This email will prompt you to sign-up for an interview time.

How do I sign up for an interview time?
After logging into the CIC website, hover over the “Applications” tab at the top of the screen and click “Your Active Applications.” This will display the status of all of your applications/resume submissions under the Employer Decisions column. If your status is “Accepted”, click on “Details/Sign Up” and then click on “Sign up for Interview” Once on the Interview Sign Up Page, find the schedule date you would like to sign up for and select the Time radio button associated with that desired time slot. Click “Save” and your interview slot is reserved.

What happens if I’m not selected for an interview? Should I still attend?
Even if you weren’t pre-selected for an interview, you may still obtain an interview by networking with employers during the morning career fair portion of the event. Last year, almost 30% of the afternoon interviews were gained from these morning career fair interactions. Many employers purposefully leave open slots on their interview schedule for these morning interactions.

I was selected as an “Alternate,” what does that mean?
Employers are able to select a certain number of candidates based on how many interview schedules they are running. They may also select a second list of alternates to fill in any remaining interview spaces. The email you receive about your alternate status will include the date and time you’ll be able to check the interview schedule. Available slots fill in on a first-come first-serve basis. You are able to jump into any available interview slots from the time alternate sign-ups open until the schedule freezes a few days before the event.

I got accepted for an interview, and then was turned down for an interview by the same employer. What does that mean?
If you are accepted for an interview, sign up as soon as you can. If you applied to more than one position with the same employer, they may accept you for one position and decline for another, just so you do not sign up on the schedule twice.
You may still be in consideration for both positions, but only need one interview timeslot.



What should I wear/bring?
Business formal attire is expected for interviews. This includes a suit for both women and men. Bring additional copies of your most updated resume in a portfolio or nice folder. Please consult with your school’s Career Center staff member if you have further questions.

How do I get there?
Some students fly, drive, carpool, take the bus or train. Public transportation is available in each metropolitan area once you arrive.

Is there transportation to the event(s)?
Most Career Centers do not provide transportation to the event, but some schools do coordinate options. Check to determine your school’s offerings and remember, it is most likely your responsibility to arrange transportation to the event. Visit for directions and other transportation information.

Where do I stay?
Transportation, lodging, and food for the CICs are your responsibility. We suggest shopping around for hotel discounts, staying with friends, or sharing the cost of the hotel room with a friend. If you decide to fly in on the day of the event and have an afternoon interview, please plan to check-in at the student registration table by noon. If you do have major concerns or questions, check with your school’s Career Center.

What is the day like?
In the morning, recruiters are available in an open forum to talk with students from 9:30a.m. until 11:30a.m.  This is a great opportunity to meet employers prior to pre-scheduled interviews. There is also the possibility that a recruiter will offer you an interview and add you to their schedule based on these morning interactions, so bring your resume to distribute.  All interviews take place in the afternoon, from 12:30p.m. until 5:00p.m.  Employers will come and pick up students from the student waiting area at the time of each scheduled interview.