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Undocumented & DACA Students


Our staff has a number of UndocuAllies familiar with the unique challenges that you may be facing as you begin to consider career options. We continually monitor the impact of governmental changes and are frequently in contact with the International Services Office (ISO) and other campus UndocuAlly partners to ensure that you are always supported. Our office can assist you in a number of areas, including:

  • Discussing career options for various industry and career interests.
  • Exploring ways to gain experience regardless of your documentation status.
  • Determining what options are available to you after graduation.
  • Providing you with a safe space to explore your ideas, determine your options and set goals that will work for you!

You can choose to disclose your documentation status with your adviser directly, and we respect those students that choose not to do so.

Additional Resources

If you're still unsure of what's available to you, check out the resources listed below.

Life after college (PDF) - a comprehensive guide that outlines various options for students.

Repository of resources for undocumented students (PDF) - this guide lists resources available to students depending on what state they currently reside in.

Outside scholarships - lists the various scholarships and eligibility requirements for students.

Dreamers roadmap scholarships - a listing of various scholarships currently available to students.

Success and career development guide (PDF) - published by Northeastern Illinois University and the University of Illinois at Chicago, this guide covers everything from funding to support groups available to students.

Tuition benefits for immigrants - listed by state. - a one-stop resource that covers everything including news, scholarships and internships.