2013-14 Engineering & Technical Career and Internship Connections (ETCIC)

The ETCIC allows you to recruit talented undergraduate and graduate students in engineering, computer science, IT, physics and related disciplines, for both entry-level and internship opportunities. Participating employers gain premium exposure to prospective candidates at twelve selective colleges and universities (see the list of consortium member schools at left).

2013-14 Online Resume Collections Program:

Post your entry-level and internship opportunities with the ETCIC, and receive resumes electronically! The cost is $50 per employer and includes unlimited postings with application deadlines arranged at your convenience. To participate, register here. 

Fall 2013 ETCIC events:

3rd Annual New York City ETCIC
Friday, October 18, 2013
9:30am – 5:00pm
AMA Conference Center, New York, NY
Registration Closed

Friday, November 1, 2013
9:30am – 5:00pm
Boston Common Hotel & Conference Center, Boston, MA
Registration Closed

The ETCICs feature a “hybrid” event format, blending a career fair with pre-screened interviews! Not only can you participate in a “traditional” career fair, you can post positions/typical hiring needs before the event to increase student interest AND create an interview schedule:

  • MORNING OPEN FORUM (9:30-11:30): Exchange information, collect resumes, identify candidates, and, if desired, add students to afternoon interview schedules
  • AFTERNOON PRE-SCREENED INTERVIEWS (12:30-5:00): Interview candidates whom you have pre-selected after receiving resume collections prior to the event, or whom you meet during the morning open forum.

Missed this fall’s events? To be added to our mailing list for future invitations, email etcic@z.rochester.edu.

Not sure what your hiring needs will be? The ETCIC is still a great way to meet and interview candidates for “typical” or “anticipated” positions that may become available in the coming months.

The cost to participate is $300 per event. Take advantage of the $250 early bird special (for registrations received by August 1)! Employers participating in both events receive a package deal of $475.

The final registration deadline for the New York City ETCIC is September 16, the deadline for the Boston ETCIC is September 30.

Can’t attend? Post your positions in our online database of jobs and internships!  Call 585.275.9059 or email Laura Godwin for more information.